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11-08 update&event announcement

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Server maintenance time : 11.08 06:00(AM) - 11.08 08:00(AM) (UTC+0) (Extended) Maintenance rewards : 33 rubies Extension rewards : 33 rubies   1. Premium Recruit list added Special Units are now available on recruit ticket. You can acquire Special Units from Premium Recruit Ticket.   2. Units Rebalancing 2-1. Units stats have been rebalanced. Low-star units stats have been increased. The maximum stats of Transcendence Tier 2 are the same 2-2. The stats of heroes have been increased to lower level. Level 30 stats are almost the same 2-3. Peggy and Helia's skill performance have been slightly improved.   3. Dungeon Rebalancing 3-1. Dungeon's recommended combat power has been adjusted based on rebalancing. 3-2. Adventure mode is a bit easier to proceed.   4. Strengthen friend activity 4-1. Friend summoning cooldown reduced from 12 hours to 1 hour 4-2. If a friend uses your troops in battle, you receive 10 friendship points Register powerful units as an ace to help your friends. 4-3. Summon friend time in battle increased from 20 to 30 seconds. (Summon time notation error, will be fixed in the next update) 4-4 Elite units have been added to normal recruit ticket.   5. Increase Unit Inventory Default Unit Inventory increased to 180.   6. Reduced the requirements of Mission Chapter 6 (Will be applied at next update) Chapter 6, Participate in Guild Battles 10 times -> 1 time Chapter 6, Strengthen Units's skill level 10 times -> 5 times

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