RedJacketMan LV.20 S
Oct 15, 2020, 11:34 AM 70 read

short meta deck guide

So after the recent buffs to Nidalee, now you can use her as the main carry. This is a sharpshooter deck you can go if you get a chosen Nidalee (preferably sharpshooter). The good thing about this deck is that Nidalee isn't a piece that is super popular like Ahri and she's cheap so you can easily go for a 3 star. Especially with the Chosen system. Also it doesn't have to be chosen Nidalee. It can be any chosen sharpshooter.   The final deck looks like this. You can get six sharp shooter with the Chosen sharpshooter. Try to at least give jewel gauntlet and one shojin to Nidalee. The rest are just choice. Give tank items to Riven or J4, and ad items to Jhin.

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