Good Guy PUBG Corporation Fixes The Headhunter Event Reward Glitch - Credit is Due

Originally, I wasn't the biggest PUBG fan and the same goes for Fortnite (both games have their pros and cons), but I gotta give PUBG Corporation credit for stepping up and fixing an event glitch. How many of us have completed online events to either get nothing (that's happened to me in Destiny 2 PC) or get the wrong item. At least for me, it happens a lot. For those who don't play PUBG on the Xbox One/X, Xbox had an exclusive event by the name of "Headhunter," which required the Xbox user base to make 4 million headshots in order to get the rewards.
For some reason or another, after the Xbox community reached the 4 millionth headshot many players received either an incorrect locked crate or a Raider crate. i don't know about you, but that would piss me off if that happened to me. Good on PUBG Corp. for getting those who were affected the right rewards and extra prize for the troubles (Punk Glasses). I wish that more game devs did this at the console level. We normally see these kinds of restitution in mobile games. @game devs, learn from PUBG Corp and reward your communities for their loyalty to your games.
PUBG, as a game, has truly come a long way from being an insanely buggy mess (love the funny physics and glitches) to being a game that is getting ready to be ready for Pro-level play (maybe it's already there). Y'all should be proud!


PUBG's New Map Sanhok, Event Pass, and QoL Improvements

Sanhok will go live soon, June 22nd to be exact, and with it some much needed quality of life improvements. Also a Batt- umm Event Pass is set to launch in tandem.
I'm really digging the concept of Sanhok's smaller map size. I really enjoyed playing War mode as it helped me get better at shooting and choosing engagements. Sure as hell beats having to try and drop in to School or Military Base to get that practice in.
Feels like this is a good hybrid of War and the Battle Royale mode that started it all. Which leads into one of QoL changes I'm most excited about. Sanhok will be separated and designated as "Mini Royale" and players can now choose if they want to hop into a "Battle Royale" (Erangel and Miramar) or "Mini Royale," (Sanhok).
I guess PUBG Corp learned from the previous fiasco of players deleting the Miramar files in order to avoid playing on the map.
Sanhok will also introduce a new map exclusive gun, the assault rifle QBZ95.
It utilizes 5.56mm ammo and will replace the SCAR-L.
Due to Sanhok's smaller nature, the devs have decided to implement a new adaptive bluezone. Rather than just a fixed time and size, it will spawn the appropriate bluezone by checking the current player count and adjust accordingly. However this ends up playing out I wish this means more aggressive plays and less deaths to the circle.
In an interesting move by PUBG Corp, they've decided to make cosmetics much more accessible. There's a catch though, it'll cost you $10. It's very similar to Fortnite's Battle Pass and the purpose is to incentivise playing more PUBG.
The Event Pass will be a limited-time add on that lasts 4 weeks and adds quests/missions to level up your account. So... play the game, level up, and reap the rewards! Sounds simple enough, and I especially like the part that progress when playing the game without purchasing the Event Pass still counts. If you want to purchase the Event Pass at a later date then you get unlock everything you've earned thus far. The items gained through the Event Pass will not be marketable though, so keep that in mind.
I'm excited about these new changes and looking to fill my tummy with some Chicken Din Dins
More information on the upcoming update can be found on their webpage here:
See you guys out on field.