Team Comp

TFT 9.16 Comps - Brawler

With utilizing Brawlers, you get the beefiest, tankiest team comp and usually the VIP of this comp in recent meta past few weeks has been the one and only Volibear.
This comp requires very specific game play and items. You need Rapid Firecannon to make this comp work, Blitzcrank to take care of troublesome enemy units in the back, and Glaical buff to freeze the enemy team.
You Final Team:
Volibear / Blitzcrank / Rek'Sai / Cho'Gath / Ashe / Anivia / Brand / Lissandra
Your Carries:
Volibear: Rapid Firecannon / Guinsoo's Rageblade / Warmog's Armor
Cho'Gath: Morellonomicon / Ionic Spark
When to go for this comp:
If you have early Rapid Firecannon and you keep finding Brawlers, you might consider going for this comp.
Early Game:
You initial priority is to get 4 Brawlers on board ASAP. In the meantime, utilize Wild units like Warwick to boost your damage
Mid Game:
Once you're in mid game, start focus on getting Elemental units. This will take some time since there are some high cost champions you can get higher level.

LV.22 PlayStation 2d

Current Meta Comp (9.16) Vi + Sorcers + Voids

Vi ~ Yuumi / Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel. These are the primary 3 items Vi wants. The very basic you should try to get a Yuumi (Spatula) this will enable Vi to get twice the mana per hit! Outside of that the last 2 spots have some flexibility with Morellonomicon & Guardian Angel being the best choice. You can also make a Spear of Shojin / Deathcap for more Ults and damage.
Cho'gath ~ AP/Survivability items. Morellonomicon is recommend for making the ults even better! Guardian Angel to make sure he gets Ults off you can also with mana to give him quicker ults. Would go for Morellonomicon & Guardian Angel + AP/mana.
Ahri ~ Morellonomicon is a must! It really enables her to do a lot of damage. After that Mana/AP she can use Statik Shivs fairly well as more attacks = more ults! Ahri generally wants to be placed in the 2nd row to enable her full potential! Now Ludens stack they can be incredibly effective on Ahri.
Aurelion Sol/Karthus ~ Mana/AP/Attack Speed any of these items works great for them! Rapid Fire Cannon can work very well on either enabling you to set up great positioning for Asol to go boom boom.
Team Breakdown
Brawlers ~ Rek'Sai / Cho'Gath / Blitzcrank / Warwick / Vi / Volibear (Ahri wants Warwick for wild bonus)
Sorcerers ~ Ahri / Kassadin / Twisted Fate / Lulu / Morgana / Veigar / Vi (Spatula) / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
Wild ~ Warwick / Ahri
Void ~ Kassadin / Rek'Sai / Cho'Gath
The basic goal of this build is to get Vi and enable her to go big! You can do this one of several ways. Vi + Yuumi’s is the goal. You can go for 6 Brawlers + Lulu/Kassadin at L8 which gives you 3 Sorcerers + 3 Void! You can also run 4 Brawler, 3 Sorcerer, 3 Void, 2 Hextech to get Jinx who can get rockets very quickly. If you can't find a Yuumi (Spatula) for Vi you can run 3 generic Sorcerers instead.
-Vi wants to be placed at the edge so she will be able to ult through the entire enemy team!
-Aurelion Sol wants to be backline generally aimed to get a big value ult.
-Lulu wants to be backline so she can get as many Ults off as possible.
Leveling Guide
Lulu / Warwick / Ahri are all solid pickups and you would be looking to stack Ahri in the short term as she will be able to carry you for the mid-game. Make sure she is placed in the 2nd row to get the most damage output from her. Morellonomicon / Needlessly Large Rod (for Yuumi) on her. When you do get a Spatula you can combine it on Ahri and you get the completed item to assign.
Mid Levels 5-6
At this point you should be able to find yourself a VI. When she gets 2* it can be worth selling Ahri to place the items on Vi now or you can wait till you get 2* Aurelion Sol or 2* Karthus. Make sure you have some Brawler buddies for Vi so she has some additional health. Lulu 2* will make your Vi live along time and hitting this combo is very effective. If you have leveled up Sorcerers and a 2* Vi try to hit 3 Sorcerer bonus to give Vi that extra damage.
Late Levels 7-9
At this point you should have most of your comp sorted out and your be looking to 2* the remainder of your units. When you hit 2* Cho’Gath this is when you want to make sure Void 3 is on the board to enable those very big hitting Cho’Gath ults. Collect Aurelion Sol + Karthus when you get them to 2* you will be looking to include them. Ahri is the replacement target unless you have 3* her. Later on you can replace Lulu as well with Asol/Karthus.

LV.22 S 3d

TFT 9.16 Comps - Sorcerer

In this comp, you get to use the under utilized 'Twisted Fate'. He will provide support to your key champions by allowing them extra mana. Kennen and other similar units will hopefully use their ults as much as possible in this comp and Elementalists and Yordles will absorb some damage to keep Sorcerers alive.
You Final Team:
Kenne / Veigar / Poppy / Brand / Lissandra / Morgana / Twisted Fate
Your Carries:
Twisted Fate: Stattik Shiv / Luden's Echo / Rapid Firecannon
Kennen: Guardian Angel / Morellononicon
When to go for this comp:
If you keep getting multiple Kennen and Twisted Fate in early game, you might consider going for this comp.
Early Game:
While you are looking for Kennen, run Darius and Garen. In the meantime, try to get Guardian Angel, Morellonomicon, Stattikk Shiv and Luden's Echo. Also, if you have components to makes Ionic Spark, go ahead.
Mid Game:
You should try to finalize your comp in the mid game. Equip Twisted Fate with Stattick Shiv and Luden's Echo. If possible, also put Rapid Firecannon on him.

LV.22 PlayStation 3d


LV.7 Sweaty 3d

Patch 9.16 Comp Meta TFT - Draven Noble build

This comp will become an absolute monster in later game. So if you can survive until complete this comp, the first place will be guaranteed with this build.
You wanna go for this comp if you are planning to run a Draven comp and you find Kayle, hold on to Kayle till you complete your transition into 6 nobles.
In early game, run either Knights or Nobles to start with. Lucian can be your early, temporary carry.
In mid game, try to find the right carry for he items you have and run either Knights or Guardians to maintain survivability.
***Running 4 Knights would be ideal for survivability during transitioning till you find the Nobles. 3 out of 4 Knights 1 gold units and you can use Lucian, Gangplank or Rangers as your early temp carries.
***The most challenging thing about this comp is trying to survive without Kayle in the mid to late game. This comp doesn't really come to completion until after you reach level 8 since Kayle won't just appear up in your roll till then.
Main Carries are:
1. Draven - Rapid Firecannon, Runaan's Hurricane, Bloodthirster
2. Gangplankg - Guardian Angel, Hush, Red Buff

LV.22 S 4d

TFT 9.16 Comps - Ranger

In order to make this comp work, you'll need to equip your main carries: Ashe and Varus with some very specific items. In addition, positioning is highly crucial in this comp. Make sure your Guardians are buffing other champions in your formations.
You Final Team:
Mrdekaiser / Braum / Varus / Kindred / Leona / Ashe / Vayne / Sejuani (optional)
Your Carries:
Ashe: Spear of Shojin / Spear of Shojin / Guinsoo's Rageblade
Varus: Stattik Shiv / Stattik Shiv / Cursed Blade
Braum: Thornmail
When to go for this comp:
If you've been getting lots of Recurve Bows and You have early upgraded Vayne. Also, Rangers are effective counter to Elementalist comp.
Early Game:
Try to make Stattik Shiv as soon as possible. Buy Nobles from the shop when you see them.
Mid Game:
Once you reach level 6, start rerolling and try to find Kindred or Leona. Then build your team around this new character.

LV.22 PlayStation 4d

TFT 9.16 Best Shapeshifter Build

Shapeshifter Team Buffs
Once you’ve acquired at least three Shapeshifters on your board, they will gain 60% bonus health upon activation of their ultimate, as well as healing for the same amount. At (6) Shapeshifters gain 120% Bonus Health on Transform.
Early Game
The most common starter units for Shapeshifter 9.16 builds are Nidalee and Warwick because these two will benefit from the (2) Wild units bonus. Additionally, you can fill the last two/three spots with Knights or Nobles if you haven’t gotten three Shapeshifters yet (Nidalee, Elise and Shyvana). Nidalee, Warwick, Garen and Darius/Mordekaiser with an additional fifth unit will work just fine for the early phase of the game as you accumulate Shapeshifters and get good Gold Economy which is important as you’ll need it to push levels and get Gnar faster.
Mid Game
Mid Game (around level 5-6) you should be transitioning to Shapeshifters. Even level one Shapeshifters will be really strong if you’ve got the 3 SS bonus so don’t worry if your previous units were higher level (though don’t swap out a level 3 of course). The strongest level 6 Shapeshifter team you could possibly get will include: Nidalee, Shyvana, Elise (swap for Gnar if you have him this early), Warwick, Ahri and Rengar. This six champion team will result in 3 Shapeshifter and 4 Wild bonus which is overpowered at that point in the game because four Wild units will drastically increase the attack speed of your whole team.
Late Game
If you’ve survived until late game then the goal is to finally start running six Shapeshifters (there’s a REALLY low chance of getting Swain during mid game). Sell the previous units (save Ahri and WW though, you’ll need them for the final comp) and starting making this team work. Shapeshifters with 120% bonus life are going to be incredibly strong and if you can get Swain to level 2 he’s going to 1v9 the enemy. This particular build manages to achieve (6) Shapeshifter and (4) Beast as the main buffs. Along with those, you also get Brawler, Demon and Hextech. If you are playing versus Sorcerers, then swap out Vi for Aurelion Sol.
Strongest Shapeshifter Team Composition Setup
In case you manage to acquire 2 Forces of Nature (you’ll need a total of four Spatulas) then you can improve the Shapeshifter Wild build by adding two more Sorcerers to the team– Aurelion Sol and Karthus for (3) Sorcerer bonus!

LV.22 S 5d

TFT 9.16 Comps - Void

I see people building Void comp a lot more frequently lately. In this comp, you are building a very flexible Void & Brawler comp with a hint of Wild & Sorcerer for that extra attack bonuses. Your main champions with good items in this comp will be Cho'Gath, Ahri and Volibear. Also you can run other key units like Vi and Lulu if you can make an extra slot in your team in later game.
You Final Team:
Volibear / Blitzcrank / Rek'Sai / Cho'Gath / Kassadin / Warwick / Ahri / (Lulu: Force of Nature)
Your Carries:
Volibear: Rapid Firecannon
Ahri: Morellonomicon / Guardian Angel / Statikk Shiv
Cho'Gath: Zeke's Herald / Ionic Spark
Vi: Ionic Spark
When to go for this comp:
If you have good early Ahri or Volibear build and you have an early Rapid Firecannon or Guardian Angel.
Early Game:
You want to collect your Void units as quickly as possible. Then you can run Ahri and Warwick to turn on the Wild bonus. Then run Kha'Zix for now. but you'll be replacing him with Cho'Gath later.
Mid Game:
In mid game, you'll be working on equipping your Brawlers with good items. By the end of the mid game, you should have all 3 Void and all Brawlers.

LV.22 PlayStation 5d

TFT 9.16 Comps - Nobles

Since the latest patch 9.16, Nobles are coming back strong. Early 2 star Lucian will play a crucial role in this build and he'll carry you till you complete 6 Noble comp. Also you will need the help of Jinx for the support from behind. With Nobles, you get great survivability as they will protect themselves and 2 Guardians will also add to your team defense.
You Final Team:
Jinx / Lucian / Leona / Kayle / Garen / Vayne / Fiora / Braum
Your Carries:
Jinx: Rapid Firecannon / Statikk Shiv / Hush or Hextech Gunblade
Lucian: Hush
When to go for this comp:
If you can make early 2 star Lucian, you might wanna consider going for this comp.
Early Game:
Try to get early 2 star Nobles such as Garen, Lucian, Fiora and Vayne. If you find Darius, you can run him temporarily but you'll gonna have to sell him later.
Mid Game:
Start looking for Jinx and other high tier champions. Get Braum and Leona to enhance survivability but your key champion for defense is Kayle.

LV.22 PlayStation 6d

Brawler Hextech (patch 9.16)

***Start with Warwick & Nidalee and unlock 2 Wild bonus
***Add Blitz for 2 Brwaler bonus and for a tanky frontline
***Get Rek'Sai & Vi and get 4 Bralwer bonus
***Nidalee is only a temporary carry until you finally get Jinx. Once you get Jinx replace with Nidalee.
***Finalize your team with Volibear and Cho'Gath and maximize Brawler synergy.
***If you have extra room for more units, you might wanna run Sejuani for 2 Glacial synergy, or another Void to unlock Void bonus, or even Miss Fortune who will boost Jinx with Gunslinger synergy.

LV.22 S 9d

TFT 9.16 Comps - Gunslingers

After patch 9.16, Gunslingers are back with power. Graves finally got a bug fix and now Rapidfire Cannon makes better sense on him. However this comp is highly flexible in terms of item placement.
When it comes to typical Hextech & Gunslinger build, it's all about equipping Jinx to the max with greaet items so that she can start melting enemy units. The more she kills, more powerful she'll become.
You Final Team:
Graves / Miss Fortune / Tristana / Jinx / Pyke / Lucian / Gangplank / Camille
Your Carries:
Jinx: Blade of the Ruined King / Rapid Firecannon / Hextech Gunblade
Graves: Red Buff
When to go for this comp:
If you can make early 2 start Graves and early Rapid Firecannon
Early Game:
Start collecting gunslinger early in the game and start preparing items for Jinx. It would be most ideal if you can complete Rapid Firecannon and Blade of the Ruined King by the time you get Jinx.
Mid Game:
You absolutely must have Jinx equipped with carry item by now and also having Camille on the side will help with Blademaster bonus

LV.22 PlayStation 9d

S tier Team Comps (9.16)

LV.21 S 9d

9 Bladmaster Team Comp

LV.22 S 11d

Wild Shapeshifters!

So, I've stumbled across a pretty strong team. It's a mix of wild, shapeshifters, sorcerers, yordle and dragon - with the focus being on wild and shapeshifters.

It's pretty risky to obtain cos it does rely on some higher level champs and you will definitely take hits getting there but, once I've reached it, it is seemingly unstoppable.

I try to max out Wild as soon as possible which often leads to getting Rengar and subbing him out later on. The Yordle boost of Lulu and Veigar will help Ahri and Gnar. Shyvana just destroys and I add Aurelion Sol to protect her a bit more. If you level up Sol, there's another hard hitter.

It's easily become my favourite comp. Just thought like sharing it. Forgot to take an in-game screenshot of how I've been placing them so added a quick template. Lmk thoughts!

LV.5 Lurker 13d

Dragon Comps in 9.15B

This build realies on creating a set of very specific items on a very specific champion: Shyvana, who is you main carry in this comp. Gnar will come to play in the late game to provide reliable tank and Aurelion Sol will change to a dragon to start melting the enemy units.
Your Final Team:
Braum / Shyvana / Leona / Karthus / Lulu / Nidalee / Gnar / Aurelion Sol
Your Carries:
Shyvana: Hextech Gunblade / Thornmail / Warmog's Armor
Gnar: Stattick Shiv / Stattik Shiv
Braum: Thornmail
When to create:
If you've already created any one of 3 items for Shyvana and have another component item to make the 2nd item for Shyvana
Early Game:
Put any bulky tanky champions on board to defend your team while you are finding the component items. Making the right items is your main priority here.
Mid game:
Once you reach level 6, run Aatrox, Darius, Garen and Kennen to form a strong front line while you are looking for the rest of your comp. Get to level 7 quickly so you can look for Tier 4 champions like Gnar.

LV.22 PlayStation 13d

S-tier Patch 9.15B Comp: Elemental Sorcerers

In this comp, you are taking advantage of elementals for both Frontline an AoE damage. You'll combining this comp with sorcerer buff + mana burn with demons + survivability with yordles. You'll be able to build a comp that is reliable and strong all around.
You might wanna consider this build if you just can't seem to find any Recurve bows. You just need Morellonomicon and Guardian Angels.
In early game, no need to worry about getting Veigar or Lulu. Just make sure you have Kennens. Play Knight/Noble build early in the game and equip your tank with Guardian Angel. You can sell the unit later and get your item back.
In mid game, you should be able to complete this build now. Try to get all 6 units online at this point.
-If you can find Lulu, you can run Twisted Fate instead in the early game. If you have a slot for the 7th unit, you can add Poppy for the Yordle buff.
-If you ever find Karthus, replace your weakest sorcerer with him then add Kindred once you reach level 7 and you'll get Phantom bonus
-Try to make as many Guardian Angels as possible. You'll units will have more chances to survive powerful AoE ults.
Your carries are:
Kennen: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel
Morgana: Guardian Angel

LV.21 S 13d

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 6. Void Sorcerers

Your Final Team
-Kassadin / Rek'Sai / Lulu / Ahri / Veigar / Cho'Gath / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
-Start building your comp with Kassadin, Kha'Zix and Rek'Sai first for 3 Void bonus
-Then add Ahri and Lulu and unlock 3 Sorcerer bonus
-Once you get Cho'Gath, replace Kha'Zix with him. 2 Brawler bonus.
-In the late game, get Veigar, Aurelion Sol and Karthus and complete 6 Sorcerer bonus.
-Equip Aurelion Sol with Rapid Firecannon and Rabadon's Deathcap.
-In case you get an extra slot, you want Shyvana on your team to for magic resistance.

LV.22 PlayStation 16d

S-tier Patch 9.15B Comp: Yordle Sorcerers

With this comp you'll be able taking advantage of bunch of sorcerers and their ults and in order to help with mana regeneration, you need Twisted Fate here. In the meantime, you have strong front line of yordles and elementalists to buy you enough time for the big ults of your sorcerers.
You might wanna consider this build if you keep finding large number of Twisted Fate and Kennen early on.
In early game, focus on creating items like Ironic Spark, Statikk Shiv, Guardian's Angel or Luden's Echo.
In mid game, you'll be able to complete the main part of your comp by this point. Try to get 3 Sorcerers and 3 elementalists online as soon as possible.
-Make Statikk Shiv and Rapid Firecannon and put in on Twisted Fate to help him generate blue cards
-If you have more slots later in the game, add Poppy or a 2 star Gnar can be very effective too.
-If you get your hands on Karthus, replace the weakest sorcerer on board with him.
-Make lots of Guardian Angels to counter powerful AoE ults.
Your carries are:
Kennen: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel
Twisted Fate: Stattik Shiv, Luden's Echo

LV.21 S 16d

Keane build : Yordle / Sorcerer / Elementalist Cheat Sheet

LV.22 S 17d

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 5. The Shyvana Comp

Your Final Team
-Shyvana / Nidalee / Braum / Gnar / Leona / Aurelion Sol
This composition is built around Shyvana by definition. The Guardian buss will provide armor, Shapeshifters are brining iextra HP, and Dragons offer magic resistance (Not immune).
You wanna make Thornamil and Warmog's armor as early as possible and place them on Shyvana and she will become completely unstoppable.
-Unlock the Wild synergy by starting the game with Warwick and Nidalee
-Add another Brawler like Blitz and increase survivability of your team.
-Then add Shyvana and Elise for 3 Shapeshifter bonus. Then replace Elise with Gnar.
-Remove Blitz and Warwick after you find Leona and Braum and unlock 2 Guardian bonus. It'll incrase your survivability by far.
-Lastly, add Aurelion Sol and complete 2 Draon bonus to increase magic resistance.
-In the late game, you can either add Sorcerer synergy or Glacial synergy. If you need more damage, go for Sorcerer, if you need more CC, go for glacial.

LV.22 PlayStation 17d

S-tier Patch 9.15B Comp: Ahri & the Bralwers

Ahri is definitely one of the most underrated early to mid game champions. Just equip her with Luden's Echo or Static Shiv and she'll easily carry you through early/mid games. As you proceed into the late game, you'll begin to rely on Cho'Gath more.
Consider going for this comp if you find Ahri and bunch of brawlers early in the game. Also, if you have component items to make a Statikk Shiv or Luden's Echo, this has to be your comp.
In early game, you can either run nobles, brawlers, voids or sorcerers. You have several options here.
In mid game, if you already have Cho'Gath, go for the void bonus first but otherwise usually you wanna go for the sorcerers bonus first. You have to reach level 7 complete your comp so pay close attention to you econ.
-Try to make Luden's Echo, Statikk Shiv or Ionic Spark in early game and place it on Ahri.
-Many of your early champions (Ahri, Warwick, Reksai, Blitz, kassadin) will stay throughout the game into your final comp. You'll be able to tell if this comp is going to work or not pertty early on.
Your carries are:
Ahri: Luden's Echo, Statikk Shiv
Cho'Gath: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel

LV.21 S 17d

TOP Teamfight Tactics Comps in patch 9.15

LV.22 S 18d

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 4. Sorcerer Guardian

Your Final Team
-Lulu / Ahri / Braum / Morgana / Veigar / Leona / Aurelion Sol / Karthus
Sorcerers synergies are stronger than ever for several reason. Dragons are no longer 100% immune to magic anymore. The buffs you get with the Guardian and Knight synergies only counter physical auto attacks. Lastly, in last patch (9.14) Sorcerers used to have hard time accumulating mana against Demons but demons have been nerfed.
-Begin with Kassadin, Ahri and Lulu for 3 Sorcerer bonus
-Add Veigar and Poppy to unlock 3 Yordle bonus
-Morgana and Aatrox for demon synergy in early game
-Then as soon as you get Braum and Leon, remove Aatrox and Poppy.
-Later add Aurelion Sol for 6 Sorcerer bonus.
-In the late game, remove Kassadin/Morgana and replace with Karthus.
-If you have a lot for 1 more unit, go for Sejuani.

LV.22 PlayStation 18d

S-tier Patch 9.15B Comp: Void Bralwers

Team team has combined strength and damage of Assassins and Brawlers.
Cho'gath and Rengar will deliver massive damage. and Akali is jsut the cherry on top.
There is no specific requirements you have to consider before going for this comp. This build is relatively easy to force and you can just play Volibear till you find Cho'Gath, play Zed till you find Akali.
In early game, you can either go with assassins, or brawlers or even voids. Put your items on Kassadin.
In mid game, you need to have collected 4 brawlers or 3 assassins or 3 voids by now. Do not roll unless your comp is too weak to survive. Your comp won't be complete until you reach level 7 so focus on econ to level up.
-Run Zed until you find Akali, Volibear until you find Cho'Gath.
-Put attack speed items on Regnar
-In case you can build Statikk Shiv early on, ignore the recommended items for Rengar and just put it on him. He'll start carrying you early on.
Your carries are:
Rengar: Bloodthirster, Guardian Angel, Radid Firecannon
Cho'Gath: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel

LV.21 S 18d

How to make NOBLE comp work in patch 9.15

Noble comps are enjoying popularity in patch 9.15 thanks to their simplicity and viability in the current meta. Noble build is straightforward and easy to work with. It is indeed the BEST build for the beginners.
Noble builds can easily dominate the early game but often fall off in power in mid game. But will once you complete all 6 Nobles, this build will become incredibly powerful again.
1) Early Game:
You can easily and quickly get the 3 Noble bonus since the first 3 are all Tier 1 units and they work pretty well in the early game especially before you reach level 4.
Get 3 Nobles, then add Fiora, Garen, and Vayne and upgrade quickly.
If you find Lucian, remove Fiora and add him instead.
Add Tristana and Darius to your team. ( 2 Knight & 2 Gunslinger) and get them to level 2 quickly. If your Garen provides solid tanking, you get Varus or Ashe instead of Darius.
2) Mid Game:
If everything goes well, you could have 6 Noble Champions at this. In the Mid game, you team should have: Fiora, Vaye, Garen, Kayle, Lucian and Leona. However in most cases, you'll be missing one or two Noble units. Add Aurelion Sol or Brand instead in the meantime.
3) Late Game:
Noble builds will finally start to shine again in the late game. By this stage, you have to have all 6 Nobles on board, otherwise the game is over. You team should be: Vayne, Garen, Fiora, Lucian, Leona and Kayle. After level 8, add Braum and Ashe for 2 Guardian, 2 Glacial, 2 Ranger bonuses. Lastly, if you have the slot, you can also add Miss Fortune for more damage.
***In case you'd rather go for 3 elementalists, go for:
6 Noble + Anivia, Brand, Lissandra.
4) Ultimate Team:
In case you get your hands on a Force of Nature and increase your team size to 10, add Ashe and Braum on your Elementalist comp. You'll get 4 Galcial, 2 Guardian, 2 Ranger.

LV.22 S 19d

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 3. Ranger Guardian Phantom

Your Final Team
-Mordekaiser / Vayne / Braum / Varus / Ashe / Leona / Kindred
Team comp built on Rangers and Guardians are quite strong in this patch. This is a basic Ranger build and there are number of variants.
In this comp, Ashe will be your main carry and you wanna equip her with any on-hit items. If you had to, Vayne can be your carry option too, but Ashe is better with both the Ragner and Glacial traits.
-Begin building your team with Mordekaiser and any random Knight and get 2 Knight bonus.
-Add Vayne and Ashe and get 2 Ranger Bonus. If you can't find Ashe, use Varus in the meantime.
-Look for Barum to unlock the Glacial bonus.
-In the late game, replace the random Knight you put on board in the beginning with Leona instead for the Guardian synergy. Add Kindred & Varus for 2 Phantom and 4 Ranger bonus.

LV.22 PlayStation 19d

A-tier Patch 9.15 Comp: Dragon Defenders

This build mainly relies on the massive amount of HP of shapeshifters combined with superior armor from Guardians. Especially with Shyvana as your main carry + 2 powerful sorcerers, your team comp will be the most annoyingly difficult one to handle for your opponents.
Consider going for this build if in the first few rounds, you find lots of component items to make items for Shyvana which are : Warmog's Armor, Tornmail, Hextech Gunblade.
In early game, do whatever it takes to survive till you can place 3 shapeshifters + Shyvana on board. Use any strong units you can put your items on in the meantime.
In mid game, unless you are too weak to survive, do not roll until you reach level 7 so you have higher chance of getting high tier units like Leona, Karthur and Aurelion Sol.
-Shyvana is you rmain carry and she is unusually strong even at 1 star, put a Warmog on her.
-While you assemble your group, Aatrox, Darius, Garen and Kennen will help you survive through mid game.
-Once you get Gnar, try to put Static Shiv on him as soon as possible. He's got a superior base attack speed + wild buff + he lives the longest.
Your carries are:
Shyvana: Warmog's Armor, Thornmail, Hextech Gunblade
Gnar: Stattick Shiv X 2
Barum: Thornmail

LV.21 S 19d

The ultimate HEXTECH team comp 9.16 (August 14th)

The latest addition to TFT, the Hextech origin can be played on the PBE right now.
Their unique ability to render enemy units items completely useless can be a very powerful weapon especially in the later stages of the game when everyone's finished combining items. The more dependent the enemy is on their items, the more effective the hextech synergy will be. However, the flip side of the coin may not be so attractive since your hextech comp will be rather helpless in the early stages of the game.
There are 4 Hextech units you can hire: Camille, Jayce, Jinx, and Vi.
The Hextech origin synergy can be changed significantly before they go live in 9.16 on August 14th.
1) Early Game:
This comp is very weak early on in the game since your opponents just don't have enough items on them for the Hextech synergy to be useful. So in the beginning, run Nobles or Blademasters.
You have 3 options depending on which units are available for you to choose.
-Run Jayce, Vi, Lucian, Garen, Vaynce (Gunslinger)
-Run Jayce, Vi, Fiora, Garen, Vayne (Transition to Blademaster)
-or Run Camile, Vi, Fiora, Aatrox, Gangplank (Blademaste early)
2) Mid Game:
Your opponents will start place items on their units and this is when your Hextech build will start gaining strength. And finally you'll be able to get Jinx which will give you 4 Hextech bonus and enemies won't be able to rely on their items for surprisingly long 15 seconds (about 50% of a round). When you consider Cursed Blade and Statikk Shiv in the meta, this 15 second bonus is absolutely enormous.
Your core units are Jayce, Vi, Camille, and Jinx and you can pick any Gunslinger for 2 Gunslinger bonus but Gunslinger is better since you'll add Draven and you can get Gunslinger and 3 Blademaster bonus.
3) Late Game:
Sell Draven after your reach level 7. Go for 4 Gunslinger bonus instead. Continue leveling up and upgrading your units. Your Hextech buff is good for first 15 seconds of the round so you want to kill most enemy units within that time period.
At level 8, your team will include: Camille, Jayce, Vi, Jinx, Gangplank, Graves, Miss Fortune and Lucian.
At level 9, add Tristana and complete 6 Gunslinger bonus.
Your will finally get 4 Hextech, 6 Gunslinger, 3 Pirate Bonuses.
4) Ultimate Team:
In case you get your hands on a Force of Nature and increase your team size to 10, try to add Yasuo. You'll get 1 Exile and 3 Blademaster bonuses.

LV.22 S 20d

New Comps for Patch 9.15 - 2. Demon Ranger Elementalist

Your Final Team
-Varus / Lissandra / Ashe / Kennen / Aatrox / Morgana / Brand
This build is very similar to Glacial Ranger Elementalist comp but it prioritizes Demons over Galcials.
Demons have been nerfed in the latest patch so they won't be as strong as they used to be in 9.14 but with currently increased number of Sorcerer teams, this comp might give you an edge in battle.
In early game, you might wanna start with Nobles and/or Knights. They are highly effective in the early game.
-Your early priorities are Ashe, Varus, and Lissandra for 2 ranger and 2 glacial buffs. However, at this point, your carry isn't Ashe, but Varus.
-Then, try to unlock the Golem. You'll want to find Kennen and Brand fast. You'll also get 2 demon synergy with Brand.
-Complete your build with Aatrox and Morgana and complete 4 demon synergy.

LV.22 PlayStation 20d

A-tier Patch 9.15 Comp: Yordle Sorcerer

Yordle Sorcerer comp with good CC can be a huge nightmare for your opponent to deal with . With huge wild attack speed, Gnar will make an excellent carry equipped with Static Shiv.
Consider going for this comp if you have a Static Shiv made very early on and you continue finding Yordles in the shop. This comp could be a potential option.
In early game, hunt for Static Shivs at carousels and look for Knights or Nobles.
In mid game, until you find all 6 Yordles, play 4 Knights and 3 Yordles for survivability.
-In the early stages, running Nobles or Knights is a good idea and you can put your items on Lucian.
-If you don't have enough slots on your team and you have to pick either yordle buff or sorcerer buff, go for yordle buff first. Sorcerer buff will become useful later.
Your carries are:
Gnar: Stattik Shiv X 2
Kenen: Morellonomicon, Guardian Angel

LV.21 S 20d