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Patch 9.16 Comp Meta TFT - Draven Noble build

Teamfight Tactics: General - Patch 9.16 Comp Meta TFT - Draven Noble build image 1

YOUR FINAL COMP: -LEONA -GAREN -KAYLE -GANGPLANK -FIORA -LUCIAN -DRAVEN -VAYNE   This comp will become an absolute monster in later game. So if you can survive until complete this comp, the first place will be guaranteed with this build.   You wanna go for this comp if you are planning to run a Draven comp and you find Kayle, hold on to Kayle till you complete your transition into 6 nobles.   In early game, run either Knights or Nobles to start with. Lucian can be your early, temporary carry.   In mid game, try to find the right carry for he items you have and run either Knights or Guardians to maintain survivability.   ***Running 4 Knights would be ideal for survivability during transitioning till you find the Nobles. 3 out of 4 Knights 1 gold units and you can use Lucian, Gangplank or Rangers as your early temp carries. ***The most challenging thing about this comp is trying to survive without Kayle in the mid to late game. This comp doesn't really come to completion until after you reach level 8 since Kayle won't just appear up in your roll till then.   Main Carries are: 1. Draven - Rapid Firecannon, Runaan's Hurricane, Bloodthirster 2. Gangplankg - Guardian Angel, Hush, Red Buff  

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