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As the MODs of this lounge we have seen hundreds of #MyDropspot posts on here, whilst some are quality some are just not hitting the right spot 😣

Have a look at these 3 posts;

McSmigglesworth - https://moot.us/lounges/2/boards/125/posts/74433

S7E9H - https://moot.us/lounges/2/boards/125/posts/76590

Mitchh - https://moot.us/lounges/2/boards/125/posts/76366

Potentially add some more content to you post or even a picture to spice it up.

And 100% please don’t forget to put #MyDropSpot in the main body of your text!

Happy MOOTing 🤙🏻

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#LetsDoThis - My Drop Spot


Here we go crew,

I play both the Xbox version and Mobile version landing majority of the time in the same area.

If the flight path allows then I drop into the cluster of apartment buildings South East of the School..... more specifically the one thats placed higher the the rest as seen here.

I drop here for 3 reasons and majority of the time I get away with 1 or 2 kills 🙌🏻

1. Centrally placed on the map.
2. Good access to loot within a small area.
3. 9/10 always get into a scrap!

Good luck everyone with your #MyDropSpot!

Let’s do this!

LV.26 Mod

The PUBG Comparison/History Of PUBG

Today there is an awful lot of debate between the Battlegrounds and Fortnite communities. That is a good thing. It creates a sense of urgency to improve the games that we love.

However, there has been something I’ve been seeing that sort of bothers me. Upon the release of H1Z1: King of the Kill, I’ve seen countless people saying things like “PUBG ripoff”. Now for those of you that don’t know, they’re made by the same guy!

That guy is Brendan Greene or as you all know, Player Unknown.

Brendan is an Irish video game developer who exploded the battle royale game genre starting with an Arma 2 mod, DayZ: Battle Royale in 2013.

Greene gathered inspiration from the 2000 film Battle Royale. Also he felt that the current shooters were “too small and easy to memorize”.
So he set out to make much larger and randomized game worlds to add skill and variety to the game.

After DayZ became its own title, Brendan set off to the development of Arma 3. Sony Online Entertainment recognized his work, and brought him on to help develop H1Z1, licensing the battle royale idea from him. This resulted in H1Z1: King of the Kill, which a lot of people are just now seeing on their PlayStations.

A short time later, Chang-han Kim, from Bluehole studios, contacted Greene to work on a new battle royale game. Greene would soon move to Korea and become creative director of Bluehole.
With the rapid growth, Bluehole would spin out the entire operation to what is now called PUBG Corporation, giving birth to one of my favorite games of all time; Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

LV.6 Nomad

Why I Land Small

#MyDropSpot is the Farm!

When I first started playing PUBG, I was pretty scared. All the time. If you were an early adopter of Player Unknown’s Battlegronds, you will remember that farm used to not have a name. It was just a couple cluster of buildings in the middle of nowhere. Now not having any experience playing a battle royale type game before, I naturally avoided all conflict in the early game. My objective was to find weapons, hide, and hope for the best in the end game.

I agree that, to have better chances of winning, you need good loot. However, I also believe that an M16, some armor, and meds can secure that chicken dinner. In my experience, whether you have fully kitted crate weapons, or a basic M16, it all comes down to placement, awareness, and luck.
But to even get the opportunity to make it to the end game, I find it best for me to not risk dying in an early fight, and make it to the top 20 at least.

This is why Farm is my ideal drop spot. It is usually fairly quiet; obviously other people drop there, but it is far less populated than most big names on the map. It has enough loot to get you going, you will most likely find the rest of what you need on the way, and you always have a chance to take someone out and really get an edge.

This is why I prefer to land small.

LV.6 Nomad

Win94 vs. Kar98k

What do you prefer to use and what's the reasoning? Comment your answers.

LV.2 Lurker

Drop Spot for a wizard


Smiggs the Wiz here,

A wizard isn't scared of puny muggles in pubg land.
Sahnok is my favorite map but since it is unofficial ATM I'll settle with Erangel.

When i drop, I drop medium to hot only. None of this running and hiding or waiting till I'm the final 4 to pop up and make my presence known.
Wizards never die and muggles aren't a threat.

Have you ever battled a troll under their home bridge?
Have you ever slayed a dragon at their nesting grounds?
Have you ever fought off a brothel of bush elves?
Do you even know what the f I'm saying!?

Didn't think you did.
I've seen some stuff, don't cross me.

That being said, my favorite place to drop is the hospital.
Mainly because that's where I send muggles after I slay them on the battle field. No one can cross me.
My battle sense is too powerful.
Hardened by the flames of mordor.
Skin toughened by the blizzards of Dairy Queen....wait, I mean High Hrothgar...
I've stayed with withered falmer in the deepest depths of worlds.

I'm not a force to be reckoned with.
I am powerful.
I am battleborn.
I am a wizard.
I....am McSmigglesworth!

*proceeds to drop hospital*
*10 people land there*
*loots for 2 minutes*
*finds a pan*
*dies from a guy with scar*

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POPULAR #MyDropSpot Giveaway Event!

**IMPORTANT** Please note that you must create your own post in the #MyDropSpot board to be entered!! A comment on this post will not qualify as an entry to the event!
We wish you all the very best of luck and hope you are enjoying your time on Moot!

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Which is better - SMGs or ARs?

verified LV.22 S

Where Are You Representing??

Let me here you MOOTERS, Where are you all from??

*Please don’t put your address on here - State (US) or County (UK) will do fine 👍🏻

LV.26 Mod
PUBG Mobile

Wins for days

LV.4 Lurker

What you guys think about loot boxes?

In Fortnite you can just straight up buy the stuff you want. Kinda sucks to have loot boxes and then have to buy keys and everything.
Do you wish PUBG would stop doing loot boxes and do something like Fortnite instead?

LV.22 Poppin’ Bottles!

Which map is your favorite/ least favorite?

For me it goes Sanhok>Miramar>Erangel

verified LV.22 S
PUBG Mobile

POPULAR Need someone to play duos with anyone trying to get a dub

LV.3 Lurker

History of PUBG

What people seem to forget is that PlayerUnkown was the ORIGINAL! He made the mod for Arma 2 (which I played a lot) then transferred it to Arma 3 (which I also played a lot). The transfer included a selection between Altis and the smaller map I believe it was called Stratis? Anyways PlayerUnknown had the large scale common PUBG type mode and also the smaller scale Ghost Hotel. Personally Ghost Hotel was my favorite as it would cram players into a hotel section of the map (about the size of Mylta Power). With the success of the Arma 2 and 3 mod it soon became a part H1Z1. From there H1Z1 made it their main game and soon after PUBG came out as a stand-alone based off the Arma mods..... then came the rip offs. Most notably Fortnite. People seem to also forget that Fortnite was also it’s own game. It didn’t rip off PUBG at all. But of course that had to change when they saw the success PUBG was having. So now we PUBG a realistic looking/feeling survive to win game. Then you have Fortnite, the drop out of a bus with a glider bs thing and build stuff to hide in. Personally I thought Fortnite was a joke, meant for people who couldn’t afford PUBG. I personally hate Fortnite. But hey now u know why. It wasn’t just Fortnite that ripped off PlayerUnknown however... even one of my all time favorite games (ARK: Survival Evolved) took ideas from PU in its own style with survival of the fittest mode.

In summary: PUBG is a FANTASTIC game. It was original in its entirety. I believe that with the success of Fortnite it encourages video game companies to be lazy and not adventure into new ideas. For instance, if a new CS came out, and it was big you would see a lot of companies coming out of the wood work to copy it. I look at this rivalry as a Call of duty vs Battlefield situation. Pick your side I guess, you either like the more realistic or you like the cartoon base building flying bus simulator.

LV.2 Lurker

New map: Fun Chicken 🙌🏻

"Savage" was just a codename.

The new 4x4km island map will return for testing soon but this time with its final name: Sanhok (pronounced “sah-nok”).

Weird fact......

If you have a look at the meaning behind the word sah-nok in Both Thai and Filipino it come back with FUN CHICKEN!

However it’s not a simple translation 👨🏻‍🏫

First, the Thai word for “fun:” สนุก (pronounced like “sah-nook”)

Second, the Filipino (Tagalog) word for “chicken:” manok (pronounced like “mah-nok”)

Combine the two and you get Codename: Savage’s new name: Sanhok (pronounced “sah-nok”).

What do you think of the name??

LV.26 Mod
PUBG Mobile

Cooperative team mates

I'm looking for people to play with that corporate with one onother and have mic's dosent matter level or how good you are im level 29 and have 2 solo wins if that matters username (ernestofi) not looking forward to playing right not but maybe later

LV.2 Lurker

Which do you play more - PUBG or PUBGM?

verified LV.22 S

POPULAR The PUBG/Fortnite Sega

Now before I start don’t hate the fact I put PUBG before Fortnite in the title, it merely rolls off the tongue.

Recently I have seen an increase in game haters for both games, spamming posts and sheer ignorance to the fact that both games can live side by side happily.

I play Playerunknown’s battleground for the sheer enjoyment of running around a massive map, pure tactical gameplay you need to employ sometimes, and the use of the ground to conceal routes in and out of areas of interest.

I play Fortnite to relax, have fun and mess around building structures in order to escape being shot at.

For me PUBG is my game of choice, however If someone wanted to play Fortnite or was to talk to me about the game, I wouldn’t shut them down in the first 10 secs like some would.

Some will never acknowledge the fact that both games existed the same playing field, but hay there is more to this world then these 2 games.

I’ll continue playing with 100% gaming enjoyment.

Happy gaming.

LV.26 Mod


LV.4 Lurker

Communications Guide - Pubg

1. No unnecessary chatter.
2. Don't announce everytime you find a weapon.
3. Dont trade unless necessary in the middle of a fire fight. (e.g Anyone need a verticle grip etc.)
3.5. However it could be used if your teamate has no weapon. (e.g AR on me)
4. Do not use "me", instead use your color/number (e.g So instead of "AR on me," you will say, "AR on green")
5. Remain calm, screaming/panicking will only cause your teammates annoyance, inability to hear crucial sounds and also lose their focus.
6. When calling out an enemy, the general outline I use is (amount, bearing, distance, relation to object). So (e.g Visual, 3 players 145, 200m next to wooden shack)
6.5. Do note that using "Visual" differs from using "Contact". Contact should be used when either (a) You are planning on engaging, or (b) the enemy has already spotted you, or (c) the enemy is in close proximity. So (e.g Contact 3 players 70, inside the warehouse) Distance can be given if there are multiple same building at different distances. But a better alternative would be to say (3rd warehouse from left)
7. If your background noise is alot, use push to talk.
8. Use commands to function as a unit. (e.g hold fire, open fire, dip low and go along the ridge etc.)
8.5. Make sure your team gives some sort of confirmation before engaging your plan. (e.g "I'll flank from right, provide covering fire." "Affirmative")
9. After killing your enemy, always say whether it was a knockout or insta-kill
10*. A clever trick that I use very often. If my team splits into two groups, 1 team talks in discord, and the other talks in game (with mode set to team only, and the discord ones mute their ingame) So with this, we won't have conflicting orders and this is most effective during looting.

This was my first post on moot! Please comment if this was helpful and what I can do to improve it. Thanks for reading, Caio.

LV.4 Lurker

POPULAR Choose a side - Left or Right

My opinion for both selections.

Left side

M416 is one of the best ARs IMO and putting the suppressor on it makes it perfect for the stealth kill added with the stock it makes for the perfect weapon, even with the iron sight

4x scope is good but inadequate in CQB scenario

Pan, stuck it on my rear to protect my gear 👌🏻

Lv 3 helmet, try and 1 shot me bro, I dare you!

X4 energy drinks is ok but no great if I get into a sticking situation!

150 5.56........... best not get into any prolonged fire fights!

Right side

SCAR-L, Second best AR and with the down grip and compensator helps with the recoil some what but I’d happily drop it for a UMP.

Face mask - why would I hide a face like mine 💪🏻

Lv 2 body armour, amazing but I better not get shot in the head!

20x bandages - honestly who has time to put on more then 2 or 3 before giving up and dropping the lot!

Grenade x 1 - I tend to only use these when trying to distract the enemy!

175 x 5.56 - that’s a little better then the 150

LV.26 Mod

Woot for Moot!

So yesterday one of my videos finally broke 100 views! Since only starting YouTube a couple months ago it feels great that people are checking out my content. Thank you to all my fellow Mooters who have been watching my videos and I hope to make even more exciting content in the future. #omgfireburns

LV.16 Sage
PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile Game Modes

They should add modes like King of the Hill, Zombie & something that would be 50 vs 50 as in like a special mode

LV.3 Lurker

Erangel Bridge Troll

Did not expect for this bridge block to go so well... Lol this was too much fun. Watch til the end!

LV.7 Nomad
PUBG Mobile

New Arcade mode - Your thoughts?!

What are your thoughts on the new PUBG Mobile arcade mode??

LV.26 Mod

When I Xbox get the desert map??? 😭

LV.3 Lurker

Any good hints about how to be more accurate with Sniping rifles ??

My amazing awp skills from CSGO are not transfering for a better game like
PUBG xDDD any hints ??

LV.4 Lurker

Kar98 - It’s all about the lead you give!!

If there is one thing the military has taught me during the hours spent on the range, it’s how to shoot a moving target.

Track, lead, breath, fire 💥

I see too many players rushing to take a shot, if the shots not on.....know when to stop 👌🏻

LV.26 Mod

POPULAR What is the least likely sentence will you ever hear from a Fortnite player???

LV.8 Nomad

Tips for (PC)

Had payed it before on Xbox then got a pc and now looking for tips

LV.4 Lurker