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Aug 16, 2019, 01:17 PM 144 read

TFT 9.16 Comps - Gunslingers

After patch 9.16, Gunslingers are back with power. Graves finally got a bug fix and now Rapidfire Cannon makes better sense on him. However this comp is highly flexible in terms of item placement.   When it comes to typical Hextech & Gunslinger build, it's all about equipping Jinx to the max with greaet items so that she can start melting enemy units. The more she kills, more powerful she'll become.   You Final Team: Graves / Miss Fortune / Tristana / Jinx / Pyke / Lucian / Gangplank / Camille   Your Carries: Jinx: Blade of the Ruined King / Rapid Firecannon / Hextech Gunblade Graves: Red Buff   When to go for this comp: If you can make early 2 start Graves and early Rapid Firecannon   Early Game: Start collecting gunslinger early in the game and start preparing items for Jinx. It would be most ideal if you can complete Rapid Firecannon and Blade of the Ruined King by the time you get Jinx.   Mid Game: You absolutely must have Jinx equipped with carry item by now and also having Camille on the side will help with Blademaster bonus

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