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Aug 12, 2019, 01:46 PM 86 read

S-tier Patch 9.15B Comp: Elemental Sorcerers

In this comp, you are taking advantage of elementals for both Frontline an AoE damage. You'll combining this comp with sorcerer buff + mana burn with demons + survivability with yordles. You'll be able to build a comp that is reliable and strong all around.   You might wanna consider this build if you just can't seem to find any Recurve bows. You just need Morellonomicon and Guardian Angels.   In early game, no need to worry about getting Veigar or Lulu. Just make sure you have Kennens. Play Knight/Noble build early in the game and equip your tank with Guardian Angel. You can sell the unit later and get your item back.   In mid game, you should be able to complete this build now. Try to get all 6 units online at this point.

  -If you can find Lulu, you can run Twisted Fate instead in the early game. If you have a slot for the 7th unit, you can add Poppy for the Yordle buff. -If you ever find Karthus, replace your weakest sorcerer with him then add Kindred once you reach level 7 and you'll get Phantom bonus -Try to make as many Guardian Angels as possible. You'll units will have more chances to survive powerful AoE ults.   Your carries are: Kennen: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel Morgana: Guardian Angel  

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