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TFT Mobile: First Impressions

3/20/20 By Teal

Teamfight Tactics: General - TFT Mobile: First Impressions image 2

Just two days ago RIOT released TFT (Team Fight Tactics) onto the mobile platform reaching millions of potential new players and appealing to a new audience. I myself as an avid fan of the sub game immediately downloaded the game. After downloading the latest patch and logged onto my RIOT account the menu was straight forward, icon to change mode, arrow for a start button, a Garen Pengu, and the “battle pass” button.

Teamfight Tactics: General - TFT Mobile: First Impressions image 4

I finished the rest of my placement in the comfort of my bed. Placed Iron I, ouch. The gameplay overall achieved everything you needed to play TFT RIOT did a really good job at squeezing the game into a rectangular piece of metal. With the app you are trading a huge screen with better graphics and GUI for comfort, portability, and on the go TFT. However there are still room for improvement as there are still some bugs to be found but as the app has been out for two days I applaud RIOT for a job well done.

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