EcologicKhan LV.9 Rootin Tootin
Jul 9, 2020, 01:12 AM 51 read

This game is tough love

This is my second wipe and this is the highest level I’ve gotten to. This game teaches you quick that it won’t teach you and that it’s a learning experience. Gonna sound like a douche here but *coming from finishing every dark souls and enjoying it* I know a game that won’t hold your hand and this is the one. What I like about this game is that even though this game got popular, there is gonna be any fortnite kid bandwagons because this game doesn’t have one mechanic to master, it has multiple. I guess what I’m trying to say is, no matter if you’re max level and already have the Kappa container, you’ll never truest master Tarkov, plus it’s only in beta and has ALOT more to offer

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