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TFT 9.16 Comps - Ranger

Teamfight Tactics: General - TFT 9.16 Comps - Ranger image 1

  In order to make this comp work, you'll need to equip your main carries: Ashe and Varus with some very specific items. In addition, positioning is highly crucial in this comp. Make sure your Guardians are buffing other champions in your formations.   You Final Team: Mrdekaiser / Braum / Varus / Kindred / Leona / Ashe / Vayne / Sejuani (optional)   Your Carries: Ashe: Spear of Shojin / Spear of Shojin / Guinsoo's Rageblade Varus: Stattik Shiv / Stattik Shiv / Cursed Blade Braum: Thornmail   When to go for this comp: If you've been getting lots of Recurve Bows and You have early upgraded Vayne. Also, Rangers are effective counter to Elementalist comp.   Early Game: Try to make Stattik Shiv as soon as possible. Buy Nobles from the shop when you see them.   Mid Game: Once you reach level 6, start rerolling and try to find Kindred or Leona. Then build your team around this new character.

Teamfight Tactics: General - TFT 9.16 Comps - Ranger image 3

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