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Aug 7, 2019, 01:46 PM 857 read

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 4. Sorcerer Guardian

Your Final Team -Lulu / Ahri / Braum / Morgana / Veigar / Leona / Aurelion Sol / Karthus   Sorcerers synergies are stronger than ever for several reason. Dragons are no longer 100% immune to magic anymore. The buffs you get with the Guardian and Knight synergies only counter physical auto attacks. Lastly, in last patch (9.14) Sorcerers used to have hard time accumulating mana against Demons but demons have been nerfed.   -Begin with Kassadin, Ahri and Lulu for 3 Sorcerer bonus -Add Veigar and Poppy to unlock 3 Yordle bonus -Morgana and Aatrox for demon synergy in early game -Then as soon as you get Braum and Leon, remove Aatrox and Poppy. -Later add Aurelion Sol for 6 Sorcerer bonus. -In the late game, remove Kassadin/Morgana and replace with Karthus. -If you have a lot for 1 more unit, go for Sejuani.  

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