Big Vikendi changes hit the test server

Lots of big changes are hitting Vikendi, here's a snapshot:
1. Blue zone adjustments
-To support a wider variety of gameplay experiences around Vikendi, the initial safe zone will now be placed in more varied locations and the waiting time between certain blue zone phases has been reduced.
-Phase 1 safe zone now spawns in more varied locations.
-Waiting time between early and late blue zone phases has been decreased slightly.
-Overall match duration subsequently reduced by 1 minute and 30 seconds.
2. Vehicle adjustments
-Vehicle spawn rate has been changed to facilitate the new blue zone settings.
-Increased four-wheel drive vehicle spawn ratio in relation to Snowbikes and Snowmobiles.
3. Weapon adjustments
-We have adjusted weapon spawn rates to help facilitate more medium and long-range engagements. Adjustments to available attachments have also been made to offer players more options.
-AR spawns increased by 1.4x
-DMR spawns increased by 2x
-SR spawns increased by 7x
-SMG, Shotgun and Pistol spawns have been decreased slightly.
4. Item adjustments
-Attachment spawns have been increased slightly.
-High powered scope spawns have been increased slightly.
5. Cave balance adjustment
-Since the Secret Cave is no longer much of a secret, we have adjusted the loot within to balance it more closely to other areas of Vikendi to improve the gameplay experience, while still offering good loot.
-Care Packages will no-longer spawn in the cave.
-High quality non-crate loot will still spawn in this location.
-Increased variety of items spawned in the cave.
6. Item pool changes
-Added MK47 Mutant, Halfgrip, Thumbgrip and Laser Sight.
-Removed Win94 and R45.
-Increased Moonlight weather condition percentage.

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POPULAR What a great squad

What a great squad
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LV.7 Wolf

POPULAR Around 997 more years to go

Around 997 more years to go
LV.9 Lifeline Main

POPULAR Gtx 1080 vs Gtx 660

Gtx 1080 vs Gtx 660
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PUBG Mobile


I know I am a noob but today I got my higher kill solo game

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POPULAR Should PUBG Be Free On 🎮Xbox🎮

Should PUBG Be Free On 🎮Xbox🎮 What Do You Think??
👇Comment Below And Tell Me What You Think👇

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Am I too late to finally get PUBG and play?



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POPULAR They never apreciate

They never apreciate
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PUBG Mobile


First solo win of season 6 ( I am a bot )

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POPULAR Guys i need help

Guys i need help
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PUBG Mobile


Ez win
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POPULAR PUBG Update Adds Rainbow Six Siege-Style Weapon Charms!

PUBG Update Adds Rainbow Six Siege-Style Weapon Charms!
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POPULAR PUBG has too difficult Challenges

I bought all 3 Pubg Survivor passes so far and even the newest one got some difficult challenges. Of course, I like to have a challenge but I will never be able to complete even half the weapon skin challenges until the season ends. And how should people who only play on weekends, for example, be able to finish the Wild Card pass?




PUBG has too difficult Challenges
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POPULAR Its good trick for those players who don’t want to risk.

Its good trick for those players who don’t want to risk.
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POPULAR New Weapon- MP5K

The MP5K is a brand new sub-machine gun chambered for 9mm ammunition. MP5K is exclusive to Vikendi and replaces the Vector on that map.

While the firing mechanics of the MP5K are similar to those of the Vector, it boasts a higher per bullet damage, but with a lower overall firing rate and DPS. This SMG also has a higher magazine capacity than the Vector, starting at 30 rounds by default with 40 rounds in an extended magazine.

Key characteristics of the MP5K:

• High rate of fire at 900 RPM with reasonably easy to control recoil.

• Accommodates all attachment slots to allow for a tactical stock, different types of magazines, muzzles attachments, grips, the laser sight and of course scopes.

• Base damage value of 33

• Exclusive to Vikendi

New Weapon- MP5K
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POPULAR The future of PUBG!Statement released!

Below is the statement that PUBG sent out in regards to their plans to remaster Erangel 🙌🏻

- - - - - - - - - - -

As some of you inferred from some recent leaks of a map image, we are working on new ways to balance loot and otherwise improve our maps, Erangel being the first. The addition of compounds is just one way we’re testing internally, but is certainly not the ONLY way.

We understand that loot balance is a very important part of the game but also recognize that the map layout is just as important, so we’re working hard to ensure that any changes made to either will feel good when completed. We plan to start testing several potential changes to Erangel soon, and will share our plans for these tests in the coming weeks.

Keep in mind that leaked images are usually just a snapshot in time and rarely represent the entire plan or scope of what’s being worked on. That said, we’re excited for you to see the full picture, along with the level of thought and work the team have been putting into remastering this fundamental map. More importantly, we’re excited to test it alongside you. Your feedback will be crucial in making Erangel as fun and exciting in the current PUBG environment as it was when we first launched.

Thank you and stay tuned for more info!
–The PUBG Team

The future of PUBG!Statement released!
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POPULAR Fix for lack of FPP lobbies

For Pubg to fix their multi platform issue if having dead fpp servers where matchmaking is 30 mins plus for a 40 person lobby. All they would simply have to do is add special xp challenged for FPP only ect. (Get 5 kills on any map FPP) or special items only earned from FPP. Why can't they do this?

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POPULAR My friend on Miramar

My friend on Miramar
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verified LV.29 I Love Food


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POPULAR PUBG - Has it lost its touch??

Has PUBG lost its touch is my question to you?!?!

I honestly love playing PUBG, the days, weeks and months I smashing into dropping into random locations is phenomenal!!

Whilst those playing around me started to drop away and play other games.... I continued with PUBG. I was always craving the next jump, the next kill and the ultimately the next Chicken Dinner!

New maps started to drop and my friends came back, they soon went away again when the rendering issue got to much.... still I ploughed on, controller in hand.

The new season mode dropped on console and it was time to get the squad back together, however this time they stayed away. The rendering issue was too much for them, dropping through the map, getting killed through the walls and buildings that you knew where there but all you saw was the groundwork.

With games like Apex Legends that has hit the ground running you can see that it has show us that you can bring out a fully completed game, for free may I add, and it be 100% ready to rock! Now this isn’t a dis at PUBG but I wish we were able to compete and retain players.

I hope that they fix the current problems on PUBG, even if they take two or three steps back in order to move forward.

Let me know what you think 🤙🏻

PUBG - Has it lost its touch??
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POPULAR Xbox/PS4.... What’s next for theses consoles?

What do you think should be the next thing PUBG should work on for the console version??

For me it has to be the games buffer rate, I find it takes an eternity to render buildings when landing in a busy area. I think they need to look at the mobile version and the simplicity of their building, no windows and a lot less going on.

Xbox/PS4.... What’s next for theses consoles?
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POPULAR Pubg vs Fortnite vs Apex

Pubg vs Fortnite vs Apex +2
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POPULAR That’s why I don’t play squad😂

That’s why I don’t play squad😂
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PUBG Mobile

POPULAR Lol xddddd

Lol xddddd
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POPULAR Why is this true

Why is this true
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POPULAR Or just anyone at the door

Or just anyone at the door
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