POPULAR What’s more satisfying, The Pan “Dong” or Grenade kill??

Which gives you a more satisfying feeling, the “Dong” of the Pan as you swipe it across someone’s head or that lucky Grenade kill that kills an unexpected enemy??

For me it’s the “Dong” of that pan 🙌🏻 The Chase is on..... I’m coming for you Pan in hand 💪🏻

I had one game where I knew someone was in a house. I decided to take off all my kit, clothes and all, except for one smoke. The smoke entered the top floor though a window, in turn I rushed though the front door, up the stairs......”Dong”!

No one likes to be killed by the naked Pan killer 🤙🏻

What is your best experience of either a Pan kill or Grenade kill??

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The Man Who Started It All

Great interview with the one and only PlayerUnknown that talks about his conception of PUBG. To think that Brendan just wanted to play a game he would want to play is how it all started. A genre to eclipse all those before it and for what looks like a long time in the future. I wish I had the drive and dedication he has to make something so impactful.

LV.21 S

POPULAR What’s your favourite weapon load out??

With the recent update and changes to weapon systems, what is your favourite weapon load out?

LV.26 Mod

PUBG🥔 Is NOT Good Enough to be an eSport - There I Said It

I know that I'm going to get some serious hate for saying that PUBG is not good enough to be an eSport. I mean is PUBG even deserving of being an eSport given it has terrible in game physics and it looks like a potato on top of looking like a game that is straight from the Unreal store. Hell Fortnite is closer to being an eSport in its current state.
Even with Fortnite's on going rounds of buffing and debuffing, it plays way better. Also it has way more game modes and cool events to engage in (like the Rocket Launch for example or even the Marvel cross-over as another example). Imagine having specific eSports going to mix up pro level tournaments. You can't get these kind of things with PUBG's cheater-filled matches.
Oh I also forgot to mention that the game runs terribly. What kind of game that has so many technical issues being pushed by its user base to become an eSport. Even the developers admit that their game isn't ready to be an eSport. Do people even still play this game? Also PUBG Corporation can jump off a cliff for pursuing a spurious law suite, that were later dropped, against Epic in South Korea for copyright/trademark violations.

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PUBG Mobile

POPULAR Any one down to play

Any one down to play

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PUBG Mobile

POPULAR Wanting players for PUBG mobile.

Wanting players for mobile PUBG my gamer tag is JuanJose9211 add me so we can play!

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PUBG Mobile


Can't believe there's ANOTHER huge update already! Who else is hyped for the addition of the 3x and 6x scopes!? Not to mention the SLR Sniper Rifle, War mode, new emotes, and even a portable closet!

Link to source>>https://www.express.co.uk/entertainment/gaming/989743/PUBG-Mobile-Update-Tencent-Beta-patch-notes-0-7-0-download

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2D match replays in browser

This is SO GREAT!
check this out at https://pubg.sh/

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PUBG Mobile

*PUBG Mobile*

I Play On Mobile You Must Have A Mic Also I’ll Invite You To My Discord If U Have One I Play Competitive And I Don’t Care About Your Level As Long As You’re Decent :D My Username Is - CruxZ
We Can Play Squad Or Duo

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How do you feel about map-exclusive guns?

I like the way that each map has unique vehicles because of the way that vehicles work with the map's environment. Guns on the other hand don't do anything aesthetically, but could be more advantageous on one map than another.
How do you feel about map-exclusive guns?

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Xbox Update

The next PUBG xbox update brought the new SLR , the sports car on miramar, the gun balance changes that PC got a little while back, The new attachments (lightweight grip, thumb grip, etc.), and the new sights (3x scope and 6x scope), and a ton of other changes.
This update is very good and will bring the game more up to date with the PC version in time for when Sanhok should come out in August.
Link to Lunargaming video: https://youtu.be/3mjKrGIpcDQ

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What are your thought on the ability to block while using melee weapons?

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Landing Faster on Sanhok

Been playing a lots of Sanhok on PUBG and up until yesterday I had no idea how people were landing so fast. I'd jump out early and float at around 195+ km/h and near the tail end get to 230+. This still wasn't enough as I saw some players already on the ground 5 seconds after I had deployed my chute. Then I found this video from WackyJacky
According to this video, you need to "wave dive" to get down faster. He says Sanhok's smaller size changes how early a player should eject too. I laughed at the paper ruler, but I think I might try that...
Are there any other tricks you guys know about the Sanhok map?

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PUBG Mobile


Who else can't wait until Bluehole releases PUBG Mobile 0.6.0!?

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Phunny Physics is Phun

It's these kinds of glitches why I play games like PUBG. This reminds me of how giants in Skyrim can skyrocket into the sky if they hit you with their clubs. Physics glitches are hilarious. Anybody got any funny PUBG stories about glitches?

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PUBG's New Map Sanhok, Event Pass, and QoL Improvements

Sanhok will go live soon, June 22nd to be exact, and with it some much needed quality of life improvements. Also a Batt- umm Event Pass is set to launch in tandem.
I'm really digging the concept of Sanhok's smaller map size. I really enjoyed playing War mode as it helped me get better at shooting and choosing engagements. Sure as hell beats having to try and drop in to School or Military Base to get that practice in.
Feels like this is a good hybrid of War and the Battle Royale mode that started it all. Which leads into one of QoL changes I'm most excited about. Sanhok will be separated and designated as "Mini Royale" and players can now choose if they want to hop into a "Battle Royale" (Erangel and Miramar) or "Mini Royale," (Sanhok).
I guess PUBG Corp learned from the previous fiasco of players deleting the Miramar files in order to avoid playing on the map.
Sanhok will also introduce a new map exclusive gun, the assault rifle QBZ95.
It utilizes 5.56mm ammo and will replace the SCAR-L.
Due to Sanhok's smaller nature, the devs have decided to implement a new adaptive bluezone. Rather than just a fixed time and size, it will spawn the appropriate bluezone by checking the current player count and adjust accordingly. However this ends up playing out I wish this means more aggressive plays and less deaths to the circle.
In an interesting move by PUBG Corp, they've decided to make cosmetics much more accessible. There's a catch though, it'll cost you $10. It's very similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass and the purpose is to incentivise playing more PUBG.
The Event Pass will be a limited-time add on that lasts 4 weeks and adds quests/missions to level up your account. So... play the game, level up, and reap the rewards! Sounds simple enough, and I especially like the part that progress when playing the game without purchasing the Event Pass still counts. If you want to purchase the Event Pass at a later date then you get unlock everything you've earned thus far. The items gained through the Event Pass will not be marketable though, so keep that in mind.
I'm excited about these new changes and looking to fill my tummy with some Chicken Din Dins
More information on the upcoming update can be found on their webpage here:
See you guys out on field.

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Pubg memes?

Should we add a pubg mene tab

LV.25 Rootin Tootin

Timelapse of PUBG Hotdrop Drawing


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PUBG Mobile

POPULAR Drop you name and I will add you

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POPULAR #MyDropSpot Winners!!

Thank you to everyone who participated in the #MyDropSpot event! It was really fun to read through all of your unique and creative entries on where you choose to drop in PUBG.
Now, for the moment you have all been waiting for! The winners have officially been chosen (completely random) and are listed below:
- Cheesecake Overload
- ComplicatedBreakfast
- FlamingPenguin
- TopHomeslice
- 2much2handle
- Aolis
- Batts
- Brandon Vanes
- Bryce556
- ButterToast
- CaptianHoodz
- CBfamily4life
- CloudPuncher
- Coltapotagaming
- Dark_Eggroll
- Donte Granger
- Dovahsebrom1982
- Eggy918
- Elliot_124
- G00gleChrome
- Gage Rodriguez
- GhostlyCas
- GR8TwhiteGHOST
- Hazeem Nab
- ItzMeAFK
- JadeRaven
- JeffersonJN
- Kadean L.
- Kenneth Thong
- Kriptik305
- KronoSaner
- LeviTheGreat007
- LynnePlex
- madddawg360
- Malik Merhundrew
- Miguel Valencia
- Nasheen
- Pr0Pyro
- Robbie Radzville
- Roggey Graham
- rohaanrida
- Runs at Mouth
- Sloppymcgee
- St0L3nRNG
- Superfinerug787
- SwattedGamer69
- Taser Gaming
- Treyz
- Undying
- yagafish
- Yoannalhc
- Zedrith
To claim your prize, visit this link (make sure to enter your FULL address including city, state, and zip code!):
Thanks again to everyone who participated! Make sure to keep your eyes peeled for more updates and events coming in the near future 😎
Team Moot

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Rendering Issue! So annoying 😡

Who else has this problem??

This has happened more and more recently, I land and nothing renders!

I can even see others running around and collecting kit, I just have to lay in prone and wait until the building drops in 😫😫

LV.26 Mod
PUBG Mobile

Drop your names I'll add u

LV.22 Bandit
Looking for Group

I need a pretty good teammate

Anybody tht speaks English and will watch his partners back

LV.17 Sage
PUBG Mobile

Need Pub G Partner💰

Need Someone To Play With On A Daily Bases So We Could Get These Dubs💯 Add Me NAZZTHEKINGG

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Can anyone here please tell me how to properly use the M16. I get absolutely destroyed with them, but can't manage to get any kills with them.

(Edit) I followed all your advice, and I've definitely gotten better! (Still need some work though) Thank you for everybody that helped me out and gave me tips! Appreciate it!

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Pubg players take note of issue

AKM is the main issui of the AR as it is too power ful 1 shot in head you are dead with level two helmet if level 3 vast 6 shots of AKM persons dead
AKM have to be fixed in my opinion

PUBG moblie
PUBG mobile is pubg on phone but it has not the full version as. There are no gun skins no 3rd and final map no dp shop no full parachute skins no full guns e.g DLR no full. Boast on the ground.( Could the owner of moot tell my opinion of pubg mobile and try adding it to moblie)

Some say grenade is too weak so they decided too write a article too show why grenades sucks so they want them to increase the rate of damage and something call down time which I think will be a good thing to have.

Best regards there have been things that PEAPLE hate in pubg and to remove or fix the issues with feed back but they say the m24 is not suitable for being in cartels as a you tuber says it is a Kar98k with a mag will if that is truth they would have done it a long time ago for more info leave a like in the deception to have more issues in pubg could be fix or your opinion to the following(leave a comment) below if you do like this like it

Pls moot hope you report this

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#MyDropSpot ❤️😍

#MyDropspot My map and favorite place of PUBG is Erangel because it is very big and natural and favorite place to fall is Rozhok, because many people fall and always allo a good equipment and I always find my favorite weapons #myDro

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Looking for Group

Need teamates

Need teamates that are good and can saty together, im known as the run and gun guy, play on mobile and pc, mobile:Rougeskorpion if you want to send me a request

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The spot of the drops.

Shooting Range or Shelter.
Shooting Range - Always has decent loot, and for some reason you can always walk away with about 240 rounds of 5.56 even if you find no 5.56 AR. Decent gunfights sometimes. Not at all a tedious location to loot. No rooms to go in and out of. Everything is in the open. Straight shot right over to Severny, then down to Rohzok.
Shelter - Always interesting. Usually good loot. Found 3 SKSs in a single room on multiple occasions. Close-quarters indoor combat as well as long hallway shootouts. Usually a vehicle will spawn within very short running distance.

LV.20 S