POPULAR I’m sorry to say it, but Miramar is a better map than Erangel.

Look, before you crucify me just hear me out. I know, I know… I hate myself for saying it too. Erangel is our home. It is where we learned the ins and outs of the game. It’s where all but the newest PUBG players had their first chicken dinners and it is where most of our fondest memories took place. Still, once you remove the rose colored glasses it becomes clear, Erangel is a worse map.
Now, let me be very clear: Miramar is a bad map. It is far too big of a space for only 100 players. With how much seemingly empty space there is between major points, vehicles are of paramount importance. Unfortunately, the map is nearly impossible to drive across on anything but a buggy or a two seater motorcycle. However, as bad as it is, Miramar is still better than Erangel. Miramar is a bad map, but Erangel is a dysfunctional map.
Although Miramar’s size means you spend what feels like an eternity looking for firefights, when those fights come along they are almost always epic. Whether you’re fighting in urban or rural combat, your strategic options are immense. The urban combat in Miramar gives us multi-story buildings to occupy or flank around. It feels like I’m in a movie when I spot a sniper in a fifth floor window and keep him distracted while my teammates breach and clear the building. If you’re fighting out in the desert part of the desert map, the combat is still awesome. Unlimited ridges and elevation changes lead to awesome sniper fights and countless ways to flank your opponents. Smoke grenades have actual value again, as you can use them to cut from ridge to ridge.
Back on Erangel, however, you have two dudes standing behind trees popping out occasionally to shoot at each other. But wait! You can’t forget about the times when the dudes are in a field, standing behind hay bails instead of trees. How inspired and different! What about the urban combat in Erangel, you ask? Well, you can choose to fight in Yasnaya, where every building is the same. Or you could fight in Pochinki, where every building is the same. Or, how about Georgopol, where every building is the same? Don’t even ask me about Rozhok, Lipovka, or Primorsk. (Hint, all the buildings are the same there, too.)
Don’t get me wrong; Erangel has a special place in my heart. It is where I fell in love with PUBG. I still enjoy my games on Erangel and get a bit tilted every time I must spend 30 minutes on Miramar before I see an enemy. But I am no longer allowing myself to participate in the delusion that Erangel is a good map. As bad as some aspects of Miramar are, at least the combat is exciting when it finally occurs. And let’s hope Bluehole can take some lesson away from the first two maps and make the next one a bit closer to being actually good.

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My Name is Buttons and I Have a Problem

I don’t know how it started. I don’t remember where a fun hobby transitioned into such a crippling addiction. I don't think it matters, if I'm being honest. And I know I don’t have the willpower to stop myself from continue speeding down the path I’m on. I wouldn’t stop even if I could. But I finally have the strength to talk about it. I say to you now, with my head pulled back and the breeze whipping through my hair: I am addicted to doing backflips on motorcycles.
I realize that may sound silly to you, but I promise you this is no joke. My addiction has led to countless instances of self-harm in the pursuit of that high. I have injured and even killed(!) friends and loved ones as a result of my addiction. I’ve even killed myself a few times. Yeah, it’s that super-serial. I hope you’re starting to realize this isn’t a laughing matter.
I don’t know what entirely it is that I love so much about doing backflips. You would think a chicken dinner was enough of a rush, and it used to be, but things have changed for me. I watch the video of my first chicken dinner (exhibit A below) and remember how hard my heart was beating. Winning a game in PUBG was the best feeling in gaming I had experienced up to that point, but over time I needed more and more to reach that same high. Once I had won two games in a night, then three games in a row, then five games in a day, it became impossible to reach that level of mental euphoria from winning alone.
That’s when I turned to extreme behaviors to try and replicate the rush that used to come with winning a game. You may remember with 1.0 they changed how the vehicles handled in PUBG. The motorcycle changed from a guaranteed death trap to a speed demon that was only the occasional death trap in the hands of a master. I thought back to the few memories I had of the motorcycle of early access yore. Plenty of accidental deaths, but also a few high soaring moments that made my heart flutter.
So I cautiously began to dabble with the motorcycle. I didn’t think much of it at first, and I certainly didn’t realize the risk to both my health and the health of those around me, but it began to consume me. It started with a couple innocent flips at the easiest jump spots. Once I realized that flipping off of big jumps was so easy, I began looking for smaller jumps. Doing a backflip off a small jump, where you only barely get your wheels under you before you hit the ground, is a serious rush. Doing it with someone else on the motorcycle is terrifying for them, but absolutely thrilling for me. The ultimate rush though is backflipping with someone else on the motorcycle when we both have crate snipers, 8x scopes, and level 3 helmets. What is absolutely insane to them is borderline orgasmic for me.
I think I’m a show off at heart. I love when there’s someone to watch. Even better if they’re on the bike with me, and I’m forcing them to risk it all against their own will for only my own benefit. Is that selfish of me? Absolutely. Sure, there were times where I killed myself and a teammate (exhibit B). Do I feel bad about it? Yes. Do I apologize and will I avoid that in the future? Hell no. The payoff for a properly executed flip is simple too high. (exhibits C and D) I mean, look at that smile on my face. Would you take that away from me?
It feels good to get this all out there. I feel free. I also know that I’m never going to stop.
My name is Buttons and I am addicted to backflipping on motorcycles in the popular video game Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and I’ll keep going until I kill myself. Then, I’m going to queue up for another game, find another motorcycle, and probably kill myself again.
Exhibit A: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=suSTD9LMIlg
Exhibit B: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RPfKLd1YbbM
Exhibit C: https://clips.twitch.tv/ProtectiveColorfulOysterDoritosChip
Exhibit D: https://clips.twitch.tv/ImpossibleLaconicPicklesPoooound

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