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Aug 7, 2019, 01:19 PM 87 read

S-tier Patch 9.15B Comp: Void Bralwers

Team team has combined strength and damage of Assassins and Brawlers. Cho'gath and Rengar will deliver massive damage. and Akali is jsut the cherry on top.   There is no specific requirements you have to consider before going for this comp. This build is relatively easy to force and you can just play Volibear till you find Cho'Gath, play Zed till you find Akali.   In early game, you can either go with assassins, or brawlers or even voids. Put your items on Kassadin.   In mid game, you need to have collected 4 brawlers or 3 assassins or 3 voids by now. Do not roll unless your comp is too weak to survive. Your comp won't be complete until you reach level 7 so focus on econ to level up.

  -Run Zed until you find Akali, Volibear until you find Cho'Gath. -Put attack speed items on Regnar -In case you can build Statikk Shiv early on, ignore the recommended items for Rengar and just put it on him. He'll start carrying you early on.   Your carries are: Rengar: Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel, Radid Firecannon Cho'Gath: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel  

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