The PUBG Comparison/History Of PUBG

Today there is an awful lot of debate between the Battlegrounds and Fortnite communities. That is a good thing. It creates a sense of urgency to improve the games that we love.

However, there has been something I’ve been seeing that sort of bothers me. Upon the release of H1Z1: King of the Kill, I’ve seen countless people saying things like “PUBG ripoff”. Now for those of you that don’t know, they’re made by the same guy!

That guy is Brendan Greene or as you all know, Player Unknown.

Brendan is an Irish video game developer who exploded the battle royale game genre starting with an Arma 2 mod, DayZ: Battle Royale in 2013.

Greene gathered inspiration from the 2000 film Battle Royale. Also he felt that the current shooters were “too small and easy to memorize”.
So he set out to make much larger and randomized game worlds to add skill and variety to the game.

After DayZ became its own title, Brendan set off to the development of Arma 3. Sony Online Entertainment recognized his work, and brought him on to help develop H1Z1, licensing the battle royale idea from him. This resulted in H1Z1: King of the Kill, which a lot of people are just now seeing on their PlayStations.

A short time later, Chang-han Kim, from Bluehole studios, contacted Greene to work on a new battle royale game. Greene would soon move to Korea and become creative director of Bluehole.
With the rapid growth, Bluehole would spin out the entire operation to what is now called PUBG Corporation, giving birth to one of my favorite games of all time; Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.


Wins for days

PUBG Mobile

History of PUBG

What people seem to forget is that PlayerUnkown was the ORIGINAL! He made the mod for Arma 2 (which I played a lot) then transferred it to Arma 3 (which I also played a lot). The transfer included a selection between Altis and the smaller map I believe it was called Stratis? Anyways PlayerUnknown had the large scale common PUBG type mode and also the smaller scale Ghost Hotel. Personally Ghost Hotel was my favorite as it would cram players into a hotel section of the map (about the size of Mylta Power). With the success of the Arma 2 and 3 mod it soon became a part H1Z1. From there H1Z1 made it their main game and soon after PUBG came out as a stand-alone based off the Arma mods..... then came the rip offs. Most notably Fortnite. People seem to also forget that Fortnite was also it’s own game. It didn’t rip off PUBG at all. But of course that had to change when they saw the success PUBG was having. So now we PUBG a realistic looking/feeling survive to win game. Then you have Fortnite, the drop out of a bus with a glider bs thing and build stuff to hide in. Personally I thought Fortnite was a joke, meant for people who couldn’t afford PUBG. I personally hate Fortnite. But hey now u know why. It wasn’t just Fortnite that ripped off PlayerUnknown however... even one of my all time favorite games (ARK: Survival Evolved) took ideas from PU in its own style with survival of the fittest mode.

In summary: PUBG is a FANTASTIC game. It was original in its entirety. I believe that with the success of Fortnite it encourages video game companies to be lazy and not adventure into new ideas. For instance, if a new CS came out, and it was big you would see a lot of companies coming out of the wood work to copy it. I look at this rivalry as a Call of duty vs Battlefield situation. Pick your side I guess, you either like the more realistic or you like the cartoon base building flying bus simulator.


Communications Guide - Pubg

1. No unnecessary chatter.
2. Don't announce everytime you find a weapon.
3. Dont trade unless necessary in the middle of a fire fight. (e.g Anyone need a verticle grip etc.)
3.5. However it could be used if your teamate has no weapon. (e.g AR on me)
4. Do not use "me", instead use your color/number (e.g So instead of "AR on me," you will say, "AR on green")
5. Remain calm, screaming/panicking will only cause your teammates annoyance, inability to hear crucial sounds and also lose their focus.
6. When calling out an enemy, the general outline I use is (amount, bearing, distance, relation to object). So (e.g Visual, 3 players 145, 200m next to wooden shack)
6.5. Do note that using "Visual" differs from using "Contact". Contact should be used when either (a) You are planning on engaging, or (b) the enemy has already spotted you, or (c) the enemy is in close proximity. So (e.g Contact 3 players 70, inside the warehouse) Distance can be given if there are multiple same building at different distances. But a better alternative would be to say (3rd warehouse from left)
7. If your background noise is alot, use push to talk.
8. Use commands to function as a unit. (e.g hold fire, open fire, dip low and go along the ridge etc.)
8.5. Make sure your team gives some sort of confirmation before engaging your plan. (e.g "I'll flank from right, provide covering fire." "Affirmative")
9. After killing your enemy, always say whether it was a knockout or insta-kill
10*. A clever trick that I use very often. If my team splits into two groups, 1 team talks in discord, and the other talks in game (with mode set to team only, and the discord ones mute their ingame) So with this, we won't have conflicting orders and this is most effective during looting.

This was my first post on moot! Please comment if this was helpful and what I can do to improve it. Thanks for reading, Caio.


Update 0.4.0 - Patch Notes

New update coming for PUBG Mobile (0.4.0)

Performance and screen optimisation

-Added S25 new compatible models

-New models supporting Ultra high and High frames

-Anti-Allasing (improved/Increased and added)

-Improve performance of weapons, models, and scenarios

-Adapative mode (change graphics and framerate according to performance)

Gunfights optimization

-Shooting animation improved

-Enemy death cam

-3d touch shooting mode (iphone exclusive)

-4x and 8x scopes Optimization

-Aiming animation improved

-Flits feedback improved

-Aiming button disappear if you are not on a good position to aim

-Characterjurnp Improved

-Character view Improved

-Game sound and voicechat Improved

Game user interface

-Teammate icon improved

-Bag interface Improved

-Map automatically marks your vehicle location

-Vehicles now have nitro

-Motorcycle flip buttons

-Open door automatically option

-Picking intervals

General update change

-New weather (DUSK)

-Added new character faces

-Match history record added

-Daily tasks added

-Upgrading task added

New Game modes

-Training mode

-Sniper mode

-Melee mode

-Full armor mode (Tier 3 gear)

-Fast paced mode

-Pistol mode

-Shotgun mode

———————— Social experience

-Apprentice system mode

-Search nearby players

-Business card added

-Search players by business card filters

-Team reccomendations

-Chat rooms (News, Tags, Recommended)

-Player's team Invitation otimized

-Gender Information

Other notes

-More clothes added

-New player rename tags

-Supply price increase and reset once a week

-Changing appearance will cost depending on the changes

-UI interface speed increased

-Voice icon animation improved

-Repeated clothes can be exchanged

-Data of player record Increased


-Various bugs fixed

-Improved Cheat detection

-Cheaters will be banned

-People creating cheats, modding, using extemal apps to have an advantage
will face LEGAL Consequences.

PUBG Mobile