Aug 16, 2019, 01:55 PM 121 read

Brawler Hextech (patch 9.16)

***Start with Warwick & Nidalee and unlock 2 Wild bonus ***Add Blitz for 2 Brwaler bonus and for a tanky frontline ***Get Rek'Sai & Vi and get 4 Bralwer bonus ***Nidalee is only a temporary carry until you finally get Jinx. Once you get Jinx replace with Nidalee. ***Finalize your team with Volibear and Cho'Gath and maximize Brawler synergy. ***If you have extra room for more units, you might wanna run Sejuani for 2 Glacial synergy, or another Void to unlock Void bonus, or even Miss Fortune who will boost Jinx with Gunslinger synergy.  

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