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Aug 5, 2019, 01:24 PM 413 read

A-tier Patch 9.15 Comp: Yordle Sorcerer

Yordle Sorcerer comp with good CC can be a huge nightmare for your opponent to deal with . With huge wild attack speed, Gnar will make an excellent carry equipped with Static Shiv.   Consider going for this comp if you have a Static Shiv made very early on and you continue finding Yordles in the shop. This comp could be a potential option.   In early game, hunt for Static Shivs at carousels and look for Knights or Nobles. In mid game, until you find all 6 Yordles, play 4 Knights and 3 Yordles for survivability.

-In the early stages, running Nobles or Knights is a good idea and you can put your items on Lucian. -If you don't have enough slots on your team and you have to pick either yordle buff or sorcerer buff, go for yordle buff first. Sorcerer buff will become useful later.   Your carries are: Gnar: Stattik Shiv X 2 Kenen: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel  

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