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How to make NOBLE comp work in patch 9.15

Noble comps are enjoying popularity in patch 9.15 thanks to their simplicity and viability in the current meta. Noble build is straightforward and easy to work with. It is indeed the BEST build for the beginners.
Noble builds can easily dominate the early game but often fall off in power in mid game. But will once you complete all 6 Nobles, this build will become incredibly powerful again.
1) Early Game:
You can easily and quickly get the 3 Noble bonus since the first 3 are all Tier 1 units and they work pretty well in the early game especially before you reach level 4.
Get 3 Nobles, then add Fiora, Garen, and Vayne and upgrade quickly.
If you find Lucian, remove Fiora and add him instead.
Add Tristana and Darius to your team. ( 2 Knight & 2 Gunslinger) and get them to level 2 quickly. If your Garen provides solid tanking, you get Varus or Ashe instead of Darius.
2) Mid Game:
If everything goes well, you could have 6 Noble Champions at this. In the Mid game, you team should have: Fiora, Vaye, Garen, Kayle, Lucian and Leona. However in most cases, you'll be missing one or two Noble units. Add Aurelion Sol or Brand instead in the meantime.
3) Late Game:
Noble builds will finally start to shine again in the late game. By this stage, you have to have all 6 Nobles on board, otherwise the game is over. You team should be: Vayne, Garen, Fiora, Lucian, Leona and Kayle. After level 8, add Braum and Ashe for 2 Guardian, 2 Glacial, 2 Ranger bonuses. Lastly, if you have the slot, you can also add Miss Fortune for more damage.
***In case you'd rather go for 3 elementalists, go for:
6 Noble + Anivia, Brand, Lissandra.
4) Ultimate Team:
In case you get your hands on a Force of Nature and increase your team size to 10, add Ashe and Braum on your Elementalist comp. You'll get 4 Galcial, 2 Guardian, 2 Ranger.

LV.22 S 1mo

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 3. Ranger Guardian Phantom

Your Final Team
-Mordekaiser / Vayne / Braum / Varus / Ashe / Leona / Kindred
Team comp built on Rangers and Guardians are quite strong in this patch. This is a basic Ranger build and there are number of variants.
In this comp, Ashe will be your main carry and you wanna equip her with any on-hit items. If you had to, Vayne can be your carry option too, but Ashe is better with both the Ragner and Glacial traits.
-Begin building your team with Mordekaiser and any random Knight and get 2 Knight bonus.
-Add Vayne and Ashe and get 2 Ranger Bonus. If you can't find Ashe, use Varus in the meantime.
-Look for Barum to unlock the Glacial bonus.
-In the late game, replace the random Knight you put on board in the beginning with Leona instead for the Guardian synergy. Add Kindred & Varus for 2 Phantom and 4 Ranger bonus.

LV.22 PlayStation 1mo

A-tier Patch 9.15 Comp: Dragon Defenders

This build mainly relies on the massive amount of HP of shapeshifters combined with superior armor from Guardians. Especially with Shyvana as your main carry + 2 powerful sorcerers, your team comp will be the most annoyingly difficult one to handle for your opponents.
Consider going for this build if in the first few rounds, you find lots of component items to make items for Shyvana which are : Warmog's Armor, Tornmail, Hextech Gunblade.
In early game, do whatever it takes to survive till you can place 3 shapeshifters + Shyvana on board. Use any strong units you can put your items on in the meantime.
In mid game, unless you are too weak to survive, do not roll until you reach level 7 so you have higher chance of getting high tier units like Leona, Karthur and Aurelion Sol.
-Shyvana is you rmain carry and she is unusually strong even at 1 star, put a Warmog on her.
-While you assemble your group, Aatrox, Darius, Garen and Kennen will help you survive through mid game.
-Once you get Gnar, try to put Static Shiv on him as soon as possible. He's got a superior base attack speed + wild buff + he lives the longest.
Your carries are:
Shyvana: Warmog's Armor, Thornmail, Hextech Gunblade
Gnar: Stattick Shiv X 2
Barum: Thornmail

LV.22 S 1mo

The ultimate HEXTECH team comp 9.16 (August 14th)

The latest addition to TFT, the Hextech origin can be played on the PBE right now.
Their unique ability to render enemy units items completely useless can be a very powerful weapon especially in the later stages of the game when everyone's finished combining items. The more dependent the enemy is on their items, the more effective the hextech synergy will be. However, the flip side of the coin may not be so attractive since your hextech comp will be rather helpless in the early stages of the game.
There are 4 Hextech units you can hire: Camille, Jayce, Jinx, and Vi.
The Hextech origin synergy can be changed significantly before they go live in 9.16 on August 14th.
1) Early Game:
This comp is very weak early on in the game since your opponents just don't have enough items on them for the Hextech synergy to be useful. So in the beginning, run Nobles or Blademasters.
You have 3 options depending on which units are available for you to choose.
-Run Jayce, Vi, Lucian, Garen, Vaynce (Gunslinger)
-Run Jayce, Vi, Fiora, Garen, Vayne (Transition to Blademaster)
-or Run Camile, Vi, Fiora, Aatrox, Gangplank (Blademaste early)
2) Mid Game:
Your opponents will start place items on their units and this is when your Hextech build will start gaining strength. And finally you'll be able to get Jinx which will give you 4 Hextech bonus and enemies won't be able to rely on their items for surprisingly long 15 seconds (about 50% of a round). When you consider Cursed Blade and Statikk Shiv in the meta, this 15 second bonus is absolutely enormous.
Your core units are Jayce, Vi, Camille, and Jinx and you can pick any Gunslinger for 2 Gunslinger bonus but Gunslinger is better since you'll add Draven and you can get Gunslinger and 3 Blademaster bonus.
3) Late Game:
Sell Draven after your reach level 7. Go for 4 Gunslinger bonus instead. Continue leveling up and upgrading your units. Your Hextech buff is good for first 15 seconds of the round so you want to kill most enemy units within that time period.
At level 8, your team will include: Camille, Jayce, Vi, Jinx, Gangplank, Graves, Miss Fortune and Lucian.
At level 9, add Tristana and complete 6 Gunslinger bonus.
Your will finally get 4 Hextech, 6 Gunslinger, 3 Pirate Bonuses.
4) Ultimate Team:
In case you get your hands on a Force of Nature and increase your team size to 10, try to add Yasuo. You'll get 1 Exile and 3 Blademaster bonuses.

LV.22 S 1mo

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 2. Demon Ranger Elementalist

Your Final Team
-Varus / Lissandra / Ashe / Kennen / Aatrox / Morgana / Brand
This build is very similar to Glacial Ranger Elementalist comp but it prioritizes Demons over Galcials.
Demons have been nerfed in the latest patch so they won't be as strong as they used to be in 9.14 but with currently increased number of Sorcerer teams, this comp might give you an edge in battle.
In early game, you might wanna start with Nobles and/or Knights. They are highly effective in the early game.
-Your early priorities are Ashe, Varus, and Lissandra for 2 ranger and 2 glacial buffs. However, at this point, your carry isn't Ashe, but Varus.
-Then, try to unlock the Golem. You'll want to find Kennen and Brand fast. You'll also get 2 demon synergy with Brand.
-Complete your build with Aatrox and Morgana and complete 4 demon synergy.

LV.22 PlayStation 1mo

A-tier Patch 9.15 Comp: Yordle Sorcerer

Yordle Sorcerer comp with good CC can be a huge nightmare for your opponent to deal with . With huge wild attack speed, Gnar will make an excellent carry equipped with Static Shiv.
Consider going for this comp if you have a Static Shiv made very early on and you continue finding Yordles in the shop. This comp could be a potential option.
In early game, hunt for Static Shivs at carousels and look for Knights or Nobles.
In mid game, until you find all 6 Yordles, play 4 Knights and 3 Yordles for survivability.
-In the early stages, running Nobles or Knights is a good idea and you can put your items on Lucian.
-If you don't have enough slots on your team and you have to pick either yordle buff or sorcerer buff, go for yordle buff first. Sorcerer buff will become useful later.
Your carries are:
Gnar: Stattik Shiv X 2
Kenen: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel

LV.22 S 1mo

Best Comp

Do you have a favorite team comp?

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What's the best team comp right now.

LV.4 Lurker 1mo

Yordle Ulti

This comps given Kenne as much items for her to ulti asap, sometime you get many tank items build it to Poppy as he got CC and tanks will help to cover team well.

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

POPULAR How to make VOID comp work in patch 9.15

Void synergy can be pretty effective but only with few comps in 9.15 patch since their unique synergy mainly fits physical damage builds that rely on basic attacks to do damage.
However, Void units are so very easy to acquire. There's an abundance of Void units available even at level 1 and you can basically complete the full Void synergy at level 3.
1) Early Game:
Void build in 9.15 can be very powerful during early game since you can get 3 void synergy which makes all your basic attacks ignore enemy armor. 3 assassin synergy will give you additional critical hits and bonus damage. and you can get Zed for 1 ninja synergy. it's a lot of synergies for early game. Once you reach level 3, look for Kha'Zix, Kassadin and Rek'Sai.
In the meantime, build up strong economy. level up and expand your team (2 more Assassins)
2) Mid Game:
This build will fall off in power during middle since you have to wait till late game to get all 6 Assassins to complete this comp. So what you can do in the meantime is to run any additional Assassin you can and upgrade them. It doesn't matter which one, just use the higher ranking one over lower one. In case you get Akali, remove Zed and place her instead.
3) Late Game:
This is when your 9.15 Void build will pick up the pace with other players as you begin to run the full Assassin synergy and other additional bonuses. Currently the best Void compe will include: Cho'Gath, Rek'Sai, Kha'Zix, Pyke, Katarina, Rengar, Akali, and Evelynn. You can add Swain at level 9 for more synergies.
4) Ultimate Team:
In case you get your hands on a Force of Nature and increase your team size to 10, replace Swain with Warwick and add Volibear. This will make your fronline virtually impossible to kill.

LV.22 S 2mo

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 1. Glacial Ranger Elementalist

Your Final Team
-Varus / Lissandra / Barum / Ashe / Kenne / Brand / Sejuani
If you don't really wanna run Guardians and can't get them, you make use of the Elementalist's Golem as your main tank.
There isn't really one straight solution for the early game with this comp. Just rely on your Knights and Nobles and them replace them the moment you find your main units for your final team.
-Your first main priorities are getting Varus, Ashe and Lissandara. (2 Ranger & 2 Glacial)
-Then you should unlock the Golem. Get Kenne and Brand quick. and you'll get 2 Demon synergy
-Complete your fronline with Braum and Sejuani and get 4 Glacial synergy

LV.22 PlayStation 2mo

POPULAR A-tier Patch 9.15 Comp: Imperial Guard

Once you complete the Imperial buff, there is no stopping Draven and your HP loaded frontline from melting your enemy frontlines.
Consider going for this build if you get early 2 star Darius and good items for Draven (lots of Recurve Bows)
In early game, all you have to pay attention to is to get the Garius combo. You can use any third or fourth unit that's strong enough to let you continue into mid game without taking to much damage.
In mid game, you want to start focusing on building a strong front line and get Draven on board. Until you get all 4 guardians and imperials, you can run 4 brawlers if you have'em. Sejuani will make a great addition to your team.
-Do not obsess with only having 4 imperials. You can instead run 2 brawlers or 2 blademasters until you finally find Swain.
-Your key units are only available in late game so you'll have to wait out the game and level up then roll to get this comp on board.
-In the early game, it doesn't matter whom you run. However, since you are only looking items that are good for Draven, you might wanna run Vayne or Tristana who carry Draven items in the meantime.
Your carries are:
Draven: Guinsoo's Ragebalde, Rapid Firecannon, Bloodthirster
Swain: Dragon's Claw

LV.22 S 2mo

What's the best team comp right now???

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Gaiming moment

And yeah

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POPULAR Best Ranger Team Comp (9.15) TFT

In 9.15 patch, running a Ranger comp means very high risk but at the same time, very high reward if played right. This comp requires 4 rangers including Kindred who happens to be in Tier 4, so you won't be ale to complete the comp until mid/late game. Thus it's all about how you plan your comp in advance and not take too much damage on your way to the final comp.
With you final comp, you'll be dishing out very high DPS with solid tank (Kindred ult) with 3 Tanks, Glacial freezes and Elementalist Golem and Demon mana burn.
In the early game, run 2 Rangers (since you can't get Kindred) + 3 Nobles + 2 Gunslingers.
You can get these bonuses with Vayne, Varus, Lucian (or Fiora), Garen, Graves (or Tristana).
This comp will be quite strong in the early game due to strong Noble 3 bonus. Ranger and Gunslinger bonuses will give you decent overall DPS. As soon as you get Ashe, remove Varus and send Ashe in.
From here on, 9.15 Ranger build becomes fun. Keep an eye out of Kindred, you can expand to 4 Ranger bonus which is the ultimate goal of this build. Also, start expanding onto Phantoms and Glacials around level 6, 7. You want to build your team with Vayne, Ashe, Kindred, Varus, Mordekaiser, Sejuani (or Volibear). With this mid game comp, you should be able to enjoy win streak for awhile. Keep leveling up and rank up your champions.
Add Lissandra and get 4 Glacial bonus.
Add Brand and turn on 2 Demon bonus.

LV.22 S 2mo

Comps that work in 9.15 : Yordle Sorcerer

This insane comp will dish out heavy CC and your enemy team will not know how to handle this nightmare. Gnar will be your main carry in this comp and make sure you put Static Shiv on him. If you happen to have component items for Static Shiv early and you keep getting yordles, you might wanna try out this comp.
Early Game
You gotta get your hands on Static Shivs fast. Grab it at carousels and focus on Knights or Nobles in the early game.
Mid Game
Once you reach level 6, run 4 Knights and 3 Yordles. It'll help you survive while you are looking for all 6 Yordles.
-In the beginning, stick with Nobles or Knights. Put items on Lucian early on and later when you don't need him, sell him and get your items back.
-Know the priority of your buffs since you only have limited number of slots on the board. The Sorcerer buffs comes in the last.
Gnar: 2 Stattik Shivs
Kennen: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel

LV.19 Sage 2mo

TFT 9.15 BEST COMPS - 1. Ranger Guardian Phantom

Your final team should include:
Mordekaiser, Vayne, Braum, Varus, Ashe, Leona, Kindred
In patch 9.15, I believe team comps build on Rangers and Guardians will definitely dominate the meta. In this basic comp, Ashe will be your main carry and you wannna stack her up with on hit items. You can use Vayne as well.. but Ashe makes a better carry with both Ranger and Glacial traits.
* Start with Mordekaiser and any random Knight you can get to turn on 2 Knight bonus
* Add Vayne & Ashe for 2 Ranger bonus. You can use Varus while looking for Ashe.
*Add Braum and turn on Glacial bonus
*Once you enter the late game, remove the random Knight and add Leona instead and turn on Guardian bonus, and Kindred & Varus for 2 Phantom and 4 Ranger bonus.

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Patch 9.15 updated Team Comp Tier List

LV.22 S 2mo

Best Sorcerer Comp in PATCH 9.15 (Ranked PBE)

LV.22 S 2mo

Glacial Rangers Comp

Rangers are getting popular after 9.14b patch. This build requires Statikk Shiv on Ashe to trigger 100 splash damage. It not only deals extra damage but also increases the chance of freezing your enemy units when you are running Glacials.
In early game, focus on creating a couple of Statikk Shivs. After Ashe, Varus is your second champion you wanna stack items with. Make Red Buff, Hush or Sword Breaker. Even Rapid Firecannon if you have lots of Recurve Bows.

LV.22 S 2mo

MINI GUIDE: Yordle Comp

FINAL TEAM: Tristana, Lulu, Poppy, Kennen, Veigar, Morgana, Gnar, Kayle.
***Start with Tristana, Lulu, and Poppy for 3 Yordle bonus1
***Add any Knight and Gunslinger for early game.
***At level 6, remove the random Knight and Gunslinger for Veigar, Gnar, and Kennen.
***Add Morgana for 3 Sorcerer bonus
***Add Kayle

LV.22 PlayStation 2mo

Imperial/Demon/Assassin comp with some glacial knights

This team comp melts through everything and has just the right tankiness and cc with the glacial and knights

LV.2 Lurker 2mo


Get the core 7 get some shiv on ranger and ga and so item on atroxx it's unbeatable add a kennen and kayle or lulu for max efficiency

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Volibear Brawlers

I happen to love this team alot because it is super fun to build early on and the brawler bonus gives the heroes lots of health (in other words its pretty hard for my heroes to die), also because it doesn't follow that Ninja Assassin meta (I happened to run into alot of those teams :/)


LV.4 Insomniac 2mo

Best Comp 9.14

Aatrox and shyvana are by far my two favorites in TFT so I just built off of those two and got this in one of my matches. Once I got this then made shyvana a demon I destroyed everyone I faced. By far my favorite comp so far.

LV.2 Lurker 2mo

Shapshifting Spell Power galore

This set of team can easily beat almost anything with all the attack speed and spell power. also, Lulu is Lulu she's already good by herself.


LV.8 Professional Noob 2mo

My blade master/wild/imperilademon comp :)

I like this comp very much because it can be very strong late game due to many possible carry’s like Morgana, gnar and draven and you you can put Shen in the middle and when he uses his ability if many people are near him he can save a lot of your heroes. #MyTeamComp

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Best Team Comp Builds to Use

LV.22 S 2mo


Your final comp includes:
Nidalee / Warwick / Gnar / Ahri / Draven / Sejuani / Swain
Wild(4) - each units attack give them one stack of Fury (5 stack cap) stacks provide 8% attack speed
Imperial(2) - 1 Imperial does double damage
Shapeshifter(3) - Shapeshifters gain a 100% bonus to their maximum health when transforming
Brawler(2) - +300 HP to Brawlers

LV.22 S 2mo

S & A Tier Team Comps

LV.24 Mootiversary! 2mo