Lyssacape LV.6 Nomad
Jan 3, 2021, 03:53 AM 206 read

Desperately need someone to teach me tarkov.

Literally would do anything. I wanna play this hame so bad but I need someone to walk around and show me how to get the fuck out of the maps.

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  • Flckx LV.2 Lurker Jan 3, 2021, 05:41 AM

    Hey. I don’t know much about tarkov either but I’m down to learn together if u want

  • Lyssacape LV.6 Nomad Jan 3, 2021, 05:46 AM

    Sure!! Add my discord! Lyssacape#8511

  • WreXza LV.1 Mootie Jan 4, 2021, 07:56 AM

    What’s your discord?

  • Yonkk LV.2 Lurker Jan 5, 2021, 12:43 AM

    I added you on discord I’m down to help I know most extracts on most maps

  • Zack Rock LV.5 Lurker Jan 16, 2021, 06:01 AM

    still need a buddy?