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TFT 9.16 Comps - Brawler

Teamfight Tactics: General - TFT 9.16 Comps - Brawler image 1

With utilizing Brawlers, you get the beefiest, tankiest team comp and usually the VIP of this comp in recent meta past few weeks has been the one and only Volibear. This comp requires very specific game play and items. You need Rapid Firecannon to make this comp work, Blitzcrank to take care of troublesome enemy units in the back, and Glaical buff to freeze the enemy team.   You Final Team: Volibear / Blitzcrank / Rek'Sai / Cho'Gath / Ashe / Anivia / Brand / Lissandra   Your Carries: Volibear: Rapid Firecannon / Guinsoo's Rageblade / Warmog's Armor Cho'Gath: Morellonomicon / Ionic Spark   When to go for this comp: If you have early Rapid Firecannon and you keep finding Brawlers, you might consider going for this comp.   Early Game:   You initial priority is to get 4 Brawlers on board ASAP. In the meantime, utilize Wild units like Warwick to boost your damage   Mid Game: Once you're in mid game, start focus on getting Elemental units. This will take some time since there are some high cost champions you can get higher level.

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