ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ PUBG "Down Under" Tournament - Part 2

We hit the ground running, split up slightly to loot, while keeping the communication well and truly open, calling out what we found, what we need and the people we saw. I alerted Kae that I saw someone run into a building right near us, I threw a nade in, but it turns out they had run out the back and as I threw the nade in the window, I got shot at. I frantically darted around the other side of the house to heal up. We ran up the hill, M16A4 in hand, to find those who had wronged us, we were met with more gun fire and after a quick back and forth I was downed again, but something was different this game, this game I had a partner.
After thinking I was going to be the first out again, Kae shot at the baddies and zoned them back into a house, she got me up and I, once again, had to patch up my wounds. There was a back and forth, these silly souls popped out of the house with a pan at one stage, not sure what he was thinking…. After another quick firefight, I knocked the enemy out, as the other ran around the side of the building. I turned around to see Kae was down. I ran to her position, knowing that the enemy was wounded too, I had time to get her up. I dropped a med pack and fearlessly ran into the building our foes had run into. Kae followed, they backed themselves into a corner. Upstairs, with less than sufficient ammo, we had them cornered…
I crept up to the stairs, I could see one of them peeking, 3 shots in the head and he was down. Kae looking through the window, straight up the stairs, two shots with the shotgun and like that, they were both out. We had downed the first team and it felt great! 2 down, 36 more to go…
We quickly looted the area, still conversing about our finds in each location. Meeting up periodically to share what we had picked up. After the district had been picked clean, we found a car, getting close enough to towns to see people in there and skipping them; we were in this for the long haul.
After we had hit a few more towns (and a few close calls with me nearly flipping the car) we headed to Georgopol, which was on the outer edges of the circle with plenty of time to spare. We assumed we could take our time at Georgopol, it was as far away from the planes line of flight that there was no way anyone else could have gotten there before us. We were right, the whole town was deserted. We ducked in and out of buildings, picking up ammo, exchanging meds, making sure we were both stocked up. Kae found an 8x scope and promptly dropped it for me, before finding finding her very own KAR, to which I returned it to its’ rightful owner. After a few more buildings we found another 8x and we were once again ready to take on all who were left (there was like 30 at this stage) and worked our way South East passed the Ruins. We stopped at the church, I ran straight to the roof, where I was met with gunfire. I knocked their level 3 helmet off before they disappeared. We camped the area, weaving in and out of cover, trying to spot where they had moved to. They clearly had eyes on us, as soon as we peeked, we were shot at, over and over.
We agreed to give the Ruins a wide birth, so we kept to the perimeter, where we believe they could no longer see us. Kae and I found a nice little nook in a mountain, where we could see, what felt like, the entire remaining map. As we camped there, we saw other players scurry in and out of shelter, to be met with Kae’s KAR to the head, BAM! Kae’s second kill for the game, we felt invincible, thinking we may actually have a shot at the chicken dinner this game. But it wasn’t a game at this stage, Kae and I were out for blood, sweet pixelated blood.
The zone was moving in quickly, although we were still well within, we decided to push on, we had tasted blood and we wanted more.
We found a nice 3 story building, with a lookout on the second floor and an open roof, we each took a level and sat our bums down, ready for the other to run passed and be picked off.
Nothing. It seemed that everyone had already run passed us and we were closer to the center of the zone than we had originally thought. After waiting there for around 5 minutes, we knew we had to leave, or be swallowed by the ever growing “blue zone”, we jumped down and started making a break for the middle of the map. As I was running, I was met with yet more shots, straight at me, the zone was closing in, I was downed, again. I yelled at Kae to fall back and pick me up, although she argued she had no time, I demanded she come back. Kae ran back and started reviving me, only to be hit by the blue. I yelled at her to leave me, but it was too late, the zone was moving in too quick and I had wasted her only chance to escape.
We were both down. 7th, if you want to call that a placement. We came for first, but were only met with disappointment due to my selfishness. Kae could have gone on to win the game, instead she listened to my stupid request and together we paid the price.
The rest of the game moved so quick, I didn’t really pay attention until the final two, I was too upset.
@JackHuddo and @Soulsii, battling it out on either side of the mountain, bother eager to down the other and feast on the ever sweat chicken dinner waiting for the victor at the end of every match.
Small skirmishes, quick peeks, dropping to heal. This part of the games seemed to be going so fast, yet lasting for ever. Jack calls out to Soulsii “You wanna just use pans or nah?” using in game comms, to no reply. Jack starts creeping up the mountain, only to be bombarded with a hailstorm of bullets from Soulsii.
And that was it,
Soulsii was the winner. Again, the casters went wild, with good reason, the climax was intense.
After all that prep, the day was over. We all shot back into discord to finish up our banter, then into the Twitch chat, to continue banting with the viewers.
The prizes were announced, the sponsors were thanked, the games were discussed and it was done.
An amazing event, filled with joy, tears, laughter, rage and much salt; the ingredients for a great day of esports. A day that wouldn’t have been possible without the hard work from the likes of Joseph @ScrivoTV and the great prizes supplied by Centrecom.com.au.
To end this piece, I’d just liked to say – “One esports team definitely esportsed harder than the other esports teams and came out on top, but at the end of the day, the real winner was esports”
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ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ After They Took Out Crouch Jumping, We Had to Adapt or Die

The test server has been an amazing experience so far, aside from a few minor annoyances. However, unexpected situations frequently occur while playing on a test server and you must find a way to overcome them. Sometimes, there's no way out. We've seen this on the current test server when people found about a dozen spots on the map that will instantly kill you.
In this clip, the player vaults into the barracks at military base through a window. Pretty sick, right? Yeah, until he tries to leave. This is one of the major problems with the old map and one of the reasons a new map is not only awesome but actually necessary for the health of the game. Erangel, PUBG's original map, was not designed with vaulting in mind. This means there are countless places throughout the map where vaulting either half works, like in this clip, or doesn't work even though it feels like it should. Miramar, PUBG's new desert map, was designed with vaulting in mind. There are seemingly hundreds of places where you'll see some boxes stacked up and realize you can use them to vault up onto a building or into a second floor window. It is an incredibly satisfying feeling to understand and conquer your environment like this, and it is one that is completely missing from the old map.
So, the player is stuck in the building with seemingly no way out. Luckily, he has a friend to help so he is not completely alone. I don't want to spoil how exactly they get out, but it is definitely worth watching.
Note: another way you can get out of a situation like this is to have a friend drive a vehicle up to the window. You should be able to enter the vehicle through the window and then hop out the other side.

LV.22 S

ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ Welcome to the desert, prepare to die

Miramar is the ferociously anticipated new map for PLAYERUNKNOWN'S BATTLEGROUNDS, and with good reason. The wide open spaces and tight corridors of Miramar are going to keep players on edge as they seek out their chicken dinners. Miramar also brings with it a collection of new game items as well as a massive expansion of mechanics in vaulting. To top it off, the game has seen what might be the biggest optimization improvements to date. All of this combined brings a new twist on established gameplay.
The hills and cramped cities of Miramar will create a new level of tension as you hunt through the arena. The rising topography throughout the landscape means you may have sights aimed down on you with little to no cover. In more than a few instances, teams have been caught completely unaware by my squad as we watched them position themselves directly into our line of fire with nowhere to go. Positioning and luck are paramount to victory as you will be constantly forced into fields and barren hills for the final engagements. Keep your head on a swivel and never assume you are safe.
Making things more complex is the twisted nature of the cities. Small tight buildings crowd the urban areas, creating an uneasy feeling when you hear enemy footsteps. The cities do reward the diligent with what seems to be a massive amount of loot. In every match I played (and survived longer than 5 minutes), I managed to find full tier 3 gear in any major urban area. Weapons seem to be much easier to come by as well. I never died unarmed, which happened on the old map far too frequently. Be it better loot spawning or more options for weaponry, the fight always seems to be on more even ground
Among those new weapons, I need to sing high praise for the Winchester rifle. While most would not call a lever action rifle that only holds 8 rounds a high value weapon, the Winchester is able to dish out high damage especially in early game. When shooting the weapon, it feels as if you are the sheriff of the Old West gunning down outlaws. To me, that is a fantastic feeling. I highly encourage everyone to live out their fantasies of the OK Corral at least a couple of times. Alongside the new Winchester, you get a couple of other western weapons. The sawed off shotgun (or as I call it, useless), and the R45. The shotgun needs extreme close range to hit any targets reducing its utility. The R45 packs a wallop, but should really be used if no other options are present.
Ultimately, your weapons may not matter if your tactics are sound. The introduction of vaulting truly opens up Miramar. The narrow cities become much taller when you realize you can climb on almost anything. Gear is scattered on rooftops and walkways, only a box climb away. You can sneak into buildings by climbing onto patios from an adjacent roof, then surprising your foe from behind. I personally use the vaulting mechanic to save time opening doors. There are plenty of perfectly good windows you can vault through. Mind the shattering glass however, it gives you away much easier than a door. No matter how you choose to employ vaulting, the result is the same; the map is taller and tactics will be dramatically different as new avenues of attack are open.
As with most development, Bluehole has released massive optimization on the test server. My system has an I7-4790K and a GTX 1070, and it has struggled with the game since the early alpha. While this is not unusual for games to perform poorly in development, it has been a source of much frustration with frequent frame drops. I can attest that the new optimizations have improved the performance greatly, even if it isn’t tip top shape as of yet. The important thing is with 100+ fps in game, it gives one less excuse as to why a shot was missed.
Work on your aim, listen closely for footsteps, and dress for the heat. Release is coming in just a few short days and no one wants to die alone in the desert

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ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ PUBG "Down Under" Tournament - Part 1

Chapter 1 – Game 1
Today I awoke like any other day, albeit slightly earlier than normal, rolled out of bed, fumbled for my phone and glasses and groggily stumbled to my office and sat down at my gaming desk.
Today was different though, today I had been invited to participate in a PUBG tournament, organized by the Australian “Down Under Team”. It was 10.30am (which if you know me personally, is very early for me), I opened Twitter to find I had been added to a private chat group, going off, with the somewhat 40 people, eager to get into a game and rail everyone else.
After having the rules established (and some amended) most of us jumped into a discord channel, which to put it politely, was loud to say the least. We shared some pregame banter, some of us meeting/talking for the first time. The banter was great, friends were made and we were all itching to get in. We jumped into the private PUGB lobby, watched for the intro on the “Down Under Team” twitch page to begin, so we’d have an idea when the match was starting and had a laugh at the casters, pronouncing everyone’s name incorrectly #DoYourResearch.
The game started, we muted discord, paused the live stream, the banter continued in the starting lobby (someone even said I had a nice singing voice and I was all like “Shu’up baby I know it”). The game started, blood was pumping, we were all sitting in a virtual plane, ready to drop and hunt down every other player in the game.
I dropped at the apartments near the school, which is my usual hangout at the start of matches, it’s in the middle of the map, it usually has some decent loot and people that drop near there tend to head straight for the school. I hit the apartment roof, picked up an ‘M16A4’ with enough ammo to kill maybe one person. I got myself, a nice level 2 helmet and vest, a level 1 backpack and set out to take on the world.
I quietly snuck outside, while checking my six, I headed to the building next door, being I was in the middle of the map, I was well and truly in the circle. Feeling good about my current situation, after looting two buildings, my ears pricked up as I heard someone near by, I looked out the third story window, saw someone scurrying across the roof of the building next to mine. I quickly raced upstairs to the roof, lined them up, shot them twice in the head, but alas, they were wearing a level 2 helmet and they got away…
Knowing someone was close, I snuck downstairs and started heading away, not wanting to attract more attention to my location. BANG BANG BANG! It all happened so quick… The very second I stepped outside, it’s all I heard, I was down… No second chances, no being revived, I was out, the first one out. Out of 40 people, I was the first one to die, I was devastated, but such is life in PUBG. A whole morning of psyching myself up to die within 3 minutes of hitting the ground, to add insult to injury, the casters were still pronouncing my name wrong.
I patiently waited in the discord, for more people to die, so I’d at least have someone else to talk to. It didn’t take too long, I was surrounded by more friendos as we watched the live cast over on the “Down Under Team” Twitch channel; adding our own commentary.
The game went for what seemed like forever, though this may be to me having died so quickly, but the altered rules to the game lead to longer circle durations. Plenty of time to loot, plenty of time to heal up, although the game was slow, the suspense was real, as the players dropped like flies, one by one they rejoined the discord and laughs ensued. It finally got down to the last two, a personal friend of mine @JudgeBrand and @A1Beatz, trees, guns and even a car were involved… There was a quick shooting, both down to near no health, they darted either side of the car, lingering to see if the other would jump out first. After some twitchy plays, they both heal up as quickly as they can and go at it again. JudgeBrand jumps out from behind the car, runs full force towards A1Beatz, AKM in hand with only 11 bullets left, he literally jumps out from behind the car and downs A1Beatz while the casters go nuts.
JudgeBrand had done it! Out of the 40 streamers that entered the game, he was the only one not going hungry tonight.
Watch it here - https://clips.twitch.tv/AbrasivePiercingEagleBlargNaut
Chapter 2 – The intermission
After the game, everyone finished up saying “GG” (JudgeBrand gave us a “GG EZ” with good reason) and we were told that it would be about an hour until the next game. Everyone had a bit of a groan and we all jumped off to have a bit of a stretch, I myself walked down to the supermarket to pick up some more Redbull #GiveRoweyWings.
An hour passed, once again we were all waiting in the lobby, waiting for the second game to begin. This game was different, this game was duos.
After having my assigned partner pull out to medical reasons, I had organized a new partner the night before, @Kaejaie, who didn’t need much persuading to partner up with me.
We were in the plane, in our own discord, discussing where we were wanting to go.
I (as always) wanted to hit up the apartments next to the school, Kaejaie wasn’t down for that and I wasn’t about to argue with someone who was doing me a solid, filling in for my absent partner.
We dropped just north of the apartments, even as we dropped I was still trying to
rationalize heading to the apartments (I lied about arguing), to which I failed.
A quick shout out to the "Down Under" team owner @ScrivoTV on Twitter.
And @Centrecom for sponsoring the event.
Or you know, check me out at Twitch.tv/Rowey
Chapter 3 - Coming soon...

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ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ Best Game of 2017?

Written by Charlie Hall
This year has seen explosive growth in the so-called “battle royale” space and no game has been more prominent — or more popular — than Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds.
What do I mean by popular? I’m writing this story on a Friday afternoon and more than a million people are playing online (according to Steamcharts). In August, Battlegrounds kicked Dota 2 out of the top spot on Steam, a position that Valve’s MOBA had held for years. It’s unlikely to surrender the spot anytime soon.
Battlegrounds isn’t just popular. It’s also very, very good. Critics in the game industry, including here at Polygon, are actively considering this unfinished, early access title for game of the year.
So how did we get here? And what should you expect in 2018?
Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds is a last-man-standing multiplayer arena shooter. It blends elements of traditional survival games like DayZ with the fast-paced action and leaderboard of something like Counter-Strike. Around 100 players parachute onto the eight-square kilometer map, scavenge for supplies and fight to the death. The last one alive gets a “chicken dinner” filled with in-game currency. That is to say they get the pride of being #1 and a few virtual coins.
This isn’t a new game type. The battle royale genre has been around since roughly 2013. In fact, you could say that Brendan “Playerunknown” Greene is the one who invented it.
In June of 2016, I got an email from Greene about a new game he was working on. I was familiar with his Battle Royale mods for Arma 2 and Arma 3, and the work that he’d done consulting on 2015’s H1Z1 to help create its Battle Royale mode (which eventually became H1Z1: King of the Kill, before turning back into H1Z1 again).
Greene’s pitch: He was making the same kind of game, for a third time, but better.
Check out the full article here:

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Comparing the Size of Erangel and Miramar

This graphic shows the original PUBG map, Erangel, overlaid above the new map, Miramar. As you can see, Miramar is a noticably larger landmass. Although both maps are in theory 8 km by 8 km, Erangel has significantly more water around the edges, thus reducing the playable zone by about 20%.
While the complete effects on gameplay are still yet to be known, from initial testing it feels like games on Miramar are a lot slower. Although you may get some exciting gun fights in the earliest stages of the game, especially if you drop into one of the big cities, there mid-game is significantly slowed down, as everyone is either looting inside the circle or crossing the treacherous geography on their way to the safe zone.
If you also feel like you're stuck running across the deserts of Miramar with no end in sight, make sure you check out the vehicle spawn guide posted here: https://moot.us/lounges/2/boards/6/posts/328
It has definitely helped me plan out my path better and I almost always find a vehicle when I need one. Personally, I prefer the motorcycle as it is the fastest. Being able to do sweet backflips is just an added benefit.
What do you guys think? Does the new map feel too big? I've heard some say the new map needs 150 or even 200 players to feel right, but I think that's a bit extreme.

LV.22 S

PUBG Issues Apology After Anatomy Backlash

Written by Liana Ruppert
A few new in-game goodies hit the test servers for the popular battle royale game PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG), but there was something else entirely players couldn't stop focusing on. Normally when games go hyper-realistic, people are happy - but many players were upset to see that the female anatomy got a little added (and seemingly unnecessary) attention with the addition of the battle royale camel toe of the ages.
Of the risque video game moves for a male or female character, this is certainly on the tame side - but players cannot seem to shake the mighty toe. Players immediately started asking, in the subreddit, if the male characters had a certain outline and admittedly the conversation only seemed to get more weird. With all of the cosmetic items in the game, one Redditor even joked, "real tea bag taunting for $5."
The PlayerUnknown camp said that this enter move was completely unintentional, actually:
"After looking into this, it appears it came as part of the character model we received from an outsourcer when we first started the project. The file itself has not been changed in 2 years. It will be updated shortly with changes! Sorry for any offense caused!"
With some people upset, it's important to note that this happened in the test servers - servers specifically design to test out new changes to gauge community reaction and work out mechanics. So anybody looking to buy the game and has an extreme dislike of camels; good news - it's not hear to stay. The PUBG crew added on a perfectly cheeky note, "Cameltoes hurt and are similar to a wedgie. Would you like to fight for your life with a wedgie?. No. It makes no sense and is unnecessary. Simple as that."

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74 Tips for Beginners

Written by Chris Tapsell
PUBG, or PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds to those who like to keep it official, is pretty simple on the surface, but it's a classic example of a game much deeper than it looks.
This PUBG tips page will tackle as much of that depth as possible, from beginners PUBG tips to a more advanced guide to the game.
As well as general advice, we have dedicated pages not only for the Erangel map, but also how to get the most out of first-person mode, new desert map and PUBG on Xbox One.
PUBG beginners guide: How Battlegrounds works and how to survive until the end game
There are so many little tips and tricks worth knowing for PUBG that we've decided to compile one big ol' list of them right here, splitting them up into the relevant categories so you can choose to skip ahead, or just browse at your leisure.
Before diving in though, it's worth talking a little about how to approach PUBG matches in general, especially if you're a newcomer or just looking to learn the game a little better.
How Battlegrounds works
PUBG is not your typical shooter. The aim is to survive, not to get the most kills - in fact you can win without getting a single one - so your usual shooter strategy needs to adapt.
The prevailing meta, so to speak, is stealth. In fact, many of the highest-ranking players who are aiming to compete at upcoming tournaments simply rely on 'boring' stealth strategies, like hiding offshore on boats, to see them through to the final gunfight at the end of a round. The argument goes that everyone else will kill each other anyway, so why expose yourself to the risk?
But that's not the whole story - combat, for starters, is great practise. PUBG's combat mechanics are a little odd and mastering those makes a massive difference to how many final-10 situations you'll win.
Likewise, mid-game kills are a great way to take your gear from passable to excellent. And finally, if you do get spotted hiding in a bush, it helps to know how to shoot the one who found you.
The general flow of a game then is roughly as follows:
You'll spawn in the plane, and need to choose somewhere to land. We've put together a dedicated guide on the Erangel map start locations and vehicle spawns, but the short version here is that you want to avoid high-traffic areas like major towns and cities, and find a safe little spot to loot some weapons and equipment on your own.
Then, when you're all set (or run out of things to loot before the electrical field starts getting close) it's a case of going where the white circle is. You'll need to find safe points to rest, loot, and defend yourself along the way, while the player count gradually drops, until you ideally reach the last 10 or 15 players.
At that point, most people's strategies go out the window, but hopefully that's where the final part of this page comes in most handy, where we go through not only the useful stuff for the early and mid game, but some advanced tips for winning that final fight to the death.
There's obviously a lot more to just the above, which our tips below can help with.
Check out the list here:

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PUBG on Xbox One is Clunky

Written by Sam Byford
PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds is undoubtedly the breakout hit of 2017, with over 25 million copies sold on Steam and Dota 2’s record for most concurrent players shattered in its wake. That’s not bad for a company’s first game, especially since it technically hasn’t even been released yet: PUBG is only set to leave early access with a “finished” 1.0 version for PC next week.
PUBG might not be the most conventional of game-of-the-year contenders, but Microsoft’s console exclusivity coup shouldn’t be underestimated. The game comes out today in preview for Xbox One, bringing a legitimate cultural phenomenon to console players for the first time. In a year that’s been light on significant Xbox-only releases, this is a big deal.
But neither Microsoft nor developer Bluepoint have shown off the Xbox version in action before release, raising questions about how well it’ll actually run. Despite its rough-and-ready visuals, PUBG is a hugely resource-intensive game on PCs, requiring a powerful setup to play with higher graphical settings at a fast frame rate. Is it even possible to adequately reproduce the experience on the Xbox One’s comparatively weak CPU?
As it turns out, it is. PUBG for Xbox One is a compromised port, to be sure, but one that retains what makes the game so raucous and addictive on PC.
Just to recap exactly what that is, PUBG is an action game that sees 100 unarmed players jump out of a plane and parachute wherever they want to land on a vast island. They must arm themselves and fight until only one remains, and the play space is constantly shrinking so that everyone is eventually forced into close proximity. PUBG is conceptually simple but psychologically complex. Every tiny move you make can be a life-or-death decision, meaning that even hiding in a closet can be unbearably tense. It is, in short, a blast.
On Xbox One, though, it’s a much uglier blast. PUBG isn’t much of a looker even on a powerful PC, and things have been dialed back a lot for the console release. Textures are blurry and often take a long time to load in; I’ve driven up to what appears to be a giant marshmallow before it reveals itself as a school. Level-of-detail scaling (LOD) is used aggressively, too, so trees and foliage look very basic from a distance but get more detailed as you come closer. The initial sequence on the plane that starts off every round is particularly conspicuous: as you parachute toward the ground and see sharp buildings laid atop the Vaseline-smeared landscape, you’d be forgiven for thinking that you were looking at a ‘90s flight simulator, not one of 2017’s hottest games.
This isn’t actually a big deal. PUBG has never been about attractive visuals, and many PC players actually run it at lower settings on purpose to make spotting enemies easier. The more impactful compromise is in performance. PUBG never runs above 30 frames per second, and that wouldn’t necessarily be a deal-breaker given the game’s slow pace. The problem is that the frame rate regularly drops to 20 or thereabouts, which is definitely not going to help your quest to stay alive when the action heats up. Coupled with an unintuitive adaptation of the control scheme, PUBG feels even less polished on console than PC.
Although PUBG isn’t technically an Xbox One X Enhanced title, it does run a little better on Microsoft’s new console. I played a few rounds last night with my colleague Tom Warren — him on Xbox One X, myself on my original launch Xbox One — and it seems that the game’s reliance on dynamic techniques for things like texture filtering and asset streaming allow it to make at least some use of the One X’s extra power. We’d stand together next to what for me would be a particularly blurry stone, for example, and trade screenshots. (Things often looked noticeably better on Tom’s end.) That said, no matter what, PUBG absolutely is not going to be a graphical showcase for your One X, so keep your expectations in check.
PUBG is one of the most brilliantly designed shooters of recent years, and that design remains intact on console. You don’t have to be an experienced online shooter fan to have fun with PUBG. It certainly rewards skill, but the way that each game has an element of luck keeps you coming back to see if you can do better next time. Anyone can land next to a shotgun and hole themselves up in a bathroom, and even experienced players can find themselves caught off guard if the play space shrinks in the wrong direction, or they run into an unexpected air strike. PUBG’s world is hostile but feels very fair, encouraging experimentation and making victory rely on smart decision-making as much as on a quick trigger finger.
PUBG is still in Xbox Game Preview, meaning it isn’t considered a finished product and is still under development. The full release will follow sometime next year, but even after it exits preview you can expect continuous development on the title. Its technical issues may get better as the game sees further optimization, and you’ll eventually see new content like the long-awaited second map coming to the PC version next week. The two platforms aren’t on parallel development tracks — the Xbox version has vaulting already, a feature that really changes the game up by letting players more easily navigate obstacles, while PC players will get it alongside the new map.
None of this is too important if all you want to know is whether you can get much fun out of the preview version available for $29.99 today. The answer is unequivocally yes. If you don’t have a gaming PC, do have an Xbox One, and hold the slightest bit of interest in finding out why it’s become one of the biggest games in the world, you owe it to yourself to check out PUBG.

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10 Tips to get Your First Win in PUBG

Written by Mike Stubbs
Take on board these tips and you’ll be enjoying your victory prize of chicken dinner, from the first time you drop into Erangel on the Xbox One.
After months of waiting, PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds has finally landed on the Xbox One. Now, console owners can join their PC counterparts and explore Erangel, loot to their heart's content and, of course, fight for that elusive chicken dinner. The first win will take skill, good aim and a little bit of luck, and sometimes you end up out of a match through seemingly no fault of your own. After all, there isn’t much you can do against an 8x AWM that’s 700m away.
Getting that first win is no easy task, believe us. We spent hours on PUBG before we got our hands on that chicken and it can be monumentally frustrating making it to the top 10 just to fall at the final hurdle. Fortunately we’ve now overcome that challenge and returned with great tales of clutch wins and, perhaps more importantly, a load of advice on how to make sure you claim that all-important victory as soon as possible. Here are 10 tips that we’ve found very useful when playing for the win.
1. Head for high loot areas such as Mylta Power, Shelter and Georgopol
Good loot wins games. That isn’t always true, but if you have a silenced Kar98k with an 8x scope you have a way better chance than someone running around with a pistol, so going to a place with high loot is a great shout. Along with the places listed above the likes of Pochinki, Primorsk, Military Base, Novorepnoye and, weirdly, Stabler all have high loot chances. Drop here and you’re almost guaranteed to find a few good weapons and other loot.
2. But avoid School at all costs
School is another high loot area and its position directly in the middle of the map makes it seem attractive because it’s often in the first circle or two. But if you really want to win then avoid it at all costs. School is the deathmatch area for PUBG, and landing here will almost always end with a massive brawl where only one person or squad makes it past the first two minutes.
3. Memorise the high-chance vehicle spawns
Take a look at the interactive PUBG map and you’ll see 15 or so high-chance vehicle spawns. Memorise where these are, as you’ll need them sooner or later. Eventually you’ll get screwed by the circle and have to trek to the other side of the map, and without a vehicle that won’t be easy. Your best bet is always to head to one of these and take a look, as the other 350 spawn locations are pretty low chances. Also note that between Pochinki and Quarry there’s only one low-chance vehicle spawn.
4. Holster your weapon to run faster
If you don’t manage to find a vehicle and can feel the circle closing in on you then you should hold down the Y button to holster your weapon. While this does mean you won't be as effective in fights, it allows you to sprint a little faster, potentially saving you from the blue zone and keeping you alive. This is really only useful when on a long run to the circle, and when you know you’re alone, because you’re in deep trouble if a fight breaks out.
5. Change your firing mode
The D-Pad is actually super useful in PUBG, as pressing left on it will change the fire mode of your weapon. Not all of them have more than one setting, but the ARs and SMGs will all let you fire in single mode and then either burst or full auto, or sometimes all three. Have a play around and find what setting you like for each weapon, but remember to switch as soon as you pick one up, as getting caught with a Micro Uzi in single fire mode is not going to go well.
6. Suppressors are the best attachment in the game
Sound is key for doing well in PUBG, so don’t go listening to any podcasts or bangin’ tunes while you’re playing. This also means that anything that keeps you quiet is incredibly useful, and that’s where suppressors come in. They reduce your fire sound massively and make it pretty much impossible to track where you are without a clear line of sight. They really are the MVP attachment and having one will make the later stages a lot easier.
7. Ballistic Masks are cosmetic only, stick to the helmets
We’ll admit that it took us a good 20 hours to realise this. Ballistic Masks are purely cosmetic and, despite the name, will not block any incoming damage like a helmet will. Unless you really want to be seen wearing one you can leave them on the ground and stick to Motorcycle, Army and Spetsnaz helmets. The same goes for all the clothing pick ups, ignore them unless they are a level one, two or three vest as they do nothing but make you look good.
8. Use free look a lot and remember to lean
Want to continue to run North but look directly East? Then use free look by holding down RB. This will let you see all around you in third person, and to your right and left in first person, while keeping you moving in the same direction. It’s super-useful for scouting and should be used all the time. Slightly less useful but still important is leaning from side to side, by pressing in one of the sticks and aiming. This allows you to poke just you head around cover to see what is going on but not expose your whole body, making you much harder to hit.
9. Always boost up in the late game
If it’s down to the final 15 or so people and you have some to spare, it is always worth popping an energy drink or painkillers to get that boost going. Having constant health regen is always nice if you take a bit of damage, and in a close fight that one extra kick could be enough to give you the win. It’ll also give you a slight speed increase to make getting to the circle easier. There really is no reason to keep hold of them, as the last few fights often play out very quickly, with little time to med up.
10. Stay out of the grass
Trees, rocks, ditches and literally any other part of the environment are better cover than the grass. Sure, to you it looks like you're at one with the meadows and will never be seen, but to old matey on the other hill with an 8x you look like a fool crawling along a green hill. This is because the grass stops being visible after a certain distance, so anyone with a decent scope will spot you straight away, with no grass to cover you. This also means that going prone when shots come in is a bad idea, as you have no cover and are an easier target to hit.

LV.20 Dragon

Chicken Dinner Breakdown: First Win on the New Map!

What's up guys. In this video I run through the first win I got on PUBG's new Desert map, Miramar. Although I made the bold claim that I would win my first game on the new map in a different post (here: https://moot.us/lounges/2/boards/21/posts/257), it actually took roughly 3 games before we got a win.
One of the big problems with the strategy I outlined in the above post was how difficult it was to spot vehicles from the air. I expected it would be easier to see them as it is a desert map with lots of open area, but in fact it was incredibly hard to see vehicles while I was parachuting because they're camouflaged and blend right into the desert.
Some of the main takeaways from the breakdown video:
-I expect there will be a lot of final circles like this one, with a bunch of open space next to a mountain range. These fights feel really cool, with one team at the top of a mountain and the other at the bottom.
-I compare this type of final circle to the classic 'Yasnaya fields' circle on the original PUBG map. Yasnaya fields was a terrible end position for a game because there was limited cover, thus it encouraged players to just go prone in the grass. On the new map, however, with the elevation changes and significant points of cover it feels much more strategic.
-Overall, it feels like the new map rewards good positioning and seriously punishes bad positioning.
-Dead teammates can still help the cause! One of our squadmates died early in the game, but toward the end they can help you spot enemies. If he sees me shooting someone, he can swap views to a different squadmate and align them so they are facing the correct direction. Super helpful and underutilized.
What do you guys think of a video like this? Would you rather just watch the clip of the victory without commentary? Should I keep the commentary to text only? Was this video too long? I'd love any feedback so the next one can be even better.

LV.22 S

PUBG vs Fortnite

With the popularity PUBG has received with the battle royale style gameplay, it is not a surprise that there is another game with the same concept. PUBG's developers Bluehole intend to take further action against Epic Games, for stealing their ideas. The similarity between both games are extremely noticeable from the moment you enter in-game lobby.
In Fortnite, looting is completely different and encourages more action than PUBG. Weapons are differentiated by their different colors which represents the strength of the weapon, essentially allowing you to loot faster. Five weapons can be carried around in Fortnite, promoting an action-packed game.
Even though the end goal of both game is to be the last person standing, they differ in their means to get to that position. While PUBG rewards that stealthier playstyle; Fortnite allows for you to run and gun AND succeed if you choose to. One feature that Fortnite has that PUBG doesn't is the ability to craft. Players can obtain resources such as wood, steal, and brick to add cover to existing buildings or their own forts. A commonly used tactic when playing with a group of 4 is to assign someone as a fort builder. As advantageous as this might be, building a fort carries a strong risk. Changing buildings will make a lot of noise and alert enemies to your area.
Fortnite's lesser curve of learning the game is continued when you factor in weapons. Anyone can join Fortnite and grab pretty much any weapon and do a decent job. The realistic feel of its counterpart PUBG, is not there.
Just like every other game out there, it comes down to personal preference. If you want that suspenseful and heart racing feeling in your journey to victory, then stick to PUBG. If you want to play a more reckless playstyle and be rewarded for it, give Fortnite a try. Overall, Fortnite is a dumbed down arcade-like version of PUBG. To those who've tried Fortnite, what do you think?

LV.21 S

ПОПУЛЯРНЫЕ Dropping at School is THE BEST way to Improve at PUBG

There is no experience in PUBG quite like dropping at School. For those of you who don’t know, School is located dead center in the map and thus almost every flight path will take you near it. This means there is a dedicated group of players who drop at School every chance they get. The multi-story building has plenty of weapons on the roof you can pick up immediately after landing. This leads to some quick kills, and conversely, some quick deaths.
Now Buttons, if School is such a popular and highly contested drop spot, why would a new player ever want to go there? Surely they’ll just get killed instantly by the more experienced players almost every time, right?
Exactly right.
But through the hottest fire comes the strongest steel, my good friend. Watching other players land before you, have the time to grab a gun, reload it, smoke a cigarette, and then shoot you out of the air before you get to even touch the ground will be incredibly frustrating. Use that frustration to figure out what is wrong with your parachuting technique. Locating an enemy’s footsteps and tracking them only to get shot in the back by someone else will be infuriating. Use that rage to train yourself to track multiple enemies at a time. Looting a room with no weapons and getting trapped and killed by an enemy who got lucky enough to find a gun will make you want to jump out of your bedroom window. Instead, actually learn how to jump out of a window in PUBG and you’ll survive next time. (TIP: crouch-jump)
Too frequently I see friends who are new to the game go to the edge of the map in order to loot safely away from others for the first part of the time. While this may seem appealing, it can have a disastrous effect; if you spend all of your time looting, you won’t be ready for a fight when you stumble into one.
Instead of looting for twenty minutes because you’re afraid of a little fire, throw yourself into the fire! You’ll burn, you’ll stumble, and you’ll die…but then you’ll play another game and maybe do a bit better. Eventually, you’ll be able to parachute as fast as the best of us, loot quicker than the rest of us, and come out of it as the man you wish you were in high school; KING of the School.

LV.22 S