POPULAR Man I ain't wana leave my phone behind I cud b playing PUBG in my coffin 🤣😂📱

Please Come SmileWithUs and as always have a jokey day

Man I ain't wana leave  my phone behind I cud b playing PUBG in my coffin 🤣😂📱
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POPULAR PS4 - Need To Know....

PUBG PS4 at a glance:

* PUBG PS4 is a 33.51GB download

* The PS4 Pro version doesn't look as good as it does on PS4 and Xbox One.

PUBG on PS4 has the download size of 33.51GB, however, this is Perplexing when the Xbox One version is only half of that 🤷🏻‍♂️

Firing it up on PS4 suggests no reason for it to occupy that much of your hard drive space. That's especially the case when you notice that the visuals, even on a PS4 Pro, are lacklustre.

If your disappointed in the early stages hold your horses, it’s only going to get better 💪🏻

PS4 - Need To Know....
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POPULAR Is Pubg a fail on PS4?

I watched gameplay of it, but I don't know if it's worth buying it. H1 was a fail and I want to know if Pubg is as well

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POPULAR A New PUBG Short Film Celebrates the Game’s PS4 Release

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds finally comes to the PlayStation 4 tomorrow and to celebrate the launch PUBG Corp. partnered with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to produce a PUBG short film. The film features Jason Mitchell, who is perhaps most known for his role as Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton. It’s only a few minutes long, so you really have no reason NOT to check it out!
To watch the trailer, click here:
And to read the rest of The Daily Moot, click below:

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POPULAR PS4 - Who’s Hyped??

Who’s Hyped?

We are fast approaching the much anticipated (unless you’re an out and out Fortnite player) release of PUBG on PS4.

For the past year PS4 players have watched in ore at PC and Xbox players. As those players have had access to an Early release of the game, followed by minor/ major updates and then the “finished*” product .

With less the 24hrs now to go until PlayStation release PUBG. Is it going to be a hit or a flop?? Who’s going to be the first to hit 250hr and 500hr of game play?? Who will be the first PS4 Streamer to quite the game??.

We have all these things to look forward to over the next 12 months!

* IMO Definitely not finished and always a new update being dropped.

PS4 - Who’s Hyped??
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POPULAR PS4 - PUBG Release Date REVEALED! - December 7th

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground (PUBG) is finally coming to PlayStation 4!

Reports suggest that the date has been set for December, however, no specific date has been released as of yet.

Data miners have struck again with PUBG game files being found on the European and North American PSN stores!

We had a post awhile ago about if Bluehole had signed a contract with XBox and now potentially this will prove the doubters wrong.

....Only time will tell 🤙🏻

PS4 - PUBG Release Date REVEALED! - December 7th
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Next Steps for PUBG

The Fix PUBG campaign has concluded. What are your thoughts on the overall progress the developers made? Those who aren't aware of what Fix PUBG is check out the post here
I never truly expected PUBG to complete every single task outlined on their campaign roadmap. It would have been a huge success if they did and I'll applaud them for what was completed. PUBG reiterated in a new statement about their future focus to be on stability and quality. I wish they had just created another campaign or did a version 2.0 of Fix PUBG. Announcements of intention puts a fire under them that the developers need to watch out for. For the most part I believe Fix PUBG was satisfactory, the game is better than it was before but nowhere near what was promised.
Thoughts on the campaign?

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Got my first Chicken Dinner today and it tastes absolutely amazing! Lmao 😂

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POPULAR Awwww yeah it's time to get shwifty in here

Awwww yeah it's time to get shwifty in here
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POPULAR PUBG PS4 Announcement Trailer

Never thought I'd see the day, but here's the trailer. A bit too late, but it is good news for PS4 players.

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PUBG Mobile

Think You’re Safe?..... Think Again!

Here we go team...... for those of you that play PUBG Mobile more then the XBox or PC version, buildings are not your safe haven!

This was happening every game I played so I had to make a video on it. In the latter stages of a game players would head for buildings, hide and wait for some to walk into the killing zone.

For someone like me this is an easy kill!

First kill I knew the guy was there as I spotted him on my approach though the window.... Second kill I knew one of the two remaining players I was destined to kill had to be in the building! Using the TTP camera to my advantage I was able to get the first shot off killing him without much effort.

However, making this video left me in a bad spot. Zone closed in and I had to jump without knowing where the last guy was.... he killed me and took the Chicken Dinner 😫


LV.26 Chicken Dinner

POPULAR Dihor Otok - New Snow Map

PUBG's upcoming snow map has been revealed via dataminers.

The new map - called Dihor Otok - was found in files deep in the latest PUBG patch on PC via a dataminer who has since gone on to publish most of their findings on imgur. (https://m.imgur.com/SbKHpSr)

To me it looks similar to the 8x8 map we saw in the first two maps!

Have a scout around for a release date I’ve only been able to find that it’s dropping in winter..... how fitting 🙌🏻

Dihor Otok - New Snow Map
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Lock the Gates and Man the Towers

I'm going to take a wild guess and say we are getting 2 Suicide Squad inspired skins for a Halloween update. The prison break portion of the cryptic message interests me too. Perhaps a hint to the next event?

LV.21 S

Gosu AI for PUBG

It never fails to impress me the level of work groups from the PUBG community put into enhancing the competitive scene. First players were given a 2D map replay of their matches to give better insight on movement and hotspots. Gosu ai brings this to a whole new level with mutli-layered data. You can check how you rank among other users, weapon usage, death locations, and more. There is a catch though, and the catch is you need to pay after a free 7 day trial period.
I'm optimistic about the future of this type of service. What tends to happen is some generous individual out there will make their own free version that provides the same features. There's no guarantee that this will happen, but I am hopeful some brave soul will do it.

Gosu AI for PUBG
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Training Mode - Practice Makes.......Permanent!

After what seemed like an eternity PUBG Corp. has decided to listen to the out cries for a training mode.

IMO they haven’t disappointed... the vast array of activities you can conduct within the training mode allows even the veteran gamer to practice.

The 2x2 map also allows space for those wanting to explore but small enough not to take all day to cross. I hope they decide to drop this map into the game, maybe not as an 100 person drop but potentially an arcade drop instead.

PC & XBox map:

Mobile Map:

Major bonus to this mode is you can’t die! Lowest your health will drop to is 1hp.

What are your thoughts?

Training Mode - Practice Makes.......Permanent! +2
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Battle Points - A Welcomed Update!

A much welcomed restructuring of the Battle Point (BP) System this an awesome update IMO.

Previously, they offered BP rewards based only on your ranking, now they’ve restructured the system to take into account both play time and ranking.

Rewards have been restructured to equalize the differences in BP efficiency based on playing time for each Map and Mode.

Furthermore they’ve also changed team rewards to be shared, you will no longer receive 4 times the BP because you were playing alone in a squad game

Battle Points - A Welcomed Update!
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Bootcamp Sniper | PUBG Cinematic Play

New cinematic gameplay video! Check it out and comment below to let me know what you think! Thank you for watching!! #omgfireburns

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PUBG Says Sorry with Free Loot

PUBG experienced connection problems and to compensate for the inconvenience players will be given freebies.
Log in and you will see a black beanie/red headphone hat along with 20,000BP waiting for you. Claim it while you can! You have until Oct 23rd 5pm PDT
My wardrobe is slowly starting to look better and this is a nice addition.

PUBG Says Sorry with Free Loot
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"No treats. All trick."

As the daily moot shows in Main, PUBG is goning to celebrate the holiday with a spooky new event. It looks to provide costume skins and event mode. However, detailed information has not been disclosed.
I bought Black Ops 4 and I do not have any budget anymore, so I would be happy if I could get the skin through the free event. 😂

"No treats. All trick." +3
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Event Mode: Crash Carnage

Did you guys play this stupid game? it's so pretty fun tho!
PUBG launched a 3 day event consisting of melee weapons, thrown weapons and vehicles only! Needless to say it broke out into a demolition derby very quickly! Watch as we try our best to survive the onslaught of vehicles and perform a little Grand Theft Auto of our own!
Road rage is the theme of this week’s event mode where fuel and fire are king. In Crash Carnage, no firearms spawn so you’ll need to focus on melee weapons, throwables, and of course your driving skills to carry your duo to that final circle. Circles move considerably faster in this event, so loot quick, grab a vehicle, and crash your way to road warrior glory.
STARTS: Oct 4, 7pm PDT / Oct 5, 4am CEST / Oct 5, 11am KST
ENDS: Oct 7, 7pm PDT / Oct 8, 4am CEST / Oct 8, 11am KST
2-man duo team on Erangel (All Regions)
Teams of duos will fight in Erangel. Up to 100 players can join.
Land vehicles, with the exception of motorcycles, will spawn throughout the map.
Firearms will not spawn; instead, melee weapons, throwables, consumables, and other gear will spawn.
Blue Zone will move faster than usual, especially the first Blue Zone.
The first Safe Zone, and the center point of the final Safe Zone, will be indicated with a flag icon on the minimap.
2-person duos only. Auto-matching is switchable to On/Off
Weather is set to Sunny
Red zones are disabled
General care packages are disabled
Killer Spectating is enabled
Friendly fire is disabled

Event Mode: Crash Carnage
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Sanhok Event - Forty-Fivers

What is everyone’s thought on this event??

I jumped into it for the first time last night and it was absolutely carnage..... in a good way!

Crates dropping everywhere, ghillie suites all over the joint and smashing things up with the .45 weapons 👊🏻

I think this is exactly what PUBG needs right now, something new, something different.


• 80 Players fight in Sanhok. The safe zone starts out small and is visible from the beginning.
• The only weapons that spawn are Tommy Guns, Win94s, R45s, P1911s and throwables.
• Care packages contain Vectors, 0.45 ACP rounds, Lvl 3 gear, and other useful items.


• The mode is limited to four-man squads. Auto-matching can be turned on or off (you don’t have to play as a full squad of four if you don’t want to)
The mode is limited to 80 maximum players (20 teams of four players).
• Red zones are disabled.
• Killer spectating is enabled.
• Weather is set to “Overcast”.
• Teamkilling is disabled.

Sanhok Event - Forty-Fivers
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How to Zoom Speed up

It is the default setting that the aiming mode / scope mode are all set to right click.If you separate it separately, you can see the zoom speed which is fast enough to feel because it goes into the scope mode without going through the aiming mode.
Assign the scope mode key separately and Use thumb grip (aiming speed +30%)
You can experience the zoom speed you have never felt before.

How to Zoom Speed up
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Weekly Seasonal Skins

About 2 weeks ago in September, PUBG introduced an event celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival where every week players were able to acquire new skins.
I haven't been putting most of my time into PUBG recently and I regret it now as that Tang Suit Jacket is calling for me. Bad news for me is my chance to snag one is "gone forever." I'm hoping this isn't the case and that they offer another chance in the future for those that couldn't get it the first time. Getting the skins isn't all that difficult either, all one needs to do is place top 15 in any mode for a total of 5 matches in a week to claim their prize. Interested to see what other free skin events they might have in the works.

Weekly Seasonal Skins
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PC 1.0 Update #22

Finally, here's a great patch. The two biggest updates/fixes to come out of patch 22, is the inclusion of a quick select wheel for gear (same as the emote quick select wheel) and a new anti-cheat system. One of the biggest issues that I've had with PUBG is selecting gear/items on the fly without having to go into the inventory screen. Good stuff. Here's the link to the full patch notes.

PC 1.0 Update #22 +1
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PUBG Highlights #78 - Short but Sweet


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Streamer Cody ‘Ashek’ Castellaw Loses Match due to Server Glitch

Feels bad man lol, reading about how Ashek lost a match due to a server glitch is terrible. More specifically, Ashek was the last man on his team and he had to face off against a team of 4. I think that most people would shit themselves in a situation like this. Luckily, he took control of the situation and killed all 4 enemy players. So you might be wondering how he and his team lost? Well, for some reason the server didn't register his two last kills before he was touched by storm and was killed before his kills were registered. Feels bad man. Here's the video of what happened:

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FACEIT Servers with Region Lock - Hello Low Latency

So I found a really cool service while I was reading up on the lastest PUBG news. I came by an article, from Newsweek, talking about a service called FACEIT which offers region locked servers for PUBG players. The good thing is that the service is officially integrated with PUBG. On a side note, the servers will be matching people outside of the game's traditional matchmaking system, and it puts players in a custom lobby. Here are the instructions for signing up for FACEIT:
1) Go to the FACEIT website and sign up for an account if you don’t have one already.
2) Once you’re in the main dashboard, select PUBG and press the “play” button.
3) Matchmaking will begin, and it may take a while in the hours after launch.
4) Once you’re in a server, make note of its Private Lobby Name and Password.
5) Start a PUBG Custom Match and paste the Lobby Name into the search box.
6) When prompted, type the short Password.
7) You’ll be matched into the lobby and you can play PUBG as normal. All stats will be recorded for your overall rank.

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Blackout VS PUBG Direct Comparison

I know players don't play games for the graphics, but riding an air vehicle seems intensely fun.😮😮😮😮😮
Have you tried both of them? Which do you think is better? PUBG or Blackout?

LV.20 Boo!

Anybody else noticed that footsteps are SUPER quiet now?

I don't know what happened but since the last patch footsteps are super quiet. Either that or they're just not registering at all. Anybody else having this issue?

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PUBG is Back on Steam's Top Spot - Hail to the King👑

It's good seeing PUBG getting back to where it was originally, which is the number#1 spot on the Steam charts. PUBG has had its ups and downs, but its current its current up is making some heads turn. PUBG has survived every PUBG clone (Fortnite is a different beast in all honesty) out there, and it's going to survive the potato that is Black Ops 4 (it looks like a previous gen game). Yes I know PUBG looks like a potato, but it's a game that was made by a significantly smaller company. Why does Black Ops 4 look like a potato if it was made by one of the top AAA game devs? Our game has a lot going for it, there's the upcoming mobile tournament and there are QoL changes coming which are going to improve PUBG. PUBG is on the up and up!

PUBG is Back on Steam's Top Spot - Hail to the King👑
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