"Port" (A Mercenary in Vikendi - 10)

PUBG Snowy Map Vikendi's 'Port' downtown is located in the north. Most users don't know if there is a port even if I check it with a mini-map because it is so smaller than other downtown areas, and many users do not come down at the end of the map. Therefore, the port is more convenient for solo or duo users than Squad.
There is one garage, two ships, and five spawn points that can secure a car with a high probability, so there is no shortage of vehicles. Even if there are two disadvantages that the end point of the map and the magnetic field do not get close to each other, there are many vehicle spawn points, so you can easily move and move away.
The port is a small downtown area. Farming Routes are simple, and I recommend farming to nearby buildings. There is one farming area on the left side and two farming areas below the road. Although it may seem far from the mini-map, if you fall to the port, you can see the farming area next to it, so you can farm without difficulty.
◆ Main Features
= Pros.
It is easy to get vehicle, ship.
A good Farming area for solo users.
There is no one to compete.
= Cons
If there is a rival, the destruction is inevitable.
If you are caught in a south-east or south magnetic field, you should go away.
= Key features
Zabava downtown is in the east
Vikendi's small marina port is located in the north and is small in size so it does not look good when you open the map. There is a big city nearby, so it is not a lot of users dropping off, and it is one of the downtown recommended for solo users because there are not many buildings. The unnamed building Farming is difficult to survive in Vikendi for a long time, so it is best to have a peaceful farming port.
Zabava on the right, Krichas city on the left, but it is the place to get to the garage, the ship and the car point. There are only a few buildings to farm, but DMR and AR guns are better than I thought.
The magnetic field is less likely to be caught in the port, but it can easily be acquired and transported anywhere through six vehicle points. If there is not enough port farming, there are 3 more farming places nearby, so you can get plenty of spare parts and recovery kits.
◆ Farming Route
You can look around the warehouse building and anchored big ships on a port basis. The yellow icon on the mini map is attached to the boat, meaning there is plenty of space to farm. The first farming can start from the ship and continue to the neighboring building, or from the building to the end of the farming.
When you finish the port farming, you will experience a handful of regrets, restorations and ammunition. You do not have to go far in order to recommend Farming, but you can look around three farming areas close to the port. However, you should not slow down the boundary because you may overlap with the farming user on the left side of the Zabava on the right.
◆ Vehicle and Ship Point
There is one garage point in the east, five vehicle points and two ship points on the big road. The garage is at point E and can acquire the vehicle with a high probability. Snowy hills in the northern part are hard to operate because most of them are snowy. It is better to board a snowmobile on the road.
The probability of a ship being spawned is low, and it is better not to use it unless it is intended to move to the eastern islands even if it is Spawned. Because it is more visible than Elangel or Miramar, it can easily be attacked by a user who is ambushed.
◆ Key Point
The main points of the port are not many. If you are a competitor, you should drop first to a warehouse instead of a ship, and if you do not want to catch an enemy, it's a good idea to run away to the farming area. Cars in the garage are spawned with high probability, so it is not too bad to run away in the car.
Zabava in the east There is no room to move from the downtown to the port in the west, but on the contrary there is a person walking in the west side of the farming, So, from the Farming area on the left side, you can start farming and then go to the port to farm.
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