Good Guy PUBG Corporation Fixes The Headhunter Event Reward Glitch - Credit is Due

Originally, I wasn't the biggest PUBG fan and the same goes for Fortnite (both games have their pros and cons), but I gotta give PUBG Corporation credit for stepping up and fixing an event glitch. How many of us have completed online events to either get nothing (that's happened to me in Destiny 2 PC) or get the wrong item. At least for me, it happens a lot. For those who don't play PUBG on the Xbox One/X, Xbox had an exclusive event by the name of "Headhunter," which required the Xbox user base to make 4 million headshots in order to get the rewards.
For some reason or another, after the Xbox community reached the 4 millionth headshot many players received either an incorrect locked crate or a Raider crate. i don't know about you, but that would piss me off if that happened to me. Good on PUBG Corp. for getting those who were affected the right rewards and extra prize for the troubles (Punk Glasses). I wish that more game devs did this at the console level. We normally see these kinds of restitution in mobile games. @game devs, learn from PUBG Corp and reward your communities for their loyalty to your games.
PUBG, as a game, has truly come a long way from being an insanely buggy mess (love the funny physics and glitches) to being a game that is getting ready to be ready for Pro-level play (maybe it's already there). Y'all should be proud!

LV.25 Titan