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Shapeshifter & Dragon Comp (ranked)

LV.22 S 2mo

4 Best Team Comps (9.14b)

Mostly Standard. Keep your Knights up front and Rangers behind them.
Run a Zeke's Herald on Varus and line up the units you want to receive the buff.
Line up your weaker minions alongside Morgana to receive shield from the Locket of the Iron Solari. Aatrox is your main tank so keep him in front.
Standard corner positioning. Insulate your Volibear to avoid damage being too easily applied to him. Blitzcrank is the wild card of this build in term of where to place it. Place Blitz furthest away from the enemy unit he should pull.
You don't have any tanks with this comp early on, so keep Lucian in front and keep other units away from harm. Once you get into later stages, Cho'gath and Sejuani should set up as your units that can absorb some damage.

LV.22 Genius 2mo


LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Tier S TFT Comps (Updated 9.14b)

LV.22 S 2mo

TFT Meta Now

LV.24 Mootiversary! 2mo

BLADEMASTER IMPERIAL COMP - Best Comp in Patch 9.14b

Your Key Champions: Draven, Yasuo, Aatrox
Main damage dealers are Draven and Yasuo. The full comp will require lvl 8 and Blade of the Ruined King on Darius.
-Pick 2 gold champion with Recurve Bow on the first carousel
-Look for Darius, Fiora early, then look for Garen, Warwick and Nidalee.
-Get another Recurve Bow at the next Carousel. (You need total of 3)
-Look for Shen and Gangplank
-Then look for Aatrox and Katarina
-Once you hit lvl 6, you have increase chance of getting Draven (your main carry)
-Reach level 7 and roll up Yasuo.
-Put Rapid Fire run, Gragon's Claw and Bloodthirster on Draven.

LV.24 Mootiversary! 2mo

MINI GUIDE: Ranger Glacial Comp

FINAL TEAM: Vayne, Varus, Braum, Volibear, Ashe, Kindred, Sejuani, Leona
***Start with 3 Nobles, You must have Vayne.
***Add Ashe for the Ranger bonus.
***Add Braum for the Glacial bonus.
***Add Leona for the Guardian bonus.
***Add Varus and Kindred for the 4 Ranger bonus.
***Add Sejuani and Volibear for the Glacial bonus.
***Put all items on Vayne and upgrade her to 3 stars.

LV.22 PlayStation 2mo

The BEST 9.14b Comps: YORDLE SERIES 1, 2 and 3

This comp heavily relies on AoE of Morgana, Kennen and Aatrox while Eve and Veigar cleans out whatever is left. You get a very sold mid game with this comp and it'll have you stay out of bottom 4.
Early Game:
Build brawlers/nobles/knights to survive the early stages. Try to get the Lockets of the Iron Solari at the first carousel.
Mid Game:
After you reach level 6, start rerolling to find your key units. You need Kenne, Morgana and Aatrox.
-Stick the Darkin on Pyke, he'll ult after 1 attack.
-Lockets will give you a boost in early game
-Put appropriate items on Aatrox(Gurdian Angel), Kenne (Morello), Morgana (Locket). They can be your carry .
Combine full 6 Yordle buff with one powerful Morgana and you're unstoppable. This compe is especially very effective against assassins and auto-attack based comps.
Early Game:
Pick up gunslingers, pirates and yordles you see. You have to have early Lulu and Morgana if you wanna make this comp work.
Mid Game:
Position Morgana and the rest of your team in the back row with Locket on Morgana.
With 3 yordle bonus and lots of AOE, you should have no trouble sailing through mid game and look for the rest of your yordles.
-Your No. 1 priority is finding Morgana and equip her with a Locket. She'll carry your early game.
-If you cannot find a Locket, use a Phantom Dancer instead, and later stack it with Gunblade and Dragon Claw.
Your opponent will find you annoying and difficult to kill with this comp. This comp is also effective against Assassins and auto-attack based comps.
Early Game:
Pick up gunslingers, pirates and yordles you see. See what you get and decide which of above 3 yordle comps you'll go for. If you decide to go for Gunslinger Yordle comp, sell the pirates and start looking for all Yordles.
Mid Game:
Roll for Tristana. Lulu enhance the survivability of your team. Save gold till level 7 and complete this comp.
-Sword Breaker and Curse Blade are effective on Gunslingers
-Have at least 4 on hit items among Lucian and Tristana.
-Red Buff will do wonders since it spreads to all enemies with gunslinger buff and denies healing.
-(Optional) Get Miss Fortune, turn her into a sorcerer. It'll complete the ultimate comp.

LV.22 S 2mo

Demon & Elementalist Broken Comp

LV.22 Genius 2mo

Blademaster elementalist

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Assassin + Void + Wild Comp

LV.22 S 2mo

Pirate Sorcs, with Gunslingers and Yordles

Alright you beautiful people you, LISTEN UP.

This comp ain't for now twizzler twistin' sissies. This comp is for the daring and bold ONLY.

...and also requires 2 Spats AND 2 Needlessly Large rods to pull off, so loss-streaking and luck have to be on your side.

So this comp starts simple: Pirates. Gunslingers. And a few Yordles. You want a fast pirate Buff, so GP, TF, and Graves should be some of your staring units. If you can't get GP that early, you can settle on Trist and Pyke til you get them. You should also be on the lookout for some sorcerers, as they will be the main part of your damage and your ace in the hole for this comp. A-Sol and Ahri aren't make or break for this comp, nor should Graves be by the end. Feel free to swap out your Sorcs as you see fit. In addition, this comp (as listed) would actually end up with 7 sorcerers, so feel free to change out some other units as well. If you feel like throwing in some blademasters or brawlers instead trist and Graves, go for it if Yordles aren't cutting it in terms of survivability.

But the big twist is those spats and Needlessly Large rods from before. Because the biggest secret is...'re going to make GP and MF Sorcerers.

Now I can already hear some of you laughing already. "That's stupid af wtf why would you even do that dummy."


While sorcerers buff grants spell damage to the whole team, making MF and GP sorcs gives them the innate "Double Mana on attacks" AND will allow you to free up some slots in your comp while maintaining 6 sorcs.

Lemme tell you... A GP with sorc buff, Ludens and Rabbadons/Shojin/Archangles is NUTS. He throws barrels faster than man throws away money at a strip club. And if you can get MF an RFC? Oh baby. Now THAT'S a lot of DAMAGE.

As for positioning, it depends on what you settle with in your comp. Obviously MF should be in the back with A-Sol, Ahri, and Trist, with Veigar, Lulu, and TF towards the middle. Graves and GP should actually be your frontline, as they tend to get tankier and that'll let you get GP's ability off faster as a starter for MF, Veig, and A-Sol to DELETE the rest. If you chose to throw out brawlers or blademasters, you can swap Ahri out for Morg and get Aatrox for a double demon buff in your frontline as well. If brawlers, just go with the tankiest units you get. And as follow-up, if you're lucky enough to get a 3rd spat, or if you don't want the hassle of getting 7 sorcs and just keep GP or MF as they are, Voli/Cho with frozen mallet in Cho will provide a lot of free CC to your comp, and a double brawlers buff.

That's pretty much it. Itemization outside of the spats is up to you. A-sol or MF having RFC/Guinsoos is a good choice, tank items on your frontline, and AP items out the rear on your Sorcs.

Well, happy teamfighting! I hope y'all enjoyed this.

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Infographic of the Meta Comp Guide [u/VeshzanTFT]

LV.22 S 2mo

MINI GUIDE: Blademaster Comp

FINAL TEAM: Fiora, Shen, Aatrox, Braum, Ganplank, Leona, Draven, Yasuo
***Start with Darius and Knight units.
***Once you get Draven, run 3 Blademaster (Aatrox, Fiora, Shen) then reach 6 with Yasuo.
***Replace Darius with Leona and Braum.
***You Draven needs to be a 2 star for this comp to work.

LV.22 PlayStation 2mo

3 Team Comps with Exact Hex Positioning

LV.22 Genius 2mo

POPULAR an Effective Comp after 9.14B - Demon Sorcerers

Your final team will include:
Aatrox, Everlynn, Kenne, Lulu, Moragna, Veigar, Brand
If you cannot get Brand, use Pyke with Darkin instead.
Put the Locket on Morgana and place weaker units alongside her.
Place Aatrox in front since he's your main tank in this comp.
-We'll be needing lots and lots of Needlessly Large Rod to build Morellonomicon and the Lockets. Find a Giatn's Belt to make Morellonomicon and later look for Chain Vests for Lockets.
-Since most of the units you need are 3 gold, use whatever you can in the early game as long as you can upgrade to 2 star early. You need to level up ASAP to get higher cost units.

LV.22 S 2mo


Has a great midgame, is mostly 3 costs (meaning you can assemble easily at level 6) and has lots of casters to benefit off sorcerer buff. Stack Aatrox or Kennen.

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Freeze Doge

LV.3 Lurker 2mo

Unstoppable Team...

This is the team, the reason for these champions is that the class synergies work well with each other which makes the team last til late game. In early game get as soon as possible, be then you can have 2 star units. If you can focus on getting brawlers like Blitizcrank or other brawler for the brawler synergy for more health. At mid game you should be at lv. 7 and should aim to have 4 brawlers and 3 elementalists. The sooner you get the elementalists the sooner you can add additional damage. You should make sure to have items for Voilbear like Rapid Firecannon and Phantom Dancer to avoid critical strikes and double attack range. At late game you should have the items you need and a team with plenty of health. Make sure you play smart and watch the other team and punish there actions toward you. For more health for yourself and other brawlers, make sure you get Warmogs and Redemption even at the early game. The only down side I see is you get mana drain, but that should be a problem. Have a good foundation at the beginning and you should have a unstoppable force at the end of your game... Good Luck...

LV.28 Dragon 2mo

Ninja Elementalist (Alot of Dmg with Sustain)

Greetings Summoners! I wish everyone good luck for the Giveaway for youre Favourite TFT Composition!
This is my favourite composition and its one of the best comps in my opinion because the power spikes you get from Elementalist and Ninja are so strong thats just fun to see how you win round after round. This comp has alot of damage because of Ninja (4) und sustain because of the elementalist (3). When the game starts and through out the game you should look for brand and zed on the carousel. Also if you cant place 8 units change Lissandra for Anivia until you can place both for glacial buff. Youre 2 Main Carrys are Akali and Pyke. Pyke should get 2 Spear of Shojin if possible and Akali should have Dragons Claw, Phantom Dancer and Rabadons. #MyTeamComp

LV.6 Assassin 2mo

Wild Shapeshifter Dragons with extra carry

The core of this build is 6 characters: Shyvana, she is the carry number one in early to mid game,(items: warmogs, phantom dancer, gunblade), warwick, ahri, nidalee, gnar and aurelion, which becomes another carry when you upgrade him to level 2, or put shojin, rabadons, ludens, etc.
After getting these 6 chars you have 4 wilds, 3 shapeshifters and 2 Dragons, at this point you should be destroying anyone who comes up against you, but it's not over, you are 1 sorcerer off sorc buff and you still have 2 or 3 chars to add, so you can get creative with sorcerers, but i like to add karthus to the mix as his ult is really good to chip down enemy health as aurelion can wipe all of them out later with his special ability.
I added draven and swain to the list as draven adds up as another carry, so now you have 3 carries which deal different kinds of damage and are hard to counter, also swain is really strong too, because you have shapshifters after he ults, he gains a lot of hp and heals like crazy so its hard to kill him as he deals a lot of damage on his own.
Draven + swain is imperial so no matter on which character it lands on they get to pop off even more.
So that was the build, hope you like it. #MyTeamComp

LV.3 Lurker 2mo

Solid Gunslinger Comp

If you decided to go for Gunslinger/Pirate build, you need to start buying every single Gunslinger and Pirate units you see, I mean all of them!
Tristana, Graves, Lucian are your early game priorities. You can add Pyke and Gangplank later on. In later game, grab Cho'Gath and Sejuani and if you ever find MIss Fortune, grab her of course and lose Gangplank or Graves.
Your final comp should include:
Cho'Gath, Gangplank, Graves, Lucian, Pyke, Sejuani, Tristana.
-Your gunslingers have a 50% chance to attack 2 additional targets
-You'll earn upto 4 extra gold each PVP round. (Average 1.6 gold / chest)
Equip Tristana with:
Cursed Blade, Rapid Firecannon, Red Buff
Equip Lucian with:
Hush, Sword Breaker, Cursed Blade
If you get any tank items, stack it on Sejuani, she's your main frontline in this comp.

LV.22 S 2mo

MINI GUIDE: Noble Comp

FINAL TEAM: Fiora, Garen, Vayne, Lucian, Braum, Leona, Sejuanil, Kayle
***Start with Vayne, Garen & Fiora (Vayne is your carry, stack items on her)
***Add Ashe (or another Ranger till you find Ashe) for Ranger bonus.
***Add Braum for Glacial bonus, add Leon for Guardian bonus.
***After you find Kayle, remove Ashe and Braum and add Lucian and Kayle
***Later when you have room for one more, add Braum again. Then add either Ashe of Sejuani.

LV.22 PlayStation 2mo

Demon and Dragons

This team comp relies on the raw HP of shapeshifters combined with a lot of mana burn to overpower your enemies. Immortal Shyvana can carry you easily if your opponents are not prepared.
Early Game The ideal early game is getting 3 shapeshifter buff and demon buff by level 4
Mid game: Hit level 6 and roll a bit to find your 4 demons and 3 shapeshifters combo

LV.22 S 2mo

100% win rate

Wow #MyTeamComp is destroying right now check this build out let me know what you think

LV.3 Lurker 2mo



This is one of my favorite comps for a number of reasons.

1. Extremely flexible/versatile and easy to transition from a strong early game(brawlers/wild) into an even stronger late game(shapeshifters/full wild team)
2. Not many people are spamming this comp so it’s easy to obtain the necessary champs
3. You can hyper stack a number of the champions in this comp to make it viable. I.e. Kass, A-Sol, Shyv, Gnar, Voli.
4. There’s a wide range of items you can use in this comp on a number of the champions that will work out. I.e. RFC on the Voli, Shojun on A-Sol, Thornail on Shyv, etc. The possibilities are endless
5. Good into a lot of comps due to the mixed damage from the sorcs and the full team of wilds attack speed. 40% attack speed on your entire team adds up. That’s basically 20 recurve bows for your team
6. Last but not least, the ending to the comp can be flexed as you see fit for what you’re up against. You can drop the void buff for another glacial if you need the extra cc from your Voli, or you can drop 3 of the brawlers all together if you end up wanting to go 6 sorc with if you end up coming by a Karthus

All in all, this comp is very versatile and easy to run and it’s hard to mess up given the flexibility of who you can put items on to make it work. Good luck everyone and have fun with this one. I know I do.

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

POPULAR Frozen elemental Daimons

So, while this sounds retarded i found myself trying this build a lot lately, getting a lot of free wins when i get to late game, but lets get this clear: its fully luck based. I'm really into econ playing, so usually it's a slow start for me, however when i get a lot of early varus and elises i usually try to stick to demons for the rest of the game. Here is good start: getting as much elises and vaynes along with those varus and try to work towards an early elementalist. So you will need that early brand.
This works fine with defensive items, so it's a good way to get back into the game when bad item rng. However if you get some tears make sure to save them for the glacial transition. Remember that elise its vital to get that big chunck of damage to the enemy with her spiderlings, so hopefully try to get her to level 3. All others pieces are fine on level 1 and 2 before the transition.

LV.10 Jumpmaster 2mo

Best team comp every ...

It was every champion you need no need to decide what you u want u have them all at hand... Lol...

LV.28 Dragon 2mo

Power Rangers

#MyTeamComp has a lot of everything going on, but if you get the right items on Ashe, Kayle and Braum, then you are most likely to secure an easy victory. 38% more effective if used while listening to the Power Rangers theme.

LV.21 Shotcaller 2mo


Here's #MyTeamComp. I clearly have no idea what I'm doing!

LV.12 Shadow 2mo