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How to teach golden doge a lesson

So recently I posted a guide on Divine WW comp, and I didn’t expect it to be this op. I didn’t make that comp but man was I surprised. So now that the golden doge is shredding everything apart and stealing our LP, we need to find a way to counter it. Well, thankfully, the community knew the answer to it. Sharpshooters. I did a guide on a 6 sharpshooter comp using a 3 star Nidalee, but this one is slightly different from it. It builds up from fortune because the key unit for this comp is Jinx. We are going to use her CC to teach the doge a lesson.   Strength of this deck: Counters divine WW. What more do you need.   Weakness: Pretty vulnerable to Assassins/Shadow until you get Azir It’s a hard deck to use because it needs a lot of gold which is why we build up with 3 Fortune, but to fully utilize it, we need to go on a losing streak   Core items: Guinsoo’s Rage Blade, Spear of Shojin, Quicksilver for Jinx Last Whisper or Infinity Edge and Guardian Angel for Jhin Zzrot’s Portal for Sejuani or Aatrox   You should go for this deck if you get an early fortune comp. You can’t just go for this deck every game unlike the Aphelios comp before patch. It’s mostly because to take advantage of the fortune comp, you need to go on a losing streak and in order to make use of the additional orbs, you need to keep rolling and spend that money. You are going to have to eventually get rid of Fortune and replace them with other high value units.   In the beginning of the game, you should start with one of these items. Tear, BF Sword, or recurve bow. Assuming you managed to find Jinx in the shop early in the game, you can have a 3 fortune, 2 sharpshooter like this. If you didn’t, just go for 3 fortune or use high value units like Jax and Yasuo and preserve health.  

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  Now, this isn’t the strongest comp in the world, and there’s a high chance that you will be on a losing streak. However, that is the point. It’s best that you go on a losing streak during round 2 and 3, so you can get fortune stacks without losing too much health. Most people are still building up to their final comp, and usually they are not that strong either, meaning they won’t deal as much damage even if you lose.   Stage 4, you should level up to 7. There are two scenarios available at this time. You are on a winning streak, and you’re crushing your opponents. If this is the case, level up until 50 gold. You are going to want to go to level 9 with this comp so rushing 8 isn’t a bad idea. Second scenario would be if you're on a losing streak or not on a streak at all. If this is the case, take advantage of your orbs. Keep rolling to make your comp stronger and don’t save up on items unless you haven’t finished making the core items for Jinx. Once you are around 35 health, you need to spend all your gold on reroll. You are going to go for 3 star Jinx, 2 star Jhin, 2 Star Sej, 2 star Aatrox and maybe Azir if lucky. You need to get a chosen sharpshooter Jinx if possible. Sharpshooter Jhin is also an option.  

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  Stage 5, now you want to add in the other Sharpshooters to make it 6 sharpshooter. Thanks to the recent buff on Zzrot’s Portal, your frontline shouldn’t have a hard time stalling time for your backline damage dealers. Zzrot now can taunt enemies not only when the voidling is summoned, but also when the battle begins.   Your plan to win the game is by spending more gold. The reason why this comp is strong is because it levels up faster than others, meaning you have one more unit in your comp, and you have a higher chance of getting high value pieces. Your final comp would look like this.  

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With this comp, while you stall time with Sejuani's taunt from Zzrot and her ult, Jinx will start stunning the enemy with her ult, and anyone trying to close will have to go back because Azir will start pushing them away.

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