How to get rich in TFT

It could very tempting to spend money early on. But never reroll in the early game and unless you're planning to build team comp full of tier 1 champions, don't go crazy on the champion shop just yet. As you level up, your shop will contain higher tier units. Save your gold and start collecting interest as early as possible.
Mid game is when you start the transition and also is the toughest part of the game.
This is usually when you commit to a composition, which means you know which unit you will need. However, don't go crazy with the reroll button just yet. If you see a key unit you have to have, buy him of course, but if there's no champion you want in the shop, don't reroll, instead buy other champions. However, stop spending before moving down the interest tier. That is, if you have 26 gold, don't go below 20. The reason for buying other champions is, there're a limited number of each champion in the game. For example, if you need Brand(Elementalists), but Draven shows up, buy him and remove him from the champion pool. It'll increase the probability of you finding Brand. Of course you can sell Draven back later.
Stopping flipping your streak continuously. Either keep losing or keep winning.
If you are on a losing streak, watch your HP carefully though. You won't be able to spend any gold you've saved up once you're dead, a lot like in real life.
Spending becomes very situational in the late game.
If you're in the lead and winning, just continue saving money and take your time looking for the champions you need.
If you're sinking fast, go all-in with rerolls and buy experience points. Do whatever it takes to stay in the game as long as possible. There is no need to pinch pennies in the late game.

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Quick Tips for Absolute Noobs

1. Make use of losing streaks till you have 30 to 50. Then start spending.
2. Never reroll in the early game. Wait till you have reliable source of income(interest)
3. If you come across a high tier, rare champion, get him! Don't be afraid to change your comp. Get rid of weaker units.
4. Buy off units that your opponents are trying to build.
5. Once you reach the mid game, check out top players' comps to see what you're up against.
6. Position ranged carries in the middle, put tanks next to them to defend from Assassins.
7. Don't be afraid of buying and especially selling. If you don't need'em, sell'em!
8. In Carousel, look for the component item you need first, then look for the champion that fits your team.
9. Item effects can stack. Two Guardian Angels will revive you twice.
10. When you lose, check out the team comp of top players.
11. If your comp includes lots of Assassin, put your frontline units at the back. Your enemy frontline will be pulled forward and your assassins can jump on their backline.

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7 Tips to Instantly Improve at TFT

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How to Match Component Items to your Champions

B.F Sword ===> Darius
(+20 attack damage) This item is best suited to Darius since one of his best stats is attack damage. Combine it with a Needlessly Large Rod to make a Hextech Gunblade and heal 25% of the damage you deal.
Recurve Bow ===> Ashe
(+20% attack speed) The bow goes on Ashe and you can start building around her attack speed. Watch out for a Tear of the Goddess and combine the two to make Statikk Shiv. Once the built is complete, her every 3rd attack will deal 100 splash magical damage.
Chain Vest ===> Leona
(+20 armour) Build around Leona's strong armour stat. Find a Needlessly Large Rod to make her a Locket of the Iron Solari to shield units around her for 200 health.
Negatron Cloak ===> Poppy
This item will further increase her magic resist which is already strong. Throw in a Chain Vest to make Thornmail and reflect 35% of the damage taken from attacks.
Needlessly Large Rod ===> Swain
(+20% spell damage) This item is perfect for Swain since he already has a decent mana and ability power. Get a Giant's Belt and create Morellonomicon. He'll cast spells with burn damage and prevent healing.
Tear of the Goddess ===> Varus
(+20 starting mana) Varus has decent ability power and mana base stats. Look for Needlessly Large Rod to create a Luden's Echo. Once you complete the build, you'll deal 200 splash damage.
Giant's Belt ===> Volibear
(+200 health) his already solid health pool, Volibear is an ideal candidate for this belt. Combine it with Recurve Bow and create a Titanic Hydra. Volibear's maximum HP's 10% will be dealt as splash damage.

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TFT Tier List (9.14 Update)

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9.14 Updated Cheat Sheets

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Everything we know about Twisted Fate

Quick Facts:
1) Very Fragile (450HP/lvl1, 810HP/lvl2) - similar to Ahri & Veigar
2) Ults for 50 mana (can cast more frequently)
3) 3 range
1) 3 random cards: A stun, AoE, Mana restore
2) Activates with 50 mana, rotating set of cards appear
1) Spear of Shojin: More ults, More cards, More mana for your team
2) Guinsoo's Rageblade: Attack speed and AP
3) Seraph's Embrace: More ults, Morea cards, More mana for your team
TF can fit in with any comp running Pirates or Sorcerers.
1) 6 Sorcerer Comps:
Twisted Fate: CC and Mana Battery. Rank him up.
2) Pirate Comps:
Twisted Fate: brings the Pirate buff up earlier in the game.
TF is pretty fragile with 3 range. Put him next to your ranged carry.
He can feed mana. Place him behind (not the furthest behind) and close to everyone else.
1) TF is a great transition unit. He opens up options for early pirate buff and role fills well in sorcerer comp.
2) Don't be afraid to use him. Buy him, give him items, then sell him after he served his purpose.
3) TF is a great support unit that lights other units.

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Quick Tips on Equipping Items

Here're a few quick pointers on equipping your champions:
-Pick the item you want, not the champion on Carousel. Get the champion with critical item you have to have and just sell him. The item will go into your inventory and you'll also get a bit of gold from too.
-Know the difference between AD (Attack Damage) and SD (Spell Damage). Do not Equip AD items on SD units.
-You equip a champion with maximum of 3 items. Know your main damage dealing champion and stack him up with damage items as soon as possible.
-Get Rapid Fire Cannon for your main damage dealer. Ideal for Draven, Vayne, Ashe and also effective on melee champions.
-Study B.F. Sword Item recipes for ranged damage dealers.
-Study Giant's Belt, Chainmail, negatron Cloak recipes for Knights.
-Study Needlessly Large Rod recipes for spellcasters.

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Cheatsheet for v9.14 (07/16/2019)

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Easier-to-read Item Cheat Sheet for New Players

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How to play Teamfight Tactics on your Phone!

Easy step by step instructions to play TFT on your mobile!

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TFT ECON 101: Chapter 4 Balanced Economy

This is a standard opening. You do not have to limit your options early in the game by committing to 1 econ strategy and you can pick up important units and still hit interest thresholds and level up steady.
However, this can be the most difficult strategy to make it work since you have to know exactly what to buy, what to keep, what to sell, when to level and when to hit the interest thresholds.
-If you understand different conditions you can take advantage of at different critical rounds
-If you had a decent start but don't wanna commit to anything just yet
-If you are very familiar with pretty much all comps in the game and you can switch between them depending on what you are getting
-If you know how to scout other players and you can build accordingly
The key here is to make smart choices so you can progress steady in level and economy.
Buy strong units, keep pairs. Reroll or Level only if you have a very specific goal in mind. Do not spend gold early. You can to 1 or 2 rerolls at level 3 if you don't already have a decent 2 star unit. After that, save straight to 50 gold. Then level up only to add key units that will create higher synergy on the board.
It gives you flexibility and ability to win most games.
1. You can CHOOSE to go Greedy or Aggressive at any point based on your rolls and your opponents and that can be very powerful.
2. During early to mid game, it keeps your options open for different units
3. Able to make use of win or lose streaks
4. You can stand up to aggressive opponents while keeping up with greedy/passive opponents.

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the Basics of Locket Stacking

We've all encountered sorcerers only team comps with no tank and they were almost impossible to kill. So what was happening? They were probably locket stacking.
***What is Locket Stacking?
It involves putting 3 Lockets of the Iron Solari on usually Morgana. However, if you have 6 sorcerers, the damage output will be unparalleled and it won't really matter whom you put these lockets on.
Locket of the Iron Solari give you 20 Ability Power and 20 Armor + all adjacent allies get 200 health shield at the start of the match. This bonus is not unique, so you can have your whole team to start with 600 health shield which equals an amazing EXTRA 3,000 HEALTH across the entire team!!!
This extra health will allow all your units to ult at least once.
You can make a Locket of the Iron Solari with Needlessly Large Rod + Chain Vest.
***Whom to Locket Stack?
Morgana is the best option.
Also, Lulu / Veigar / Aurrelion Sol
***How to Counter Locket Stacking?
Unfortunately, there is no one hard counter to Locket Stacking.
You can try to drain mana away and prevent ulting with Kassain.
You can utilize Demon comp, Glacial comp, Dragons Claw.

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+B.F. Sword = Youmuu's Ghostblade (Wearer is also an Assassin)
+Recurve Bow = Blade of the Ruined King (Wearer is also a Blademaster)
+Needlessly Large Rod = Yuumi (Wearer is also a Sorcerer)
+Tear of the Goddess = Darkin (Wearer is also a Demon)
+Chain Vest = Knight's Vow (Wearer is also a Knight)
+Negatron Cloak = Runaan's Hurricane (Attack 2 extra targets on attack. Extra attacks deal 50% damage)
+Giant’s Belt = Frozen Mallet (Wearer is also a Glacial)
+Spatula = Force of Nature (Wearer does not count against the unit cap)

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Early Win Streak Items

When you want to start a winning streak in the early game, you want to pick items that'll give a lot of power to a single champion. In the early game, you cannot rely on a complete unit synergy yet. Also aura items are not very useful as your team size isn't very large yet. However, if you can create one powerful and unstoppable champion, you will have no problem taking an advantage of early win streak.
B.F. Sword + Chain Vest = Guardian Angel.
This item revives the defeated champion wearing it with 500 health.
This gives your key champion more mileage, almost doubling their durability in the early game when most enemy champions are 1- and 2-stars.
Recurve Bow + Needlessly Large Rod = Ginsoo’s Rageblade.
Each attack grants 3 percent attack speed, stacking infinitely.
This blade is unstoppable early on when enemy champions are not ready to stop you with chain-stun, or banish. The Rageblade is particularly powerful on a number of tier 1 champions, including Kassadin.
Recurve Bow + Tear of the Goddess = Statikk Shiv.
Every third attack deals 100 spell damage in an area around the target.
This extra damage can carry you far in the early game and can still be useful later on as the board crowds up.

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TFT ECON 101: Chapter 3 Greedy Economy

With Greedy Economy, your goal is reach the 50 gold threshold as quickly as possible in order to create maximum interest. Being greedy can be very reliable because even though you cannot always control whether you win or lose, you can always control how much you lose.
You can employ this strategy almost anytime to reach a certain point.
-If you have a bad hand to start with and cannot rank up any units.
-If you are experienced and know what you're doing and you'd rather have a lot of gold to make decisions in late game with knowledge on your enemy.
-if you are familiar with breakpoints with income and levels and you don't want to miss your income threshold.
-if you know how to dump gold fast and know and know when to do so
First, you will have to reach your interest thresholds ASAP. Do not spend unnecessary gold on any new units outside of very strong core units you absolutely need. Do not level up either before you reach 50 gold and start receiving interest. Do Not Spend Gold on Anything! However, you also want to maintain a team strong enough that you don't lose too much HP and not lose to creeps. You will miss out on valuable items.
Lastly, if you haven't reached interest threshold and if you buy a unit you can create a rank 2 unit with a pre-existing unit, buy it, rank up, then sell it.
1. If you consider the entire duration of the game, you will have more overall gold to work with...even though most of that gold will come near the end of the game.
2. Maintaining a lose-streak is pretty easy to manage.
3. You can reach high tier units faster than your opponents.
4. You'll have the higher carousel priority to pick what you need.
5. You can observe what your opponents are building before you commit to a specific comp.

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anti-assassin composition

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TFT Items Recipes Organized by Tier

Why they are recommended?
*Force of Nature: It immediately allows you to place 2 more units on board. Extra units are a huge advantage
*Guinsoo's Rageblade: Increases your attack speed and decreases your opponent attack speed. Especially useful for units whose abilities are tied to mana.
*Spear of Shojin: Regains 15% of maximum mana / attack. Put this on a champion you want to span their skills as much as possible - If you add *Rabadon's Deathcap, it'll increase the power of their abilities
*Phantom Dancer: Negates any critical strikes. Great defense against Assassin build.
*Rapid Firecannon / *Titanic Hydra: Great for long range attackers

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Upgrade Your Little Legends

So how do I upgrade my Little Legends? It works pretty similar to upgrading your champions.
You need a total of 9 units of the same kind to reach the 3 star with Champions. However, you only need 3 Little Legends of the same type to reach 3 star since they will star up with just one duplicate.
If you know which Little Legend you want to upgrade, you can buy the corresponding eggs and bundles that'll give you a chance of getting the same variant of Little Legend.
Once a variant reaches 3 star level, you will not get that variant from any of the future eggs. So as you upgrade more and more variants, you'll be more likely to get the remaining variants you wanted to level up.
You can see every single variant and their upgrades in this video:

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You'll need this video, take this.

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ITEM RECIPIES #7: Giant's Belt

+B.F. Sword = Zeke's Herald (Allies around you on combat begin gain 10% Attack Speed)
+Recurve Bow = Titanic Hydra (Attacks deal 10% of the wearer's maximum HP as bonus splash damage)
+Needlessly Large Rod = Morellonomicon (Spells deal burn damage and prevent all healing)
+Tear of the Goddess = Redemption (On death, heals nearby allies for 1000 Health)
+Chain Vest = Red Buff (Attacks burn for 2.5% max Health. Burned units cannot heal)
+Negatron Cloak = Zephyr (On combat start, banish an enemy for 5 seconds)
+Giant’s Belt = Warmog's Armor (Regenerate 3% Health per second)
+Spatula = Frozen Mallet (Wearer is also a Glacial)

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Easy ways to reach level 6 by round 11 (weekly mission)

TFT weekly mission requires players to reach level 6 by the second shared draft or round 11. Here're some of the ways you can do that.
First of all, if you just rely on the 2XP reward each round, you will neverl reach level 6 by round 11. Bottom line is you need to spend gold.
Method 1: Get 3 Pirates
You have to grab Pyke or Graves if Pyke is taken from the opening carousal. Grab every pirate you see as you continue playing the game.
Pirate comp isn't all that bad at all in the early stages of the game with Pyke, Graves and Gangplank. After you get the Pirate buff, every round will reward you with up to 4 gold.
This is crucial as you will mostly rely on this gold to level up quickly.
Method 2: Winning / Losing Streaks
Once you are on a winning streak, it'll reward you with extra gold. To do this, you wanna make up your team with 1 gold units. You will have to sell your starter champion and immediately replace with a cheaper one.
The losing streak also gives you extra gold, so this can be an option too. Instead of spending your gold on buying new unites, spend it on experience.
By the way, if you tried this challenge earlier, there was a bug that made this challenge impossible to complete but it's fixed now. Go ahead and give it a try.

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Essential 1 tire items

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How you win EVERY GAME!

This is the Best Teamcomp in TFT (Win every Game!)

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Best TFT Guide

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All-in-one Cheat Sheet

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TFT ECON 101: Chapter 2 Aggressive Economy

With Aggressive Economy, your goal is to spend as much gold as possible early on to gain an advantage. This could include rerolling to find key units and upgrade them to rank 3 fast.
(It's a high risk but possibly high reward. Level up the key units)
-If you get an extraordinary roll on an early S tier unit and plan to build a round it.
-If you have great item components and a carry like Vayne close to upgrading.
-If everyone else is playing slow
-Reroll aggressively in the early levels and get the units you wanna rank up. You wan S-tier units you can build a composition around and you already have few units in that comp.
-Once the units are upgraded, level up to put in other units you have ranked up to keep your advantage. For example, if you have two silver units you're going to combine, place them onto the board.
-Sense and detect the moment when your unit lead is now strong enough to carry you for sometime, so that you can stop spending and start saving.
In TFT, there's an aspect to the game design that makes an aggressive start very powerful.
1 gold units can be very useful at higher ranks and you can upgrade them very easily at lower levels.
TFT leans toward an early game meta becuase of its roll mechanics. Items play a huge roll for carries and 1 gold unit with good items can be more effective than 4 gold units with poor items. You will have advantage over opponents playing with greedy economy.

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ITEM RECIPIES #6: Tear of the Goddess

+B.F. Sword = Spear of Shojin (After casting an ability, recover 15% of remaining maximum Mana per attack)
+Recurve Bow = Statikk Shiv (Every 3rd attack splashes 100 magic damage)
+Needlessly Large Rod = Luden's Echo (On spellhit, deal 200 splash damage)
+Tear of the Goddess = Seraph's Embrace (Regain 20 mana after each spell cast)
+Chain Vest = Frozen Heart (Adjacent enemies attack 20% slower)
+Negatron Cloak = Hush (High chance to silence on hit)
+Giant’s Belt = Redemption (On death, heal nearby allies for 1000 Health)
+Spatula = Darkin (Wearer is also a Demon)

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