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Easy Beginner Compositions #1 GLACIAL

Even with its recent nerf, the Glacial synergy is one the strongest buffs in Teamfight Tactics. When you have 6 Glacial champions, you get 40% chance to stun your targets for 2 seconds on hit. If you can combine that with a decent amount of damage, nobody will stop you. They won't even be able to fight back properly and you will take over the board easy.   However, what's not easy is hitting all 6 Glacials. You can still make it work with just 4 or even 2 glacials. Try to go for Volibear and Sejuani. They should be your key champions in this comp since they are both quite tanky with decent damage and frequent CC.   Sejuani's ult can be especially powerful. You it has a very large range and can CC your entire opponent team. However, she costs 4 gold and upgrading her to level 3 takes time. If you can only get to leve 2, that's perfectly fine too.

  If you can gather all 6 Glacials, you'll also get the Elementalist synergy but.. you still need to decide which route you wanna take. There're few options: i) Go for a 3rd Elementalist (Brand) and utilize his AoE ult. ii) Go for Kenene for his Ninja Passive.   Glacial is very flexible and powerful and it will fit with lots of other synergies smoothly. If you are bored with Elementalist, you can try out the Ranger synergy. Ashe is one of your main damage dealers. She has fast fire rate and uses the Glacial passive stun and freeze ult. She delivers good damage and CC. So you wanna combine her with another Ranger to increase her attack speed.   Choose Varus (long range & damage) or Kindred (place him in the middle, their ult will act as a protective barrier)

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