Scavs need to cool down

I was playing pmc in factory and me plus my friend killed 2 scavs and all of a sudden we get rushed by around 15. They need to make it where you don’t get suddenly rushed by 59 scavs

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Thinking of getting the game

is it worth to buy the more expensive options?

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Couple clips from tonight’s stream :)

Guys I’m getting better ;)

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POPULAR First tarkov clip on moot:)

I was stalking this 3 man team for like 5 minutes:)

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Help me out here

Will some teach me how to successfully play tarkov. I been wanting to stream it but im horrible at this game

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The loot gods have been treating me well lately.

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.12 patch thoughts?

I'm extremely excited for all the goodies coming up in the hopefully near future with this patch. New guns, features that'll be amazing, less grinding, so much to come, honestly just wish Nikita would admit there's a leg meta and fix it, the only complaint I have about it 😂😂

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They actually did it!!!!

I requested for an Escape from Tarkov group, and I honestly didn’t think it would become reality. Thank you moot team for actually listening 💚💚💚. Who’s gonna be trying to go on some raids tomorrow? Let me know!

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Can't wait

I can't wait to get this game. Itll be fun amirite

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Update on 0.12!!

Guys check out this Reddit Post for a more current update on 0.12 !!

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Another message board for news and tips nice

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I'm really glad eft got added to this. Not too sure how moot works but I'll be frequenting this app much more now.

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Interesting Loot Mentality

Hey Guys! I'll start of the Tarkov Lounge with a great YouTube Video from Veritas. If you don't know him hes a pretty big Tarkov Streamer. He made a video of a different mindset to have while looting that may help you guys out!

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this looks like a good game?

I have no idea what this is at all.

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