I know the M24 and AWM get all the love, but the suppressed MK14 sounds absolutely amazing

Everyone loves the silenced M24 and AWM, and for good reason. But I think my personal favorite is the suppressed MK14 for a few reasons. First, I feel like the gun is less frequently used than the other 2 crate snipers so the sound is less recognizable to enemies. If enemies can't instantly recognize the sound of your gun, it heightens the panic factor when they first get shot at. Think about it; it is already scary to get shot at, especially when it is a suppressed weapon. But when it is a weapon you can't even recognize the sound of? Don't even bother shooting me, cause I'm already dead to this heart attack.
Secondly, the M24 and AWM are both bolt action which means you can only fire a limited number of shots within a short period of time. Why would I want to hear that beautiful suppressed sound every couple seconds when instead I could hear it a couple times every second? The MK14's semi automatic nature lets you fire at will. Plus, you could even put it on auto! If that's your kind of thing.
Finally, and this is a personal thing, but I think the MK14 is a beautiful gun. I'm all for the cool looking bolt action snipers, but I just love how the MK14 looks. And the only thing that makes it look even better is when you add a suppressor to it and call it a day.
What do you guys think? I've only gotten to shoot a suppressed MK14 a few times, and I'm not sure I've ever heard anyone else use it.


I played PUBG for 14 hours straight yesterday. After unfrying my brain, I realize I learned a lot.

So the title may be a bit misleading. My duo partner and I took a single 10 minute break where I microwaved leftover pizza and he made a cup of noodles and called his mom. Other than that, we were on the grind.
14 hours probably sounds excessive but honestly for us time was just flying by. My duo partner and I love playing together. When I first got PUBG, I played with a few friends that I knew in real life. One day, they invited another friend from the neighborhood that I had known since elementary school but never did much with. We never gamed together, never went to the same parties, and almost never interacted at all.
But when we played PUBG together for the first time, it was gamer-love at first shot. We had the same drive to win and the same feeling that our friends lacked that drive. We both use callouts, we can both read the compass at the top of the map, and we can both hit shots with about the same accuracy. Almost overnight, we shifted away from playing with our mutual friends and started grinding duos. Never before have I won so many games. We experienced so many firsts together. We got our first back-to-back wins together. I was there for his first 10 kill game; he was there for my first double backflip on a motorcycle. Jesus, this is started to sound like a love story, isn’t it?
Anyway, due to the holiday season my duo partner was unable to play with any sort of frequency. Yesterday was the first day he was able to sit down and game for more than an hour, and we were both ready to get some dinners. My partner and I already have several aspects of our gameplay very well refined. We know where we like to drop, we know which one of us is the driver (me), we know who’s the better sniper (him), etc. This meant we could focus on more advanced stuff while we played.
Over the course of so many games, we were able to really hone in on minor aspects of our gameplay. For instance, we knew we liked to drop west of Los Leones but over the course of 30ish games dropping there back to back to back, we began to figure out a loot route that worked for us. I loot this building, you loot that one, and we loot this third one together…that sort of thing.
We also got a ton of practice with how we approach final circles. We usually play the center of the circle, but we lost a few games because we got in the center and then realized there wasn’t enough cover to every direction and we should’ve played more towards the edge. By the end of the night, we started to discuss whether the final circle was more conducive toward playing the center or the edge.
Finally, when you play for so long you’re bound to notice some of the little mistakes you make when you’re tired or let your attention slip. We lost some games to horrible, unforgivable, rookie mistakes. In one game, we had taken out a team of snipers and we took too long looting them for their crate weapons. Next thing we know, the gas closes past us and we die on the way to the circle even with an abundance of meds. In another instance, we thought we’d cleared a bridge and it was safe to cross but we had forgotten to check the camping spots at the very end of the bridge.
Ultimately, we had a ton of fun, a few dinners, and I learned an incredibly amount. Today, after we both got enough sleep, we discussed yesterday’s games and we reached a lot of the same conclusions. I think the next time we grind for 14 hours we’ll win even more games and hopefully continue to finely tune our mutual approach to the game.
P.S. I’m not in love with my duo partner and you can’t prove I am.


Just my luck!


POPULARLearning to Fail, The Quickest Path to Victory

"But weakness, folly, failure also. Yes, failure most of all. The greatest teacher, failure is." - Yoda.
For me, the draw of PUBG is the intensity of those last circles on the way to that Chicken Dinner. However, getting there the first, second, or hundredth time requires losing. A lot. In fact, unless you’re a top player, chances are that you will lose a whole lot more than you win. PUBG makes this not only acceptable, I would argue that it’s the game’s greatest strength. In today's hypercompetitive online multiplayer world, gamers are seldom rewarded for coming in second, but in PUBG even losing can feel like an accomplishment. While there can only be one Chicken Dinner, surviving for a Top Ten finish, or just getting a few kills can be satisfying.
With the learning curve being so steep, it is essential that PUBG allows us to “fail fast.” Losing isn’t a big deal when you can jump into another game and try again in a matter of minutes. Really, some of the best games are those quick drops into School or Hacienda where you battle tons of other players, rubberbanding, and RNG only to die immediately. The game lets us experiment and learn on our own terms, ultimately making us better players and teammates. These experiences not only teach us the most, they are also what makes breaking through to that first Dinner so incredibly satisfying. Not only that, but every win after that becomes more meaningful because of the road it takes to get there.
With millions of active players, PUBG has given us a unique opportunity to gain by losing on a scale that hasn’t been achieved before. With every frustrating loss comes the knowledge of how to do better next time. After a while, even the games where the loot and circle luck aren’t great become less and less frustrating. Sure, getting salty and angry will probably always be a part of competitive multiplayer gaming, but knowing you have a chance to do better next time is a fantastic way to ease that pain. Every game is an opportunity to improve, to learn to accept defeat, and to move on to the next challenge with a clean slate. This is why I play PUBG.
You never forget your first time.






POPULARHow I Plan to Win My First Game on Miramar, PUBG’s New Map

I think we are all excited for the first time we get to touch our boots on the ground in Miramar, PUBG’s soon to release new map. I expect most people will either drop on the fringes of the map to start exploring or drop straight into whatever town the plane flies directly over to start fighting.
Personally, I am going to take a middle ground approach. I plan to get far away from the flight of the plane with my initial parachute and look for a vehicle. I anticipate vehicles will be easier to spot from the sky on the new map because it is a desert environment and thus they will not blend in as well as they do on the current map.
Once I have my vehicle, I intend to drive as far away from the path of the plane as is physically possible. This will ensure I can safely loot for at least a few minutes. As I said, I expect two groups of people; those who are hiding on the fringes and those who are fighting in the big towns. Neither of those groups will bother me as I get myself geared out of my mind.
The next step in my master plan is the hardest to execute, but has the biggest payoff. Once I am geared up, with a backpack full of meds and guns completely kitted, I will take my vehicle and drive to a building complex in the dead center of the circle. When selecting a building to post up in, it is important to consider a few things. First, I’ll need to find a two story building. The extra height will make it significantly easier to watch all angles of approach so I can spot bad guys before they get too close. Second, it is imperative that I pick a building that doesn’t have bars on the windows. Bars on windows aren’t fun for anyone, as they completely stop bullets and have ruined my day on more than occasion. Finally, I want to pick a building as close to the dead center of the circle as possible. I plan to make a post explaining the math on this in the future, but just know for now that the closer you are to the center of the circle the more likely you are to be in the next one.
From there, the game really plays itself. I’ll stay in my building in the center of the circle and mow down enemies as they approach. I expect people won’t understand the terrain of the new map well enough to keep themselves covered, making themselves easy targets for someone like myself.
And that’s it. That’s my master plan for how I am going to win my very first game on Miramar. What do you guys think? Is there anything I missed? Do you disagree with one of my assumptions? I’d love to hear some thoughts.


POPULARFirst win


POPULARPUBG "Down Under" Tournament - Part 2

We hit the ground running, split up slightly to loot, while keeping the communication well and truly open, calling out what we found, what we need and the people we saw. I alerted Kae that I saw someone run into a building right near us, I threw a nade in, but it turns out they had run out the back and as I threw the nade in the window, I got shot at. I frantically darted around the other side of the house to heal up. We ran up the hill, M16A4 in hand, to find those who had wronged us, we were met with more gun fire and after a quick back and forth I was downed again, but something was different this game, this game I had a partner.
After thinking I was going to be the first out again, Kae shot at the baddies and zoned them back into a house, she got me up and I, once again, had to patch up my wounds. There was a back and forth, these silly souls popped out of the house with a pan at one stage, not sure what he was thinking…. After another quick firefight, I knocked the enemy out, as the other ran around the side of the building. I turned around to see Kae was down. I ran to her position, knowing that the enemy was wounded too, I had time to get her up. I dropped a med pack and fearlessly ran into the building our foes had run into. Kae followed, they backed themselves into a corner. Upstairs, with less than sufficient ammo, we had them cornered…
I crept up to the stairs, I could see one of them peeking, 3 shots in the head and he was down. Kae looking through the window, straight up the stairs, two shots with the shotgun and like that, they were both out. We had downed the first team and it felt great! 2 down, 36 more to go…
We quickly looted the area, still conversing about our finds in each location. Meeting up periodically to share what we had picked up. After the district had been picked clean, we found a car, getting close enough to towns to see people in there and skipping them; we were in this for the long haul.
After we had hit a few more towns (and a few close calls with me nearly flipping the car) we headed to Georgopol, which was on the outer edges of the circle with plenty of time to spare. We assumed we could take our time at Georgopol, it was as far away from the planes line of flight that there was no way anyone else could have gotten there before us. We were right, the whole town was deserted. We ducked in and out of buildings, picking up ammo, exchanging meds, making sure we were both stocked up. Kae found an 8x scope and promptly dropped it for me, before finding finding her very own KAR, to which I returned it to its’ rightful owner. After a few more buildings we found another 8x and we were once again ready to take on all who were left (there was like 30 at this stage) and worked our way South East passed the Ruins. We stopped at the church, I ran straight to the roof, where I was met with gunfire. I knocked their level 3 helmet off before they disappeared. We camped the area, weaving in and out of cover, trying to spot where they had moved to. They clearly had eyes on us, as soon as we peeked, we were shot at, over and over.
We agreed to give the Ruins a wide birth, so we kept to the perimeter, where we believe they could no longer see us. Kae and I found a nice little nook in a mountain, where we could see, what felt like, the entire remaining map. As we camped there, we saw other players scurry in and out of shelter, to be met with Kae’s KAR to the head, BAM! Kae’s second kill for the game, we felt invincible, thinking we may actually have a shot at the chicken dinner this game. But it wasn’t a game at this stage, Kae and I were out for blood, sweet pixelated blood.
The zone was moving in quickly, although we were still well within, we decided to push on, we had tasted blood and we wanted more.
We found a nice 3 story building, with a lookout on the second floor and an open roof, we each took a level and sat our bums down, ready for the other to run passed and be picked off.
Nothing. It seemed that everyone had already run passed us and we were closer to the center of the zone than we had originally thought. After waiting there for around 5 minutes, we knew we had to leave, or be swallowed by the ever growing “blue zone”, we jumped down and started making a break for the middle of the map. As I was running, I was met with yet more shots, straight at me, the zone was closing in, I was downed, again. I yelled at Kae to fall back and pick me up, although she argued she had no time, I demanded she come back. Kae ran back and started reviving me, only to be hit by the blue. I yelled at her to leave me, but it was too late, the zone was moving in too quick and I had wasted her only chance to escape.
We were both down. 7th, if you want to call that a placement. We came for first, but were only met with disappointment due to my selfishness. Kae could have gone on to win the game, instead she listened to my stupid request and together we paid the price.
The rest of the game moved so quick, I didn’t really pay attention until the final two, I was too upset.
@JackHuddo and @Soulsii, battling it out on either side of the mountain, bother eager to down the other and feast on the ever sweat chicken dinner waiting for the victor at the end of every match.
Small skirmishes, quick peeks, dropping to heal. This part of the games seemed to be going so fast, yet lasting for ever. Jack calls out to Soulsii “You wanna just use pans or nah?” using in game comms, to no reply. Jack starts creeping up the mountain, only to be bombarded with a hailstorm of bullets from Soulsii.
And that was it,
Soulsii was the winner. Again, the casters went wild, with good reason, the climax was intense.
After all that prep, the day was over. We all shot back into discord to finish up our banter, then into the Twitch chat, to continue banting with the viewers.
The prizes were announced, the sponsors were thanked, the games were discussed and it was done.
An amazing event, filled with joy, tears, laughter, rage and much salt; the ingredients for a great day of esports. A day that wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work from the likes of Joseph @ScrivoTV and the great prizes supplied by Centrecom.com.au.
To end this piece, I’d just liked to say – “One esports team definitely esportsed harder than the other esports teams and came out on top, but at the end of the day, the real winner was esports”
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