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What do you all think are the good non-meta comps

For example, ninja elementalists would count while wild shapeshifters wouldn't. Give me your best shot!😃

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Here's an interesting Imperial Elementalist comp cheat sheet I came across

LV.22 S 2mo

Simple Pirate Team composition

Gangplank, Graves, Miss-Fortune, Pyke, Twisted-Fate
This composition earns money every round ends.
Effective on nothing,
Weak on nothing,
Good with nothing.
This composition is only build to just earn the money. so use this in strategic way like doing reroll

LV.11 Chief 2mo

Simple Demon Team composition

Varus, Evelynn, Atrox, Morgana, Elise
This comp burns the enemy’s mana so they cannot use skills.
Effective on Elementalist comp, Sorcerer
Weak on Imperial comp, Noble, Ninja
Good with Ashe, Anivia, Lissandra, Brand Swain

LV.9 Mod 2mo

Bit about Cho'gath Comp

Cho'gath works a lot like Sejuani by providing massive CC capability that can impact the entire enemy team. The only thing is Cho'gath's CC does not last as long as Sejuani's. It only lasts 2.25 seconds at 2 start compared to 4 seconds with Sejuani. However, Cho'gath's CC deals a bit more damage and activates slightly faster.
Cho'gath will shine the most in VOID/ASSASSIN or BRAWLER compositions since VOID synergy can be highly effective with ASSASSINS and the massive HP your opponent will have to fight through to stop you.
In VOID/ASSASSIN comp, you want to have Rek'sai and Cho'gath, to be 2 out of 3 of your voids and both will provide each other with extra HP through the brawler synergy as well.
Best Items: Frozen heart, Morellonomicon, Warmog's Armor

LV.22 Genius 2mo

Simple Glacial Team composition

Ashe, Volibear, Sejuani, Anivia
This comp stun enemies almost every time your team attacks
Effective on assassin comp, Sorcerer.
Weak on Noble, Elementalist comp, Shapeshifter
Good with Kindred, Mordekaiser, Vayne, Varus.

LV.9 Mod 2mo

Easy Comps for Beginners

LV.24 Mootiversary! 2mo

5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 3. Kassawin

You could never go wrong with Kassadin in most situations. But if you can equip him just right with a few key items, he will become a huge headache for your opponents.
You can start out with Gunsoo's Rageblade. Then add i Runaan's Hurricane and finish up with a Rapid Firecannon to finalize. Swinging on 3 enemy units at once and draining their mana to fuel your shields will keep him and your team alive.
To empower Kassadin even more, you want to add a fellow void Kha'Zix who can distract and take care of back line units, and Cho'Gath is great pick for his area CC, tanking and complete the void Buff.
Lastly, go for the Sorcerers route and add some serious damage to your comp with units like Lulu, Aurelion Sol or Ahri.

LV.22 S 2mo

Perfect Comps for Ranked Mode

-Graves 1
-Tristana 1
-Lucian 2
-Pyke 2
-Gangplank 3
-Cho'Gath 4
-Gnar 4
-Sejuani 4
-Miss Fortune 5
Gunslingers and Pirates are one of the strongest comps in TFT.
Grave and Tristiana are 2 very powerful early game units that scale very well.
Give Red Buff/Titanic Hydra/Curse Blade/Sword Breaker to Tristana and add Graves for the Gunslinger synergy, then Lucian adn Gangplank.
This comp naturally fits together with Pirates from the early game. Add Pyke to your comp. Even with his recent nerfs, he still makes an decent solo Assassin.
Lastly, you will need good tanky frontline with units like Gnar, Sejuani and Cho'Gath.
-Darius 1
-Nidalee 1
-Warwick 1
-Lissandra 2
-Kennen 3
-Katarina 3
-Brand 4
-Sejuani 4
-Draven 4
-Swain 5
If you are not doing so well in the early game and things are just not going as you have planned at all, switching to Elementalist is your best option.
Before anything, Brand should be the last champion to the comp so do not start with him in the early game. Play safe, stick to reliable stand alone units at first. Garen, Darius, Braum, Warwick and Zed are good options to start with. Darius can help with Imperial/Elementalist , Zed with Nina, Baraum with Glacial, Warwick with Wild. As game progress, you will have better chance to pick up Brand (probably by level 6 or 7) If you still don't have Brand at level 7, start rerolling.
Once you get Brand and 2 other elementalist, you'll instantly pick up the pace and shape your comp with a degree of freedom you didn't have before.
-Add Ashe for Glacial route / Add Varus for Demons/Rangers
-Draven/Katarina/Darius works perfect for Imperial
-Zed, Shen, Akali for Ninjas

LV.20 S 2mo

Assassin Team comp guide

Assassin Comp is very strong, but also it can be defeat easily. It rely on luck.
Assassins in Teamfight Tactics are all 7, Evelynn, Katarina, Zed, Akali, Pyke, Rengar, Kha’Zix.
Most favorite and flexible composition is Kha’zix, Shen, Zed, Pyke, Rengar, Evelynn, Kennen, Akali.
In early game, you need to find B.F. Swords
and Recurve Bows. These are the best general options for our item selection. If you find a sword, then be on the look out for Tear of the Goddess
to make Spear of Sho’jin
that fits well on pyke. If you find bows, then they fit a bit better on Zed for the Rapid Firecannon
and the Phantom Dancer. Zed also needs swords though, you’ll want two of them for Infinity Edge.
We’re on the look out for Kha’zix, Shen, Zed, and Pyke in the early game. Kha’zix is pretty easy to find.
If you are struggling to find some of the Assassins you need, then you can run Void as an alternative.
Run a Kassadin and Rek’Sai in the comp for the Void buff. You can also run a Katarina and Darius for the Imperial buff.
Assassins do pretty well early in the game, and if you've gotten some good RNG with your champion picks you should be win-streaking. You'll want to really get to the six Assassin buff as soon as possible, so consider leveling up to get there. It gives you a huge damage increase, and you'll be dealing out a ton of dps once you've stacked your items on Zed or Pyke.
Unfortunately, we still can't go full Ninja at this point. So, stick with your single Ninja, and look for Katarina to fill out your Assassin crew for now. While you are doing this, keep an eye out for Kennen and Akali to round out your Ninja team.
Late Game
If you’ve got Spatula, then it might be worth picking up another one to get Force of Nature and get enough room on your board for full Ninjas.

LV.9 Mod 2mo

Easy Beginner Compositions #1 GLACIAL

Even after its recent nerf, the Glacial synergy is still one the strongest buffs in Teamfight Tactics. When you finally have 6 Glacial champions, you get 40% chance to stun your targets for 2 seconds on hit. If you can combine that with a decent amount of damage, nobody will stop you. They won't even be able to fight back properly and you will take over the board easy.
However, the problem here is actually hitting all 6 Glacials. I guess you can still make it work with just 4 or even 2 glacials. Try to go for Volibear and Sejuani. They should be your key champions in this comp since they are both quite tanky with decent damage and frequent CC.
Sejuani's ult can be surprisingly and usually powerful. It has a very large range and can CC your entire opponent team. However, she costs 4 gold and upgrading her to level 3 takes time. If you can only get to leve 2, that's perfectly fine too.
If you can gather all 6 Glacials, you'll also get the Elementalist synergy but.. you still need to decide which route you wanna take. There're few options:
i) Go for a 3rd Elementalist (Brand) and utilize his AoE ult.
ii) Go for Kenene for his Ninja Passive.
One strength of Glacial synergy is that they are highly flexible and you can make it work with lots of other synergies harmoniously. If you are bored with Elementalist you can try out the Ranger synergy. Ashe is one of your main damage dealers. She has high fire rate and utilizes the Glacial passive stun and freeze ult. She delivers good damage and CC. So you wanna combine her with another Ranger to increase her attack speed.
Choose Varus (long range & damage) or Kindred (place him in the middle, their ult will act as a protective barrier)

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5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 1. Bullet Hell

While everyone else is looking at the same comp cheat sheet circulating around on the internet, why not have more fun and try these interesting and usual comps?
Here're 5 of the most interesting comps I've seen on Teamfight Tactics.
No 1: Bullet Hell
Even though they are not the strongest champions on TFT, if you know how to set them up just right, Gunslingers and Pirates can be devastatingly powerful.
With this comp, you want 4 Gunslingers for the bigger bonus (attacking all enemies in range) and Pirates to help your economy. Also Gunslingers will give free multi-attacks to everyone in the synergy, most importantly, GRAVES! You want him as high tier as possible. Also, equip him with a Phantom Dancer (attack speed/survivability), Titanic Hydra (Everyone of his Gunslinger multi-attacking shots splash damage!!) , then add an item that gives attack speed or health.
Lastly, do not forget to throw a tank in front, like Shen. He will help get you to that Blademaster synergy.

LV.22 S 2mo

Building the BEST COMP with Elise in ranked mode?!

Shapeshifter & Demon Comp with:
Elsie(1), Nidalee(1), Darius(1), Varus(2), Shyvana(3), Morgana(3), Gnar(4), Draven(4), Swain(5)
I know Elise used to be one of the worst tier champions in TFT. However since the release of Patfch 9.14, Elise has been transformed from one the weakest to one of the very best.
She is now one solid 1 gold champion that can create amazing synergies and she will get the ball rolling and take over the game as you progress. She can deal impressive amount of damage in early game with her spiderlings and she can be pretty difficult to handle.
She's also a demon and at the moment, mana burning seems to be getting stronger in Teamfight Tactics. She is not a one-vs-five kind of unit but she can provide a solid barrier for the rest of your team. In the early game, Elise will allow Nidalee deliver as much damage as possible.
Before 9.14 patch, you'd usually go for Sorcerer synergy, but now with solid Elise in your team, you can also go for Demon synergy. have at least 3 strong shapeshifters with Elise, Nidalee, Shyvana, and Gnar for maximum survivability with good damage. In the backline, you want Varus and Morgana burning your opponents mana and prevent them from ulting.
Finally, once you get Swain, you can stick to Shapeshifter/Demon and look for 2 more Demons. This comp is powerful and flexible and should be very hard to counter. Give it a try and have fun.

LV.24 Mootiversary! 2mo

5 Unique & Interesting Comps : No 2. The Tractor Pull

I know many players don't find this golden robot very interesting at first. However, if you don't mind showering him with great items, he just might become the most annoying unit that'll drive your opponent crazy.
First, you need to start by equipping your key unit, Blitzcrank with either a pair of Spear of Shojin, or just 1 Spear + Yuumi and turn him into a sorcerer. This will make sure he will use his ability as frequently as possible. In the last slot, you can use whatever item you get your hands on but if possible, add Guinsoo's Rageblade so you can add some damage and scaling.
For the rest of the comp, you need at least one Brawler like Warwick and one other target for items but you gotta make sure there's plenty of health around Blitz. If everything goes as planned, you will be pulling enemies in the the middle of chaos over and over.

LV.22 S 2mo

What's the BEST TEAM COMP?

I think first comp is the best if I can get it but it's impossible....

Here is the origin post:

LV.17 Sage 2mo

BEST CC Champion in TFT - Sejuani

Obviously Sejuani is the best CC unit in the game and she works with almost every single composition you can think of. Even without utilizing any of her synergies, people will still pick Sejuani.
If your Sejuani is 2 star or higher, the power of her huge AoE CC for 4 seconds is incredibly powerful. I guess Cho'gath, another S-tier champion, has somewhat similar CC potential.
However, if I had to choose between these two, I would always go for Sejuani first since here ult animation takes slightly less time than Cho'gath. You know what this means, even without any items, she will absolutely be able to cast her ultimate before dying.. that is of course if she doesn't get mana burned by Demon or Kassadin.
Your Sejuani will shine the most in Glacial & Ranger & Elementalist comp. She will be in the front line, locking enemies down in CC while the damage dealers are cleaning them up quickly, and more times than not, even before they get out of Sejuani's stun.

LV.24 Mootiversary! 2mo

Best Brawler Build in Early/Mid/Late Game

I know it's not really a popular build. Apparently Brawlers are currently the least played team comp on the official TFT server. They can be very tanky but damage they inflict isn't that impressive. Thus you wanna combine them with some very powerful units with high damage. Let's go over how you can build a Brawler comp that'll actually work.
First off, the Brawler Team Buffs:
2 Brawlers: 300 Bonus Health
4 Brawlers: 700 Bonus Health
Early Game
The Brawler build can be very powerful especially at the early stage since you can get two of them once you reach level 2 and get 300 bonus health. This bonus health is equivalent to having an extra unit on your team. This totally changes the game especially at such early stages. At level 3, 4, you are very likely to get Volibear and you can get the 4 Brawlers bonus with 700 Bonus Health.
Core champions: Warwick, Blitzcrank, Rek'Sai, Volibear. AT level 5, add Nidalee and get 2 Wild bonus. And don't forget to build a strong economy because you'll have to level up a lot in the mid game.
Mid Game
Now once you're in the mid game, you wanna continue level up so taht you can add 2 or more Shapeshifter to your team. Once they are in, you will have ridiculous amount of health in your team and it'll be very difficult to kill your champions. If you get your hands on Cho'Gath, replace Blitz with Cho'gath unless you have items on Blitz and he oneshots rank 2 enemies. In that case, get rid of Rek'Sai or Volibear.
Core Champions: Warwick, Rek'SAi, Volibear, Nidalee, Cho'Gath, Gnar, Shyvana. Continue building strong economy.
Late Game
Level up to 9 as quickly as sanely possible. Place Ahri and Kassadin and get 3 Void and 4 Wild buffs and you'll maximize your whole team's damage output. By the way, Blitz won't be one shot enemies at this point so replace him with Cho'Gath or anyother Brawlers you like.
Your team will be very hard to kill now especially with proper gears .
If there's one more spot, make sure you add Aurelion Sol for 3 Sorcerer and 2 Dragon buff. With proper items on him, he will quickly clean up enemies on the board.

LV.22 PlayStation 2mo

Gunslinger/Yordles Comp: Why? and How?

Because everyone else is competing against each other for the same champions and you know you will have hard time getting and upgrading those high tier Champions.
Graves and Tristana are not very popular usually. You should be able to upgrade them to 3 stars relatively easily.
Then you just need itemize these two units for the best returns.
In early-game, you might wanna grab Brawlers... or Knights as your front line.
Later in the game, you can replace them with Poppy, Kennen and Gnar!

LV.20 S 2mo

How to build OPTIMAL TEAMS

LV.22 S 3mo

S-tier Comp right now

-Focus on getting to 50 gold (No lvling/rerolling)
-Find a 3-start Vayne, level up
-Complete the rest by tarting the $4 units.
1)Vayne: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Phantom Dancer, Titanic Hydra, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster
2)Ashe: Spear of Shojin, Guinsoo’s Rageblade
3)Varus: Frozen Mallet
-Get to 50 gold
-If you have a rank 2 Nidalee on the bend and also on the board, look for 3 start Nidalee.
-Kassadin/Warwick are $1, look for their 3-stars in case things don't go as you planned
-Otherwise, level to 7 and look for Aurelion Sol.
1) Aurelion Sol: Spear of Shojin, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Rabadon’s Deathcap
2) Nidalee: Rapid Firecannon, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Titanic Hydra
-Get to 50 gold
-Look to hit rank 3 Nidalee
-Hold off on lvling till you get a rank 3 Warwick
-If all fails, lvl up to 7 and look for Draven.
1) Draven: Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster, Phantom Dancer
2) Nidalee: Rapid Firecannon, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Titanic Hydra

LV.22 PlayStation 3mo

S-tier Team Comp Builds

LV.11 Mod 3mo