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POPULAR Thats ryte..

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POPULAR Vikendi - Someone found a glitch 🤬

My squad an I were running around the Castle on Vikendi.

I started to get shot at so ducked into a building for cover, the shots continued to hit me no matter where I went!

After this guy and his team killed my hole squad I decided to watch the guy that killed me..... he was under the map fully kitted out 🤬

Name and Shame: JL THE GOAT

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1st Attempt at Solo-Duos (I’m trash)

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POPULAR Should I get pubg on ps4 🤔🤔

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POPULAR Whats better, m4 or scarL

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PUBG Mobile

POPULAR First Time playing PUBG on Mobile

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POPULAR Vikendi - Gameplay

Vikendi Gameplay

* Vikendi is 6x6km map. The gameplay of Vikendi is quicker than Erangel and Miramar, but offers an arguably more tactical experience than Sanhok.

* Players can throw snowballs while waiting to board the plane in the starting area

* Vehicles will be more slippery in snow or icy areas. Acceleration on icy terrain is slow and you lose more general vehicle control as you speed up

* Footprints and vehicle tracks will appear as players travel in snow-covered areas. Keep an eye out! These are great to help identify if enemies have passed by recently

* Keep in mind that footprints and tracks in the snow don’t stay around forever!

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POPULAR NEW MAP - VIKENDI - Public Test Servers

VIKENDI is here...... However, it’s only on PTS for now 🙌🏻

Xbox & PS4 Players: PTS is now live! The new map Vikendi, new weapons, QoL updates, and more are now available to test out on the Public Test Servers.

Console players were initially disappointed when firstly, the PS4 launch didn't come with the snow map, and secondly, when PC players were able to play Vikendi first. As of right now however, both PC and console players are on a level playing field.

Previous patches on test servers have resulted in them going live within a week or two after. This is in contrast to the official timeline whereby Vikendi is scheduled to release in January.

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POPULAR Should I buy Pub G for PS4?

So I've enjoyed Pub G Mobile and I've been interested in trying it on my Playstation, I've seen peoples mixed reviews, like the graphics aren't that great and controls aren't that great. I'm interested in it because it would probably be something that brings views in on my streams!

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Number 1 Again, Steam's weekly top selling titles

"We're getting closer to the years end, let's have a peek what is leading the Steam sales as these are the ten top selling titles on Steam for the week as reported by Valve:"
Grand Theft Auto V
Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six Siege - Year 4 Pass
Insurgency: Sandstorm
Stellaris: MegaCorp
Farming Simulator 19
No Man's Sky
Kingdom Two Crowns
Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Wildlands

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PUBG has been nominated for Game of the Year on Steam

The Steam Community has spoken, and we are proud to announce the finalists for The Steam Awards 2018 -- but we still need your help choosing the winners!
Voting will open on December 20th, at the start of the 12th annual Steam Winter Sale. Vote in each of our 8 categories to share your top Steam games and developers from 2018 and obtain this year’s set of trading cards.
Voting closes January 3rd and winners will be announced early February 2019. Good luck to all of our nominees!
Nominees for Game of the Year
Kingdom Come: Deliverance
Assassin's Creed Odyssey

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PUBG Winter Map ‘Vikendi’ Releases on PC and Mobile

Vikendi, PUBG’s snow map they revealed at The Game Awards, is now live for PC and mobile players. Vikendi is an attempt from PUBG Corp. to strike a balance between the style of their old maps and the recently released Sanhok map. Vikendi is larger than Sanhok, but players can still experience some of the fast paced, close quarter combat the small jungle map offered. Apparently, Vikendi will be available on consoles sometime next month.
For the full story, click here:
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POPULAR PUBG On PS4 Questions & Concerns

So I 100% know for a fact that the new and glorious Holiday Themed PUBG map Vikendi will be arriving to consoles early January, my biggest concern though is will there be a Holiday Event Pass like the PC does. I understand that if there will be a Event Pass you will get a free basic option but also get the option for a premium pass costing roughly $9.99 USD. I really hope there will be a Holiday Event Pass so us PS4 players can get some new daily and weekly Challenges along side with some pretty dope Holiday gear.
Graphics and FPS:
I know it’s just a PS4 but in terms of hardware the system should be able to run PUBG at a solid 30-60fps no problem. The gameplay is amazing but diving in my FPS drops to mid 20’s (just like everyone else playing on PS4) and it drops sometimes in heavily populated areas. I read online somewhere that Blue Corp will be looking into upping the frame rate and even possibly the textures sometime in the near future.

If anyone can confirm or deny any of the two things I noted up above it would be greatly appreciated!
Yours Truly,

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POPULAR My son die

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POPULAR Dr DisRespect was very disappointed wit the new major update.

Dr DisRespect DisRespect Doc was playing the early stages of a match on when he was looking to engage on a foe in the same building as the streamer.
Dr DisRespect eventually made his move, and seemingly landed more than a few bullets on his target when he was met with return fire that instantly deleted the Doc.
He immediately exited the game and proceeded to let out his fuming opinions of the game.
“If you're into PC gaming and shooters, or you’re just getting into them, don't ever play [PUBG],” the Doc said. “It’s not the correct representation of an optimized, fun [shooter]. It’s the exact opposite.”
The streamer left no room for interpretation as he continued to cement his resounding judgement of the game.
“[PUBG] is the clunkiest, most unathletic, pathetic mess you’ll ever play in the history of your gaming career. Because I can comfortably say that’s what [PUBG] is to me,” he said.
The streamer vehemently exited the game afterward, and kept the moment alive for a stint longer with echoed “Naw naw naw”’s voicing his lasting disapproval.

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POPULAR Introduce a Mercenary in Vikendi - 01

Hello I am mercenary KidsSeeGhost from hell for the revival of PUBG Lounge. You can now conquer New Map, Vikendi with me. I will help you and make you a mighty man. Don't you think I look funny in my Santa Claus costume?
Shut up before you hit the snowflake and just follow me.
The first place I will drop is Villa. Let's jump mooters for chicken dinner!
WTF! Why can't I go forward?
Damn! The parachute system has been reorganized as a patch. Why did not you check it out? Do not miss the squad as you guys jump in without checking like me.
It was nice to meet my squad! Let's live and see you later!
PS : I have attached an additional method of landing quickly so you can try

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POPULAR Brand New Snowy Map, Vikendi

Battle Ground has added a snowy map "Vikendi" to the test server while releasing the PC 1.0 version of patch note 24 on Friday, December 7. Snowy Map Vikendi is a 6x6 size map, 4x4 of Sanhok, 8x8 of Erangel and Miramar.
Vikendi is a map that is surrounded by the sea like Erangel . And the sea occupies a lot of space, so there is only 4x4 space for battle. Instead, there are no terrains, like Erangel or Miramar, that have an island ending, and it is composed of a large lake and a river across the island, giving it a similar feel to the Sanhok.
There are 27 place names. There are also big cities that are good for looting and small cities where one or two people can go. New Riding Snowmobile, found only in Vikendi, has been added, can carry up to two people, and can travel more smoothly in the snow.
In addition, a new gun G36C was added. It is an AR with 5.56mm bullets, and can be equipped with all attachments except for the stock in single shot and continuous shooting mode. The performance of the gun is fairly stable, so it is expected to replace the M416 or SCAR-L.
A new map can be played on the test server now, and after December 10, the parachute control and free fall system will be reorganized. The snowy map Vikendi and the new gun G36C will be officially released on Wednesday, December 19th.

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POPULAR Man I ain't wana leave my phone behind I cud b playing PUBG in my coffin 🤣😂📱

Please Come SmileWithUs and as always have a jokey day

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POPULAR PS4 - Need To Know....

PUBG PS4 at a glance:

* PUBG PS4 is a 33.51GB download

* The PS4 Pro version doesn't look as good as it does on PS4 and Xbox One.

PUBG on PS4 has the download size of 33.51GB, however, this is Perplexing when the Xbox One version is only half of that 🤷🏻‍♂️

Firing it up on PS4 suggests no reason for it to occupy that much of your hard drive space. That's especially the case when you notice that the visuals, even on a PS4 Pro, are lacklustre.

If your disappointed in the early stages hold your horses, it’s only going to get better 💪🏻

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POPULAR Is Pubg a fail on PS4?

I watched gameplay of it, but I don't know if it's worth buying it. H1 was a fail and I want to know if Pubg is as well

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POPULAR A New PUBG Short Film Celebrates the Game’s PS4 Release

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds finally comes to the PlayStation 4 tomorrow and to celebrate the launch PUBG Corp. partnered with director Jordan Vogt-Roberts to produce a PUBG short film. The film features Jason Mitchell, who is perhaps most known for his role as Eazy-E in Straight Outta Compton. It’s only a few minutes long, so you really have no reason NOT to check it out!
To watch the trailer, click here:
And to read the rest of The Daily Moot, click below:

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POPULAR PS4 - Who’s Hyped??

Who’s Hyped?

We are fast approaching the much anticipated (unless you’re an out and out Fortnite player) release of PUBG on PS4.

For the past year PS4 players have watched in ore at PC and Xbox players. As those players have had access to an Early release of the game, followed by minor/ major updates and then the “finished*” product .

With less the 24hrs now to go until PlayStation release PUBG. Is it going to be a hit or a flop?? Who’s going to be the first to hit 250hr and 500hr of game play?? Who will be the first PS4 Streamer to quite the game??.

We have all these things to look forward to over the next 12 months!

* IMO Definitely not finished and always a new update being dropped.

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POPULAR PS4 - PUBG Release Date REVEALED! - December 7th

PlayerUnkown’s Battleground (PUBG) is finally coming to PlayStation 4!

Reports suggest that the date has been set for December, however, no specific date has been released as of yet.

Data miners have struck again with PUBG game files being found on the European and North American PSN stores!

We had a post awhile ago about if Bluehole had signed a contract with XBox and now potentially this will prove the doubters wrong.

....Only time will tell 🤙🏻

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Next Steps for PUBG

The Fix PUBG campaign has concluded. What are your thoughts on the overall progress the developers made? Those who aren't aware of what Fix PUBG is check out the post here
I never truly expected PUBG to complete every single task outlined on their campaign roadmap. It would have been a huge success if they did and I'll applaud them for what was completed. PUBG reiterated in a new statement about their future focus to be on stability and quality. I wish they had just created another campaign or did a version 2.0 of Fix PUBG. Announcements of intention puts a fire under them that the developers need to watch out for. For the most part I believe Fix PUBG was satisfactory, the game is better than it was before but nowhere near what was promised.
Thoughts on the campaign?

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Got my first Chicken Dinner today and it tastes absolutely amazing! Lmao 😂

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POPULAR Awwww yeah it's time to get shwifty in here

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POPULAR PUBG PS4 Announcement Trailer

Never thought I'd see the day, but here's the trailer. A bit too late, but it is good news for PS4 players.

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Think You’re Safe?..... Think Again!

Here we go team...... for those of you that play PUBG Mobile more then the XBox or PC version, buildings are not your safe haven!

This was happening every game I played so I had to make a video on it. In the latter stages of a game players would head for buildings, hide and wait for some to walk into the killing zone.

For someone like me this is an easy kill!

First kill I knew the guy was there as I spotted him on my approach though the window.... Second kill I knew one of the two remaining players I was destined to kill had to be in the building! Using the TTP camera to my advantage I was able to get the first shot off killing him without much effort.

However, making this video left me in a bad spot. Zone closed in and I had to jump without knowing where the last guy was.... he killed me and took the Chicken Dinner 😫


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POPULAR Dihor Otok - New Snow Map

PUBG's upcoming snow map has been revealed via dataminers.

The new map - called Dihor Otok - was found in files deep in the latest PUBG patch on PC via a dataminer who has since gone on to publish most of their findings on imgur. (https://m.imgur.com/SbKHpSr)

To me it looks similar to the 8x8 map we saw in the first two maps!

Have a scout around for a release date I’ve only been able to find that it’s dropping in winter..... how fitting 🙌🏻

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