[Drama]PUBG's Chinese region Principal get fired because of collaborating with hacker streamer

Now, y'all know how the f hack come out so soon and quick.
@ qwer4790_ over on Reddit

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How to Enable and Disable Blue Blood: strategy to confirm hits on targets.

Making blue blood, instead of the usual red, provides a clearer visual on if or not enemies have taken damage. This is esp. effective at longer ranges, where it's more hard to see if scoped shots have landed on their mark.
Blue Blood VS Red Blood
**PUBG Blue Blood: How to Enable It
You can activate PUBG blue blood without changing the game's language to Korean.
First, you'll want to open Steam and right-click on PUBG in your Game Library. Then left-click and hit "Properties," before clicking "Set Launch Options." Finally, you'll need to type "-KoreanRating" in the text box.
**PUBG Blue Blood: How to Disable It
If you no longer want to experience PUBG blue blood, you can easily disable it. Simply follow the instructions below to make blood appear red again.
First, you'll want to open Steam and right-click on PUBG in your Game Library. Then left-click and hit "Properties," before clicking "Set Launch Options." Finally, you'll need to delete "-KoreanRating" from the text box.
Blood will now return to the usual red color. Huzzah!
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StarSeries i-League PUBG: participants list revealed.

+add) The clickable link for broadcating channel → https://www.twitch.tv/starladder_pubg_en
StarSeries i-league is kicking off on Thursday.
Just two days until StarSeries i-League!
Tune in and don't miss a moment of the action.
check out the official post here.↓

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If You still don’t know where the gunfire is, practice with this site.

Here you can practice your sixsense

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PUBG irl

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The Economy of Loot Crates

With yesterday's release of the two new loot crates (Fever and Militia), I wanted to take a look at how they fared in the Marketplace. For those of you that don't know, all of PUBG's reward crates along with all of the cosmetics you can get from them are able to be bought and sold for "real money" on the Steam Marketplace. I don't know if there's an Xbox equivalent, but I would imagine there is.
Let's look at the data:
1) Fever Crate
- Opened on the market at ~$1.30
- Peaked 3 hours after open at ~$1.70
- Crashed hard. Just 12 hours after the peak the value was halved to ~$0.85
- Currently (~24hrs after open) back on a slight rise, looking to stabilize around $1.10
2) Militia Crate
- Opened on the market at ~$2.15
- Peaked 2 hours after open at ~$4.00
- Did not crash hard. Graph suggests a cup-and-handle pattern which means the value is likely to approach $4.00 again before crashing
- Currently valued at ~$3.50
-The Fever crates can only be opened using a key that costs $2.50. If we consider the relative cost of opening each crate type, the values after the open are pretty similar. For example, the cost of opening a Fever crate at its peak was $4.20; Militia was $4.00.
- The value of Militia crates showed much less volatility. This is to be expected for two reasons. First, the Militia crates do not require a purchase-only key to open. Second, receiving a Militia crate is the result of RNG (Mystery crate), which limits the potential market supply in comparison to Fever crates.
- Sell early. If you want to get the most value for your crates, you have a short window of opportunity in the couple hours after they are first released on the Steam Marketplace.
Hopefully this sheds some light on the economy of PUBG's crates and gives you an edge the next time new crates are released. Let me know what you guys think.

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PUBG won't region lock China, but new Ping Based Matchmaking might prevent cross-region matchmaking.

The developers of PUBG posted a new update today, sharing the news that they will try to indroduce ping based matchmaking. They r gonna divide the matching pool depending on ping for an anti-cheat solution.
The updates are applied to the test servers this week. After the updates made to the test build are proven to be stable, they'll be applied to the live servers as well.The announcement of the timeline for the live server will be updated asap.
also, there are some changes for further optimazation of gameplay and fixes on bugs.
Please refer to the following page for the details :) ↓↓↓↓

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Two New Loot Crates!

Saw on the Daily Moot that PUBG is introducing two new crates and reducing the chances of getting a random premium crates (so annoying when you don't want to pay real cash). Pretty sick stuff and a step in the right direction for PUBG

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Pc pubg custom games?

Next Thursday feb 22nd around 7:00pm Central American time, I would be willing to host a custom game for all us Moot users and have a variety of game modes.

If you're interested, please leave a comment of what custom game mode you would like to play on pc as well as your gamer tag for pubg.

We will utilize the Moot discord to meet up and discuss further.

I would like to have a commitment of 40+ people in order for this to happen and be fun!

Thanks moot pubg community!

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POPULAR Solo, Duo, or Squad?

Which is your favorite? What are the pros/cons of each?

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POPULAR Should kills reward more BP?

Just want to get other people's opinions on the matter. One of the most annoying things is that I get a decent amount of kills and then I don't even break 1,000bp in a match.

However I've had matches where I get 1 or 2 kills and then I earn over 1,000 BP just because of a high placement position.

I personally think that BP needs more parameters and doing certain actions earns you more. Like getting 10 kills earns you something like 400 BP, getting 5 headshot kills earns you 250 BP and so on.

I would also like to see certain pieces of clothing items unlocked when you complete certain actions like getting a 500m sniper kill will give you cosmetic accessory.

It just seems like the game is not rewarding enough for playing aggressive and doing awesome things, in game.

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When your last two then you get killed by a pan

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Romanian Company PGL Announces $100,000 PUBG Tournament

From March 22-25, a spring invitational will be held for the contest with a prize pool of $100,000 USD. Sixteen teams, five being from the qualifiers, will compete for the grand prize.

Source: https://cybersport.com/post/pgl-offer-usd100-000-in-prize-pool-for-their-pubg-debut-tournament


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Observations From My Back-to-Back Duo Wins

My duo partner and I got back-to-back chicken dinners today, first on Erangel then on Miramar. Here's some observations from these games that might help your duo games in the future.
1) Communication
-Neither of us had played for a couple days so we were both feeling rusty. Despite having to warm up mechanically, we made up for it by having amazing communication. All call-outs were quick, precise, and accurate. Even though we were chatting during any lulls in the game, when one of us started giving important information the other would be quiet and focused.
2) Teamwork
- It's not a competition. On the first game (Erangel) I got 6 kills and my teammate got 1. On Miramar I got 1 kill and my teammate got 6. We converted our effective communication into isolating targets for easy kills. We're both shooting at the same person so we can quickly turn a 2v2 into a 2v1.
3) Only 1 down
- Between both games we only had a total of 1 down. On the first game we dropped Military Base and my teammate immediately got downed by a shotgun. I managed to win the 1v2 with a DP-28 and revive him. Aside from this, neither of us got downed a single time during either of our wins. This is because we able to keep each other safe by accurately calling out enemy locations and informing each other if we were going to shoot/push/retreat, etc.
4) We traveled over 9km in both games
- We both like to play the center of the circle for the mid game, so we moved A LOT. One big advantage of playing the center of the circle was that it enabled us to get a few airdrops fairly uncontested. Another advantage is that we're more likely to be in the next circle, so we can loot and take fights without having to worry about not making to the next circle in time. Also, moving in general is a good tactic so that your precise location isn't known to enemies. Always move after you shoot.
5) We played the edge of the circle in the late game
- For the final circles of both games we played the edges. This is obviously a contrast to our midgame strategy, so why do we do it? The advantages of being center circle (crates, being more likely to be in the next circle) aren't relevant in the end game. By playing the edge you narrow the directions that enemies are likely to be, so you're more likely to spot an enemy and you're less likely to get snuck up on.
-The better your communication is, the better you and your teammate can focus on a specific task during a fight. "2 Enemies running west behind the green building across the road. I'm gonna take shots, focus the one on the left."
-The better you work together in a fight, the more likely you are to get a kill and to not die.
-Not dying is more important than getting a kill.
-Play the Center of the circle in the mid game, play the Edge of the circle in the end game.

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PUBG's Poor Optimization is Hurting EVERYBODY - Can it be Fixed?

Story Time: I was in a gun fight against a person ~60m away who was in a 2nd story window. While I moved from one tree to another and he moved to a different window, something interesting happened. He became invisible. Now I don't mean transparent, but rather that his character model was completely indistinguishable from the window/background. I checked the replay and slowed it down to 0.25%, figuring that he must have visible on my screen and I just simply missed it. Nope.
After messing with my settings (setting brightness to max, etc) I noticed something: my resolution was set to 2560*1440 instead of 3840*2160 (4K). This probably doesn't seem like a big deal but for me it was everything. Why? Because I have a 4K monitor. After changing the resolution to 4K and watching the replay again, I could see him clear as day. The impact was absolutely massive.
So I thought, "Great! I'll just play with the right resolution and the game will be 100 times better." Nope. Turns out that even with all settings at "Very Low," I cannot play PUBG in 4K without, at least occasionally, dropping below 60fps. And it's not just my setup. There is not a single graphics card on the market that can effectively play PUBG in 4K resolution. Not a single one.
You may be thinking, "I don't have a 4K monitor so why should I care?". Here's why: it's not the graphical intensity that is causing the issue - systems that easily handle games like Witcher 3 in ultra struggle with PUBG at very low - it's the fact that PUBG isn't optimized for your hardware to be used efficiently. This means that regardless of what hardware and in-game settings you use, you're not getting the gameplay experience you should.
So what is the root of this issue and why is it hard to fix? Simply put: there's a lot of stuff going on in a game of PUBG. The map is absolutely massive, there are a ton of people each doing a bunch of different things. There's noises of different types coming from different directions at different volumes. The easy way of optimizing a game is to render fewer things. Graphically beautiful games like Horizon Zero Dawn only render what's in your visual field. Everything in front of you shows up no matter how distant it is, but everything behind you doesn't exist until you turn around.
Obviously this is not a viable solution for a battle royale like PUBG. Likewise, reducing foliage and environment rendering based on each player's hardware capabilities creates an unequal and unfair playing field.
This is a major issue, one that is not easy to fix and one that a lot of players are unaware of even though it affects every single person playing PUBG. Bluehole says they are working on it, and Patch Notes 1.03 included this message from the development team "Players, as you know, we're always working towards optimizing our gameplay environment."
I sure hope so.

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Pub G on console?

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Why it's good to check the safe zone...

So I was playing on PUBG, obviously, and it's closing in to the later stages of the game. Normally around this time I start to get kills and advance my play style from 'meh' to 'competetive'. I manage to bag myself two kills and then I see a third run into a house. Not even 3 seconds I jump in to try and kill him. I end up chasing him around the house, jumping back out of where I first entered the building and then I secure the kill on him. Unfortunately celebrations are short in the Melrose household... The zone comes in and kills me.

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Med Management

I'm newer to PUBG, and I was wondering what amount of painkillers, energy drinks, bandages, and first aids are good. I usually try to keep 15-20 bandages but the rest I'm not sure on. I want to have enough but also have enough inventory space. Ideas?

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Professional PUBG Game (Auzom) Ends with Server Crash


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What is your favorite 5.56 AR, and what are the drawbacks/ advantages of each one? Just looking for other people's opinions/ trying to find somebody else who prefers the M16 over the auto rifles :)

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Esports Ready? Forget Latency- PUBG has a serious Hit Detection Problem

While we always love to complain about people shooting us behind walls and around corners (justifiably so) and the discussion inevitably reaches the controversial region locking, we have a bigger problem on our hands.
PUBG is one of THE most difficult games to get good at because it provides very few opportunities to practice. There is no gun range to practice shooting each weapon, and the looting mechanic means that there is no guarantee you'll end up with the gun you want to improve with. This is why every single shot -especially with a gun like the Kar98k- is the vital practice we need to transcend from minced meat to the king of chicken dinners.
There's just one problem.
When the hit detection is as atrocious as it is in PUBG we can't get the feedback we need to improve. When we spend so much time and effort to hone our aim, to finally be able to hit the guy running across the field 300m away, just to be shown that our guns are shooting phantom bullets courtesy of bad hit detection: we have a problem.

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An analysis of PUBG's dangerous sound problem and a solution

This is not my graphic, but it is something floating around on the internet that we need to discuss. As I'm sure you all have noticed, the sound levels in PUBG (specifically the Red Zone) are dangerously high. Why do I say dangerously? Because the sound level of them can literally permanently damage your hearing. This game is amazing, but it isn't worth a lifetime of ear damage.
If you look at the graphic and read it left to right, they show the difference between the volume of footsteps and the Red Zone is greater than 80 dB, which is the audible range we can hear. That means, in order to have our game at a volume where we CAN hear footsteps we MUST boost the sound of Red Zones beyond the audible zone and into the 'Literally will f*ck your hearing for life zone.' (name made up by me)
Their proposed solution is make footsteps louder and the red zone quieter, so we can play the game at a normal volume without ruining our futures. Seems like a pretty simple solution and honestly I'm pissed off with Bluehole for not fixing this sooner. It's pretty disrespectful from them toward their massive playerbase. There are a lot of problems with this game that annoy me; this one is literally going to ruin my life.
So we gotta choose...do we keep playing PUBG and risk permanent brain damage, or do we stop playing until they fix it? I love this game, but I seriously might go redownload Fortnite right now.

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POPULAR Enough Debate, PUBG is better than Fortnite

This is a response to yesterday's post, which argues (poorly, if I might add) that Fortnite is better than PUBG.
After playing both games for a while now, I can’t help but compare them. I want to start by saying that I love both Fortnite and PUBG and consider them fantastic games in their own rights. However, after playing both games extensively, it is clear that PUBG is a better game, at least for more competitive players. Let me attempt to explain myself.
1. Realism
For starters, I think PUBG is more realistic. I know that ‘realism’ in gaming a bit of a moot point, but it is still a relevant factor for me. While I think Fortnite’s graphics are beautiful, the realistic look of PUBG simply draws me in more. I’m a very competitive person and I like to be fully immersed in the games I play. When I’m pinned down in PUBG I feel a real sense of panic that I just don’t get from Fortnite, and I think that largely comes from the visual aspect of the game.
2. First Person Mode
As a competitive player, I also seriously value PUBG’s first person mode. I didn’t originally mind the third person aspect of PUBG, but once they gave us first person perspective it was impossible for me to go back. The fights are just so much more satisfying when they feel fair. By ‘fair’ I mean to see an enemy you need to expose yourself in such a way that they can see you also. This is more of a gripe against third person mode in general and less a specific complaint about Fortnite.
3.Strategic gunplay
Building on the competitive argument, I find the gunplay in PUBG to be more strategic and satisfying. Whereas a lot of the strategy in Fortnite comes from building and positioning, most of the strategy in PUBG comes down to how you handle your gun. Do you peak the left or right side of the tree? Do you try to aim down sights or do you shoot from the hip? Single fire or automatic? The questions to answer on the fly are endless and the rewards(or consequences) are immediate.
4.Twice as many maps!
I also appreciate how PUBG has two maps instead of just one. I didn’t think I needed another map, but once they added Miramar I realized that I had been craving some diversity. I still like PUBG’s old may way more than the new one, but it is refreshing to play on two different maps. If only they’d let us pick which one we play on, but I digress. Fortnite’s map is cool, but the fact that devs said they’re not even working on another yet is a bit of a turnoff for me. I will admit, though, that the recent update to the Fortnite map is pretty sweet.
A couple final points relating to the game’s maps. The bigger size of PUBG maps means you will get more diverse end game situations. Sometimes there will be a final circle where I’ll think to myself when I’m in the top 10, ‘wow, I’ve never had a game end here before.’ I like that feeling. Finally, the larger map size enables vehicles to be a serious aspect of the game. A lot of people say Fortnite doesn’t need vehicles and I agree with them, but I still appreciate how they influence the gameplay in PUBG.
Fortnite and PUBG are both awesome games. I’m sure I’m not the only person who fell in love with the Battle Royale genre when PUBG released and I am excited to play future titles in the genre. All that said, I still find myself firing up PUBG more often than Fortnite and I expect I will continue to do so.
TL;DR: PUBG is better because it is more realistic, has first person perspective, has more strategic gunplay, and a more diverse map (2 of them actually).

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Head vs body shots

If an enemy has a helmet but no armor, should you still go for headshots? Does it depend on the level of the helmet? What if they have a level 2 helmet but only a level one vest?

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Streamer’s Tab - Help needed.

I believe that we need a streamers tab on here, solely for those that want other Mooters to check their channel out.

We had this discussion before and found out the there was just too many Mooter simply writing “Follow me” , “Live now” or “follows for follows”. It started to take over the general discussion feed and it’s starting to happen again.

Solution -

• Getting Moot to add a STREAMERS TAB to allow this it happen it one place.

How -

• For Moot to take notice we need to comment on and like this post. Make this post big and things will happen.

When I send an email to Moot I can attach this post to it, explaining that this is what PUBG Mooters would like.

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DemolitionDemons Meta #1 - How to Parachute

Let me start by saying this, I'm not a pro, and even though throughout 2017 I was in the top 1% for Oceania for Solo, Duo and Squad, Oceania is a very small server and 1% is a very big group, so hey I'm probably in the realm of "Casual Player" to "Decent Player", I barely leave a game without kills, and over 50% of my games are top 10's, so take what I say with a grain of salt, what works for me should work for you, but if it doesn't, there is hundreds of other ways to play that are on Youtube.

So as much as I'd like to do a video, and I probably will I'm going to try and explain it via text in as much detail as possible.

So first things first, you're on the plane, you gotta decide where you have got to drop, you have 3 options.

# 1 - Drop to a town in easy reach and shoot straight down to it.
# 2 - Drop to a town or group of houses just on the border of reach maybe pull the parachute early to make it.
# 3 - Drop to a car so that you can drive to a town that definitely has no one and you will hear anyone else enter the town allowing you for easy loot and effective defence.

Say you choose to do # 1 or # 2, this will mean that you need to effectively jump from the plane, first what you want to do is mark the absolute closest part of the town towards to plane by opening the map and right clicking on the place.

Once you have done this line up with wings of the plane, this is made super easy because you can simply line up the little knubs on the end of the wing, now keep your camera here, and watch the compass direction, you will notice on the compass is a little triangle that indicates your direction, when that white triangle hits your marker hit F and jump, this is the most effective way to jump to reach your town in the shortest amount of distance possible, this obviously doesn't count if the town you are going for will go straight under the plane, in which case just jump when you are just outside of the town.

Now distance wise here is what you can cover with and without your parachute.

If you don't parachute and look straight up, you will travel roughly 1 and a half yellow squares or 1.5km in the direction you are looking, if you pull your parachute straight away you will travel roughly 2 yellow squares or 2km, keep this in mind as to whether you choose option 1, 2 or 3.

Now that you have effectively pinned your location, jumped at minimum distance and determined your strategy, you want to get to the ground most effectively, what you want to do is wait for the edge of the town to hit your minimap, as soon as that happens, aim straight down, if you don't have enough room to hit maximum speed of 234km/h then you must pull back and look straight down, this will allow you to make the most of your drop from freefall to parachuting, once you have gone halfway down the white line, hold forward to finish your descent, after this you'll have hit the ground and ready to go.

Now I know this is long so attached is a video of someone else who has done an in-depth video, feel free to read this or watch the video, both are very similiar, cheers boys.


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Stuff that randomly happens

I look away from my screen for a few seconds and I see myself in the air 😂

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