Salo Nation!!!!!!

Hey my name is IIIOreo PaNDa and I was trying to see who would like to join salo nation. We are all up and coming streams and trying to make are dreams come true and help other people as will if you would like to join pm. We are also doing esports teams and making a team for each game that is going pro and can make money

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Hey everyone please help me get affiliated and follow!

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Join my twitch live as I run some scav runs and pmc runs, yomisty38

Join my twitch live as I run some scav runs and pmc runs,yomisty38

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Join My EFT Family

PSA for the Pro's/Newbies to EFT..... Patch 0.12 is Literally just around the corner im more hyped then i ever been in my life.... i F#ing love this game .... im a big team player love to squad up and rekt shit up ....while playing for so long i decided to start an EFT Community Discord for everyone and anyone ..Rn i have about 70+ EFT players
you can stop by looking for someone to squad up with
or if you just need help learning the game there will be help
my discord is like a big happy family so come join the "Foe nem Community" and be part of this awesome family

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My name is eGo_Juice and I am an admin for Elite Gaming Organization. We are a 500 player, multiconsole based clan and the variety of the games are huge. If you've wanted to have a clan where it feels like family we're the one. Come join us at the link below. Just answer 3 questions and your discord invite will be in your PM

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Looking for new clan members (remove if not allowed)

Our clan Rulers of Corruption (RoC) are looking for new members to join our already large and active discord community. We have over 40 players who are active on EFT, and well over 100 in the server overall. We have channels for Rust, Runescape, CSGO, and many others. Feel free to send me a message on here, or add me on discord! My username is {RoC}BlueCollarBastard#7471.

Hope to hear from some of you, and I’ll see you in raid!

Looking for new clan members (remove if not allowed)
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Helpful streamer if anyone new to the game has questions or would like tips

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LIVE Right now :3

Come say hi if you'd like guys! Playing some Tarkov!!

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