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Current Meta Comp (9.16) Vi + Sorcers + Voids

Teamfight Tactics: General - Current Meta Comp (9.16) Vi + Sorcers + Voids image 1

Carries Vi ~ Yuumi / Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel. These are the primary 3 items Vi wants. The very basic you should try to get a Yuumi (Spatula) this will enable Vi to get twice the mana per hit! Outside of that the last 2 spots have some flexibility with Morellonomicon & Guardian Angel being the best choice. You can also make a Spear of Shojin / Deathcap for more Ults and damage.   Cho'gath ~ AP/Survivability items. Morellonomicon is recommend for making the ults even better! Guardian Angel to make sure he gets Ults off you can also with mana to give him quicker ults. Would go for Morellonomicon & Guardian Angel + AP/mana.   Ahri ~ Morellonomicon is a must! It really enables her to do a lot of damage. After that Mana/AP she can use Statik Shivs fairly well as more attacks = more ults! Ahri generally wants to be placed in the 2nd row to enable her full potential! Now Ludens stack they can be incredibly effective on Ahri.   Aurelion Sol/Karthus ~ Mana/AP/Attack Speed any of these items works great for them! Rapid Fire Cannon can work very well on either enabling you to set up great positioning for Asol to go boom boom.   Team Breakdown Brawlers ~ Rek'Sai / Cho'Gath / Blitzcrank / Warwick / Vi / Volibear (Ahri wants Warwick for wild bonus)   Sorcerers ~ Ahri / Kassadin / Twisted Fate / Lulu / Morgana / Veigar / Vi (Spatula) / Aurelion Sol / Karthus   Wild ~ Warwick / Ahri   Void ~ Kassadin / Rek'Sai / Cho'Gath   The basic goal of this build is to get Vi and enable her to go big! You can do this one of several ways. Vi + Yuumi’s is the goal. You can go for 6 Brawlers + Lulu/Kassadin at L8 which gives you 3 Sorcerers + 3 Void! You can also run 4 Brawler, 3 Sorcerer, 3 Void, 2 Hextech to get Jinx who can get rockets very quickly. If you can't find a Yuumi (Spatula) for Vi you can run 3 generic Sorcerers instead.  

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-Vi wants to be placed at the edge so she will be able to ult through the entire enemy team! -Aurelion Sol wants to be backline generally aimed to get a big value ult. -Lulu wants to be backline so she can get as many Ults off as possible.   Leveling Guide Lulu / Warwick / Ahri are all solid pickups and you would be looking to stack Ahri in the short term as she will be able to carry you for the mid-game. Make sure she is placed in the 2nd row to get the most damage output from her. Morellonomicon / Needlessly Large Rod (for Yuumi) on her. When you do get a Spatula you can combine it on Ahri and you get the completed item to assign.   Mid Levels 5-6 At this point you should be able to find yourself a VI. When she gets 2* it can be worth selling Ahri to place the items on Vi now or you can wait till you get 2* Aurelion Sol or 2* Karthus. Make sure you have some Brawler buddies for Vi so she has some additional health. Lulu 2* will make your Vi live along time and hitting this combo is very effective. If you have leveled up Sorcerers and a 2* Vi try to hit 3 Sorcerer bonus to give Vi that extra damage.   Late Levels 7-9 At this point you should have most of your comp sorted out and your be looking to 2* the remainder of your units. When you hit 2* Cho’Gath this is when you want to make sure Void 3 is on the board to enable those very big hitting Cho’Gath ults. Collect Aurelion Sol + Karthus when you get them to 2* you will be looking to include them. Ahri is the replacement target unless you have 3* her. Later on you can replace Lulu as well with Asol/Karthus.

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