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Jun 1, 2020, 08:19 PM 29 read

Mono's Mob - Casual Community, Accepting Anyone!

Escape From Tarkov: General - Mono's Mob - Casual Community, Accepting Anyone! image 1

Welcome!   We are a community founded by a group of friends who wanted to gather together to play a whole variety of games. We're a small group of diverse individuals, laid back in nature. We aspire to spread our good-will to anyone and everyone interested in a tight-knit group of folks playing games.   On top of our Arma servers, we also host a Garry's Mod BaseWars server, host a pretty sizeable Tarkov section and have plans to expand (Rust, Minecraft etc.) as the community grows. We welcome the newest players to the most seasoned veterans, and my overall aim is to gather a group of people who enjoy our games more for the laughs and banter, and don't get themselves worked up over the intricacies.   If that sounds good to you, come say hello in our Discord.

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