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Dragon Comps in 9.15B

Teamfight Tactics: General - Dragon Comps in 9.15B  image 1

This build realies on creating a set of very specific items on a very specific champion: Shyvana, who is you main carry in this comp. Gnar will come to play in the late game to provide reliable tank and Aurelion Sol will change to a dragon to start melting the enemy units.   Your Final Team: Braum / Shyvana / Leona / Karthus / Lulu / Nidalee / Gnar / Aurelion Sol   Your Carries: Shyvana: Hextech Gunblade / Thornmail / Warmog's Armor Gnar: Stattick Shiv / Stattik Shiv Braum: Thornmail   When to create: If you've already created any one of 3 items for Shyvana and have another component item to make the 2nd item for Shyvana   Early Game: Put any bulky tanky champions on board to defend your team while you are finding the component items. Making the right items is your main priority here.   Mid game: Once you reach level 6, run Aatrox, Darius, Garen and Kennen to form a strong front line while you are looking for the rest of your comp. Get to level 7 quickly so you can look for Tier 4 champions like Gnar.  

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