POPULAR PS4 - Thoughts??

PS4 players.... talk to me 🤙🏻

PUBG finally came to PS4 on 7th December 2018!

What are your thoughts on the game??

PS4 - Thoughts??
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POPULAR NZXT frying pan puck, Cop or Drop?

Out of the Battle Royale and into the frying pan, the limited edition NZXT Pan Puck provides the perfect headset and cable management solution for the PUBG player. With powerful magnets, the Pan Puck easily equips to your PC case or any steel surface to securely mount your gaming headset. Drop in with confidence, knowing your headset won’t drop no matter how intense the battle is.

NZXT frying pan puck, Cop or Drop? +1
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New Map Idea

What about a map that is smaller than Sanhok but larger than the city of Miramar Los Leones and consists entirely of buildings and high-rise buildings? Make it like New York. Buildings and abandoned cars, shops, and vans with no forests, no lakes. I know all of this in Miramar, but the whole map would not be that cool. The skyscraper should not actually have 100 floors ... You can make it look good, but give the player access to the 10th or 15th floor. The point of this map is to do a lot of sniping and doing much behind the corner fighting.

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POPULAR PUBG Xbox One to Get Keyboard and Mouse Support: Razer

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds aka PUBG for Xbox One is slated to get keyboard and mouse support. According to a page on the website of gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer, the battle royale sensation from PUBG Corp will be "officially integrated with keyboard and mouse support". In addition to this, Sea of Thieves, Roblox, The Sims 4, as well as the upcoming Gears 5 and Gears Tactics will receive keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One as well. Some of these, such as the aforementioned Gears games will receive "additional Razer Chroma and Xbox Dynamic Lighting integration" too.
No concrete date for PUBG Xbox One getting keyboard and mouse support has been announced just yet. This reveal from Razer puts the number of Xbox One games with keyboard and mouse support at 23. Here's the full list.
Xbox One keyboard and mouse games list
- Bomber Crew (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Deep Rock Galactic (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Fortnite (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Minecraft (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Strange Brigade (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Warframe (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Vermintide 2 (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- War Thunder (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- X-Morph Defense (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Children of Morta (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- DayZ (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Gears 5 (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Gears Tactics (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Minion Master (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Moonlighter (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- PUBG (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Roblox (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Sea of Thieves (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Surviving Mars (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- The Sims 4 (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Vigor (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Warface (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Wargroove (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
Keyboard and mouse support won't be enabled by default for Xbox One games and will instead be “added on a title-by-title basis, entirely at developers' discretion”, Microsoft noted when it announced the feature back in September. It further added: "Each development team knows their titles best and we support them in creating the right experience for their games as they see fit, to ensure an optimal and fair gaming experience."
The last bit – fair gaming experience – is crucial on consoles, since keyboard and mouse support affect competitive multiplayer with Microsoft suggesting developers to have separate matchmaking lists for the two groups but also encouraging them to see how keyboard-mouse players compete against controller players and tweak accordingly
Source - https://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/pubg-xbox-one-to-get-keyboard-and-mouse-support-razer-1974735

PUBG Xbox One to Get Keyboard and Mouse Support: Razer
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POPULAR Loot balancing

Ever since Sanhok dropped I noticed the major differences between the loot density in the larger maps versus smaller ones. On maps like Sanhok you can be generously full of loot within the first few buildings you check. But on maps like Miramar you enter huge warehouses or buildings finding minimal loot, shotgun after shotgun, only to not have a backpack to pick up your extra crossbow bolts. I think bluehole should consider looking at and possibly improving in the future.

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POPULAR PUBG Super Smash Brothers

I just found it on the internet. Like the Smash Brothers, what do you feel when you see these cute guys in PUBG? Is not it different from Fortnite?

PUBG Super Smash Brothers +1
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When you kill somebody who just landed

When you kill somebody who just landed
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POPULAR Fortnite is way better then pugG let’s argue (my opinion)

Fortnite: Free 😊

PG: Not free 🤮


"Dobro Mesto" (A Mercenary in Vikendi - 03)

Hello I am a mercenary KidsSeeGhost. I came from hell for the revival of PUBG Lounge. I will thoroughly analyze Vikendi to take care of your chicken dinner. So please come to the PUBG lounge and make loudly. Please do not leave here asshole.
Today's drop place is Vikendi's west downtown Dobro Mesto. I will take this town thoroughly.
In PUBG’s new snowy map Vikendi, 'Dobro Mesto' The downtown area lies to the west. The ship's anchored ship, which is likely to freeze in no time, clock tower to keep the tranquil downtown area and the cathedral of the central square make Dobro Mesto more attractive.
Dobro Mesto, a big city, has a lot of buildings, so there is no difficulty in farming. Small houses, as well as shopping mall, cathedrals, clock towers, warehouses, garages, and find the building you want, you can find the farming. And if you want to get to the distant area because you have a lot of vehicles, you can easily take the car.
The blue circle does not come to Dobro Mesto rather than you expected, so there is always the inconvenience of moving. And as soon as you leave the city, the cover is only the tree.
Dobro Mesto has the longest history in Vikendi. There is a structure that lets you know how much the city has flourished in the past, such as the central square or the clock tower, and many players come to this village for farming as it is a big city.
The clock tower is on the highlands where you can see all of Dobro Mesto, and the half-broken tower is easy to reconnaissance because you can see the movement of users in the village at a glance. On the other hand, it is a location where you can be sniped anywhere, so be careful because you can go straight to the lobby.
◆ Main Features
Easy to get items.
Easy to move to safety zone.
A lot of vehicle spawn points, so it is easy to move to other areas.
Can take a boat to the west coast.
Cover up is hard when a city battle occurs
Blue circle does not get Dobro Mesto more than thought
◆ Farming Routes
You can draw a farming route based on the north clock tower or you can do farming on the basis of the south mall. The clock tower is good at seeing the view of the downtown area at a glance, but can not effectively check the enemies hidden in the building and does not have a quick backup to the friendly. Instead, you can draw either a farming route to which the opponent has landed, a movement line that can be determined and avoided, or a farming route that wants to engage.
The South Mall farming Route can be drawn to the west, east, or south, based on the mall. There is a central plaza in the north, but it is better to line it to the west, east, and south than to cross it.
In addition, Farming Route is a way of farming small houses on the eastern road. It is a route to farming safely avoiding crowded buildings, and if you have some maintenance, you can quickly get to Dobro Mesto, which is a farming route in the city center.
◆ Vehicle spawn points
A. North Intersection
B. North roadside
C. Northeastward Intersection
D. Left side of Clock tower
E. Left side of Square
F. North side of mall
G. Northeastward of Mall
H. East roadside
I. South side of mall (in the garage)
J. South side of mall (roadside)
K. East Intersection
L. Southwest Intersection
M. Southeast roadside
N. South roadside
O. Southeast Intersection
P. West of Boat
◆Key Points and Notes
The clock tower in the north is a good place to get a view. Of course, I can see my vision properly. It is difficult to check directly, and it is easy to collect information. And even if you find the enemy, small houses are gathered, and it is difficult to share the exact location.
The efficient place is the southern mall. It is good to spread the fighting short by the farming circulation line as well as the wide farming place and the surrounding small buildings. In particular, there are many vehicle regency points in the vicinity, and there are garages nearby, which is one of the points recommended by Dobro Mesto.
If you want to continue your battle at Dobro Mesto, we recommend you arm your secondary weapon slot with AR, SMG, or SG weapons. Because the density of the building is high and the battle is unlikely to take place on a flat land without cover. As close range battle continue to occur until you leave the city, you can use SMG, SG, SMG to fight quickly.
#Mercenary #DobroMesto
This Mercenary comes every Friday. You can see past posts from the link below.

"Dobro Mesto" (A Mercenary in Vikendi - 03) +6
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PUBG Mobile


Did you know half of PUBG mobile lobby’s are bots funny isn’t it

LV.5 Poppin’ Bottles!

POPULAR 2019 - What next for PUBG?!

Happy New Year Team 🤙🏻

Will 2019 be bigger the 2018? - 2018 was a big year for PUBG with the game being released on Mobile and PS4!

Most PS4 players will never understand the struggles the majority of us went though whilst the game was still in development. Most of the time it was 2 steps forward 1 step back, however, sometimes it felt like 1 step forward and 2 back 😫.

In 2018 I looked forward to the Roadmap and it didn’t disappoint...... I’m hoping they release the 2019 Roadmap shortly, I’ll then be able to dig into the weeds and see what the future holds of PUBG!

Talking about Roadmaps - What would you like to see in the coming year?

2019 - What next for PUBG?!
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PUBG Mobile

After about 2 Straight hours, I finally got a Solo-Duos Chicken Dinner

After about 2 Straight hours, I finally got a Solo-Duos Chicken Dinner
verified LV.35 RIP
PUBG Mobile

POPULAR Thats ryte..

Thats ryte..
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POPULAR Vikendi - Someone found a glitch 🤬

My squad an I were running around the Castle on Vikendi.

I started to get shot at so ducked into a building for cover, the shots continued to hit me no matter where I went!

After this guy and his team killed my hole squad I decided to watch the guy that killed me..... he was under the map fully kitted out 🤬

Name and Shame: JL THE GOAT

Vikendi - Someone found a glitch 🤬
LV.26 Chicken Dinner
PUBG Mobile

1st Attempt at Solo-Duos (I’m trash)

1st Attempt at Solo-Duos (I’m trash)
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POPULAR Should I get pubg on ps4 🤔🤔

Should I get pubg on ps4 🤔🤔
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POPULAR Whats better, m4 or scarL

LV.5 Lurker
PUBG Mobile

POPULAR First Time playing PUBG on Mobile

First Time playing PUBG on Mobile
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POPULAR Vikendi - Gameplay

Vikendi Gameplay

* Vikendi is 6x6km map. The gameplay of Vikendi is quicker than Erangel and Miramar, but offers an arguably more tactical experience than Sanhok.

* Players can throw snowballs while waiting to board the plane in the starting area

* Vehicles will be more slippery in snow or icy areas. Acceleration on icy terrain is slow and you lose more general vehicle control as you speed up

* Footprints and vehicle tracks will appear as players travel in snow-covered areas. Keep an eye out! These are great to help identify if enemies have passed by recently

* Keep in mind that footprints and tracks in the snow don’t stay around forever!

Vikendi - Gameplay
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POPULAR NEW MAP - VIKENDI - Public Test Servers

VIKENDI is here...... However, it’s only on PTS for now 🙌🏻

Xbox & PS4 Players: PTS is now live! The new map Vikendi, new weapons, QoL updates, and more are now available to test out on the Public Test Servers.

Console players were initially disappointed when firstly, the PS4 launch didn't come with the snow map, and secondly, when PC players were able to play Vikendi first. As of right now however, both PC and console players are on a level playing field.

Previous patches on test servers have resulted in them going live within a week or two after. This is in contrast to the official timeline whereby Vikendi is scheduled to release in January.

NEW MAP - VIKENDI - Public Test Servers +1
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POPULAR Should I buy Pub G for PS4?

So I've enjoyed Pub G Mobile and I've been interested in trying it on my Playstation, I've seen peoples mixed reviews, like the graphics aren't that great and controls aren't that great. I'm interested in it because it would probably be something that brings views in on my streams!

Should I buy Pub G for PS4?
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Number 1 Again, Steam's weekly top selling titles

"We're getting closer to the years end, let's have a peek what is leading the Steam sales as these are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve:"
Grand Theft Auto V
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Year 4 Pass
Insurgency: Sandstorm
Stellaris: MegaCorp
Farming Simulator 19
No Man's Sky
Kingdom Two Crowns
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

Number 1 Again, Steam's weekly top selling titles
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PUBG has been nominated for Game of the Year on Steam

The Steam Community has spoken, and we are proud to announce the finalists for The Steam Awards 2018 -- but we still need your help choosing the winners!
Voting will open on December 20th, at the start of the 12th annual Steam Winter Sale. Vote in each of our 8 categories to share your top Steam games and developers from 2018 and obtain this year’s set of trading cards.
Voting closes January 3rd and winners will be announced early February 2019. Good luck to all of our nominees!
Nominees for Game of the Year
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Assassin's Creed Odyssey

PUBG has been nominated for Game of the Year on Steam
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PUBG Winter Map ‘Vikendi’ Releases on PC and Mobile

Vikendi, PUBG’s snow map they revealed at The Game Awards, is now live for PC and mobile players. Vikendi is an attempt from PUBG Corp. to strike a balance between the style of their old maps and the recently released Sanhok map. Vikendi is larger than Sanhok, but players can still experience some of the fast paced, close quarter combat the small jungle map offered. Apparently, Vikendi will be available on consoles sometime next month.
For the full story, click here:
And to check out the rest of The Daily Moot, click below:

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POPULAR PUBG On PS4 Questions & Concerns

So I 100% know for a fact that the new and glorious Holiday Themed PUBG map Vikendi will be arriving to consoles early January, my biggest concern though is will there be a Holiday Event Pass like the PC does. I understand that if there will be a Event Pass you will get a free basic option but also get the option for a premium pass costing roughly $9.99 USD. I really hope there will be a Holiday Event Pass so us PS4 players can get some new daily and weekly Challenges along side with some pretty dope Holiday gear.
Graphics and FPS:
I know it’s just a PS4 but in terms of hardware the system should be able to run PUBG at a solid 30-60fps no problem. The gameplay is amazing but diving in my FPS drops to mid 20’s (just like everyone else playing on PS4) and it drops sometimes in heavily populated areas. I read online somewhere that Blue Corp will be looking into upping the frame rate and even possibly the textures sometime in the near future.

If anyone can confirm or deny any of the two things I noted up above it would be greatly appreciated!
Yours Truly,

PUBG On PS4 Questions & Concerns
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POPULAR My son die

My son die
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POPULAR Dr DisRespect was very disappointed wit the new major update.

Dr DisRespect DisRespect Doc was playing the early stages of a match on when he was looking to engage on a foe in the same building as the streamer.
Dr DisRespect eventually made his move, and seemingly landed more than a few bullets on his target when he was met with return fire that instantly deleted the Doc.
He immediately exited the game and proceeded to let out his fuming opinions of the game.
“If you're into PC gaming and shooters, or you’re just getting into them, don't ever play [PUBG],” the Doc said. “It’s not the correct representation of an optimized, fun [shooter]. It’s the exact opposite.”
The streamer left no room for interpretation as he continued to cement his resounding judgement of the game.
“[PUBG] is the clunkiest, most unathletic, pathetic mess you’ll ever play in the history of your gaming career. Because I can comfortably say that’s what [PUBG] is to me,” he said.
The streamer vehemently exited the game afterward, and kept the moment alive for a stint longer with echoed “Naw naw naw”’s voicing his lasting disapproval.

verified LV.23 Trick or Treat!

POPULAR Introduce a Mercenary in Vikendi - 01

Hello I am mercenary KidsSeeGhost from hell for the revival of PUBG Lounge. You can now conquer New Map, Vikendi with me. I will help you and make you a mighty man. Don't you think I look funny in my Santa Claus costume?
Shut up before you hit the snowflake and just follow me.
The first place I will drop is Villa. Let's jump mooters for chicken dinner!
WTF! Why can't I go forward?
Damn! The parachute system has been reorganized as a patch. Why did not you check it out? Do not miss the squad as you guys jump in without checking like me.
It was nice to meet my squad! Let's live and see you later!
PS : I have attached an additional method of landing quickly so you can try

Introduce a Mercenary in Vikendi - 01 +6
LV.22 I’m the champion!

POPULAR Brand New Snowy Map, Vikendi

Battle Ground has added a snowy map "Vikendi" to the test server while releasing the PC 1.0 version of patch note 24 on Friday, December 7. Snowy Map Vikendi is a 6x6 size map, 4x4 of Sanhok, 8x8 of Erangel and Miramar.
Vikendi is a map that is surrounded by the sea like Erangel . And the sea occupies a lot of space, so there is only 4x4 space for battle. Instead, there are no terrains, like Erangel or Miramar, that have an island ending, and it is composed of a large lake and a river across the island, giving it a similar feel to the Sanhok.
There are 27 place names. There are also big cities that are good for looting and small cities where one or two people can go. New Riding Snowmobile, found only in Vikendi, has been added, can carry up to two people, and can travel more smoothly in the snow.
In addition, a new gun G36C was added. It is an AR with 5.56mm bullets, and can be equipped with all attachments except for the stock in single shot and continuous shooting mode. The performance of the gun is fairly stable, so it is expected to replace the M416 or SCAR-L.
A new map can be played on the test server now, and after December 10, the parachute control and free fall system will be reorganized. The snowy map Vikendi and the new gun G36C will be officially released on Wednesday, December 19th.

Brand New Snowy Map, Vikendi +2
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