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Aug 8, 2019, 01:50 PM 131 read

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 5. The Shyvana Comp

Your Final Team -Shyvana / Nidalee / Braum / Gnar / Leona / Aurelion Sol   This composition is built around Shyvana by definition. The Guardian buss will provide armor, Shapeshifters are brining iextra HP, and Dragons offer magic resistance (Not immune).   You wanna make Thornamil and Warmog's armor as early as possible and place them on Shyvana and she will become completely unstoppable.   -Unlock the Wild synergy by starting the game with Warwick and Nidalee -Add another Brawler like Blitz and increase survivability of your team. -Then add Shyvana and Elise for 3 Shapeshifter bonus. Then replace Elise with Gnar. -Remove Blitz and Warwick after you find Leona and Braum and unlock 2 Guardian bonus. It'll incrase your survivability by far. -Lastly, add Aurelion Sol and complete 2 Draon bonus to increase magic resistance. -In the late game, you can either add Sorcerer synergy or Glacial synergy. If you need more damage, go for Sorcerer, if you need more CC, go for glacial.  

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