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How to make NOBLE comp work in patch 9.15

Noble comps are enjoying popularity in patch 9.15 thanks to their simplicity and viability in the current meta. Noble build is straightforward and easy to work with. It is indeed the BEST build for the beginners.   Noble builds can easily dominate the early game but often fall off in power in mid game. But will once you complete all 6 Nobles, this build will become incredibly powerful again.   1) Early Game: You can easily and quickly get the 3 Noble bonus since the first 3 are all Tier 1 units and they work pretty well in the early game especially before you reach level 4. Get 3 Nobles, then add Fiora, Garen, and Vayne and upgrade quickly. If you find Lucian, remove Fiora and add him instead. Add Tristana and Darius to your team. ( 2 Knight & 2 Gunslinger) and get them to level 2 quickly. If your Garen provides solid tanking, you get Varus or Ashe instead of Darius.

  2) Mid Game: If everything goes well, you could have 6 Noble Champions at this. In the Mid game, you team should have: Fiora, Vaye, Garen, Kayle, Lucian and Leona. However in most cases, you'll be missing one or two Noble units. Add Aurelion Sol or Brand instead in the meantime.

  3) Late Game: Noble builds will finally start to shine again in the late game. By this stage, you have to have all 6 Nobles on board, otherwise the game is over. You team should be: Vayne, Garen, Fiora, Lucian, Leona and Kayle. After level 8, add Braum and Ashe for 2 Guardian, 2 Glacial, 2 Ranger bonuses. Lastly, if you have the slot, you can also add Miss Fortune for more damage.

***In case you'd rather go for 3 elementalists, go for: 6 Noble + Anivia, Brand, Lissandra.

  4) Ultimate Team: In case you get your hands on a Force of Nature and increase your team size to 10, add Ashe and Braum on your Elementalist comp. You'll get 4 Galcial, 2 Guardian, 2 Ranger.

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