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New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 3. Ranger Guardian Phantom

Teamfight Tactics: General - New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 3. Ranger Guardian Phantom image 1

Your Final Team -Mordekaiser / Vayne / Braum / Varus / Ashe / Leona / Kindred   Team comp built on Rangers and Guardians are quite strong in this patch. This is a basic Ranger build and there are number of variants.   In this comp, Ashe will be your main carry and you wanna equip her with any on-hit items. If you had to, Vayne can be your carry option too, but Ashe is better with both the Ragner and Glacial traits.   -Begin building your team with Mordekaiser and any random Knight and get 2 Knight bonus. -Add Vayne and Ashe and get 2 Ranger Bonus. If you can't find Ashe, use Varus in the meantime. -Look for Barum to unlock the Glacial bonus. -In the late game, replace the random Knight you put on board in the beginning with Leona instead for the Guardian synergy. Add Kindred & Varus for 2 Phantom and 4 Ranger bonus.  

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