POPULAR "Castle" (A Mercenary in Vikendi - 06)

How much chicken dinner did you for a week? Castle is the place where this #Mercenary will go today. The place where Vikendi's history is located, Castle
PUBG’s Snowy Maps In Vikendi, 'Castle' is an area known to all users. It is in the middle of the map that the next magnetic field is easy to cope with, but when it falls, it is unlikely that many people will gather and survive on the narrow island topography. Instead, it is one of the most attractive places to hear gunshots for more than a pause for a minute after the fall.
Castle is also a landmark for Vikendi's history. It is surrounded by a moat and has thick walls and pattern flags that are difficult to see elsewhere. Underground walls, houses and watchtowers are superimposed on the wall, so you can feel the atmosphere of exploration.
There are more ship points than the car's, and the farming route is all three large mansions. Once you enter the first or second floor of the mansion, you can easily acquire basic AR, SMG, and SG, and you can engage immediately. Of course, it is hard not to survive because it is hard to anticipate which direction the enemies will soon come from.
◆ Main Features
= Pros.
It is easy to move from the center of the map.
Concentrate on Castle battles without disturbing the surrounding area
If the magnetic field is captured by Castle, the defense becomes fun.
= Cons.
There are many missions in the world.
I can not guarantee the probability of survival.
It is dangerous because you have to go out to b bridge or swim out.
= Key features
There is a cement factory area near Bolnova
Castle floating in the center of the big river is the landmark of this area which reminds of Vikendi's past. It is surrounded by a moat and there are few on the way to the castle. You can also look at the movements of the enemy because it is suitable for climbing high spire and looking around.
It is easy to cope with where the blue circle is caught, but it is a place where a large number of people are falling down so that it is difficult to survive before the blue field is caught. There are some people coming to Castle to clear the mission, and there are a lot of people looking for Castle for a quick game like Villa. It is always a hot spot in solo or duo.
It is a place that can not be reduced even if it is aimed at maintaining the top rank of each plate in the squad because it does not maintain the power to be reduced to the squad. It is recommended for those who enjoy the game lightly with the gunfire heard here and there only to save the battle sense.
● Farming Route
There are three mansions inside the castle. Choose one of the north, west, and south mansions to continue farming. The mansions do not have space to connect to each other, but they must go outside when they have to go to another mansion. So if you have farmed a mansion, you can take a seat and entice the enemy to enter, or go out and catch the enemy hidden in another mansion
I chose the south side of Castle.
I'll show mercenary killing skills! I will tear the machete enemy. Damn it, it just medieval mannequins.
I've got a M4, so I'll go up to the spire and look at the movement of the enemies.
It occupies the spire of the castle so that you can fully see the castle from a high place.
It has the great advantage of being able to identify all enemies entering or exiting Castle. It is most important to occupy this high tower.
The mercenary with excellent shooting skills was able to raise the kills immediately after seeing the battle of the enemy. If I am well covered, I can destroy the enemy squad.
● Key Points and Notes
Each of the three mansions has its own unique characteristics, but it is best to place it on the highest layer and defeat and defeat the enemy. It is easy to see enemies moving out of the window, to check them, to listen to the enemy's footsteps to climb up the stairs. After deliberately attracting the enemy by releasing footsteps on the second floor, you can drop out of the window and climb up to the first floor.
When the magnetic field is spread out in the center of Castle, many people will enter by car. Even if you look at the mini-map, it may seem difficult to enter, but you do not have to worry much about it because there are not many angles to check. However, when you enter the castle, you are exposed to attack because you are in range.
It is hard to get out even after some fighting in Castle. Even if one person is hiding purposefully, attacking at the moment by the bridge becomes a good golden goblin. Even worse, crossing the bridge can take you outside campers waiting for you, so most of them swim under the bridge and cross inland.
There will be a pointed tower at the end of the building, but it is well guarded and easy to attack. You can catch enemies from the top of the tower, and most of them can be strategically exploited because it is easy to get out of the wall.

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POPULAR PUBG Xbox One to Get Keyboard and Mouse Support: Razer

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds aka PUBG for Xbox One is slated to get keyboard and mouse support. According to a page on the website of gaming peripheral manufacturer Razer, the battle royale sensation from PUBG Corp will be "officially integrated with keyboard and mouse support". In addition to this, Sea of Thieves, Roblox, The Sims 4, as well as the upcoming Gears 5 and Gears Tactics will receive keyboard and mouse support on the Xbox One as well. Some of these, such as the aforementioned Gears games will receive "additional Razer Chroma and Xbox Dynamic Lighting integration" too.
No concrete date for PUBG Xbox One getting keyboard and mouse support has been announced just yet. This reveal from Razer puts the number of Xbox One games with keyboard and mouse support at 23. Here's the full list.
Xbox One keyboard and mouse games list
- Bomber Crew (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Deep Rock Galactic (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Fortnite (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Minecraft (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Strange Brigade (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Warframe (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Vermintide 2 (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- War Thunder (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- X-Morph Defense (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Children of Morta (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- DayZ (keyboard and mouse support now available)
- Gears 5 (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Gears Tactics (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Minion Master (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Moonlighter (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- PUBG (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Roblox (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Sea of Thieves (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Surviving Mars (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- The Sims 4 (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Vigor (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Warface (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
- Wargroove (keyboard and mouse support date TBA)
Keyboard and mouse support won't be enabled by default for Xbox One games and will instead be “added on a title-by-title basis, entirely at developers' discretion”, Microsoft noted when it announced the feature back in September. It further added: "Each development team knows their titles best and we support them in creating the right experience for their games as they see fit, to ensure an optimal and fair gaming experience."
The last bit – fair gaming experience – is crucial on consoles, since keyboard and mouse support affect competitive multiplayer with Microsoft suggesting developers to have separate matchmaking lists for the two groups but also encouraging them to see how keyboard-mouse players compete against controller players and tweak accordingly
Source - https://gadgets.ndtv.com/games/news/pubg-xbox-one-to-get-keyboard-and-mouse-support-razer-1974735

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"Dobro Mesto" (A Mercenary in Vikendi - 03)

Hello I am a mercenary KidsSeeGhost. I came from hell for the revival of PUBG Lounge. I will thoroughly analyze Vikendi to take care of your chicken dinner. So please come to the PUBG lounge and make loudly. Please do not leave here asshole.
Today's drop place is Vikendi's west downtown Dobro Mesto. I will take this town thoroughly.
In PUBG’s new snowy map Vikendi, 'Dobro Mesto' The downtown area lies to the west. The ship's anchored ship, which is likely to freeze in no time, clock tower to keep the tranquil downtown area and the cathedral of the central square make Dobro Mesto more attractive.
Dobro Mesto, a big city, has a lot of buildings, so there is no difficulty in farming. Small houses, as well as shopping mall, cathedrals, clock towers, warehouses, garages, and find the building you want, you can find the farming. And if you want to get to the distant area because you have a lot of vehicles, you can easily take the car.
The blue circle does not come to Dobro Mesto rather than you expected, so there is always the inconvenience of moving. And as soon as you leave the city, the cover is only the tree.
Dobro Mesto has the longest history in Vikendi. There is a structure that lets you know how much the city has flourished in the past, such as the central square or the clock tower, and many players come to this village for farming as it is a big city.
The clock tower is on the highlands where you can see all of Dobro Mesto, and the half-broken tower is easy to reconnaissance because you can see the movement of users in the village at a glance. On the other hand, it is a location where you can be sniped anywhere, so be careful because you can go straight to the lobby.
◆ Main Features
Easy to get items.
Easy to move to safety zone.
A lot of vehicle spawn points, so it is easy to move to other areas.
Can take a boat to the west coast.
Cover up is hard when a city battle occurs
Blue circle does not get Dobro Mesto more than thought
◆ Farming Routes
You can draw a farming route based on the north clock tower or you can do farming on the basis of the south mall. The clock tower is good at seeing the view of the downtown area at a glance, but can not effectively check the enemies hidden in the building and does not have a quick backup to the friendly. Instead, you can draw either a farming route to which the opponent has landed, a movement line that can be determined and avoided, or a farming route that wants to engage.
The South Mall farming Route can be drawn to the west, east, or south, based on the mall. There is a central plaza in the north, but it is better to line it to the west, east, and south than to cross it.
In addition, Farming Route is a way of farming small houses on the eastern road. It is a route to farming safely avoiding crowded buildings, and if you have some maintenance, you can quickly get to Dobro Mesto, which is a farming route in the city center.
◆ Vehicle spawn points
A. North Intersection
B. North roadside
C. Northeastward Intersection
D. Left side of Clock tower
E. Left side of Square
F. North side of mall
G. Northeastward of Mall
H. East roadside
I. South side of mall (in the garage)
J. South side of mall (roadside)
K. East Intersection
L. Southwest Intersection
M. Southeast roadside
N. South roadside
O. Southeast Intersection
P. West of Boat
◆Key Points and Notes
The clock tower in the north is a good place to get a view. Of course, I can see my vision properly. It is difficult to check directly, and it is easy to collect information. And even if you find the enemy, small houses are gathered, and it is difficult to share the exact location.
The efficient place is the southern mall. It is good to spread the fighting short by the farming circulation line as well as the wide farming place and the surrounding small buildings. In particular, there are many vehicle regency points in the vicinity, and there are garages nearby, which is one of the points recommended by Dobro Mesto.
If you want to continue your battle at Dobro Mesto, we recommend you arm your secondary weapon slot with AR, SMG, or SG weapons. Because the density of the building is high and the battle is unlikely to take place on a flat land without cover. As close range battle continue to occur until you leave the city, you can use SMG, SG, SMG to fight quickly.
#Mercenary #DobroMesto
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