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Aug 9, 2019, 01:13 PM 178 read

S-tier Patch 9.15B Comp: Yordle Sorcerers

With this comp you'll be able taking advantage of bunch of sorcerers and their ults and in order to help with mana regeneration, you need Twisted Fate here. In the meantime, you have strong front line of yordles and elementalists to buy you enough time for the big ults of your sorcerers.   You might wanna consider this build if you keep finding large number of Twisted Fate and Kennen early on.   In early game, focus on creating items like Ironic Spark, Statikk Shiv, Guardian's Angel or Luden's Echo.   In mid game, you'll be able to complete the main part of your comp by this point. Try to get 3 Sorcerers and 3 elementalists online as soon as possible.

-Make Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon and put in on Twisted Fate to help him generate blue cards -If you have more slots later in the game, add Poppy or a 2 star Gnar can be very effective too. -If you get your hands on Karthus, replace the weakest sorcerer on board with him. -Make lots of Guardian Angels to counter powerful AoE ults.   Your carries are: Kennen: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel Twisted Fate: Stattik Shiv, Luden's Echo

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