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TFT 9.16 Comps - Nobles

Teamfight Tactics: General - TFT 9.16 Comps - Nobles image 1

Since the latest patch 9.16, Nobles are coming back strong. Early 2 star Lucian will play a crucial role in this build and he'll carry you till you complete 6 Noble comp. Also you will need the help of Jinx for the support from behind. With Nobles, you get great survivability as they will protect themselves and 2 Guardians will also add to your team defense.   You Final Team: Jinx / Lucian / Leona / Kayle / Garen / Vayne / Fiora / Braum   Your Carries: Jinx: Rapid Firecannon / Statikk Shiv / Hush or Hextech Gunblade Lucian: Hush   When to go for this comp: If you can make early 2 star Lucian, you might wanna consider going for this comp.   Early Game: Try to get early 2 star Nobles such as Garen, Lucian, Fiora and Vayne. If you find Darius, you can run him temporarily but you'll gonna have to sell him later.   Mid Game: Start looking for Jinx and other high tier champions. Get Braum and Leona to enhance survivability but your key champion for defense is Kayle.

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