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TFT Hextech Paring Guide

So, it's been a couple of weeks since we've been introduced to Hextech and we've had many opportunities to experiment with Hextech synergy.   With Hextech build, you don't really need to go for the full Hextech comp but rather you wanna build around your Hextech units and pair with other comps. Let's go through some of the best comps to pair Hextech with:  

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1. Gunslinger Blademaster I guess it's obvious since they make a pretty powerful comp to begin with. Make sure you build lots of on hit items when you run this comp and an addition of 2 very powerful Hextech unit will elevate this comp even further.   Even with recent nerfs, Jinxs is still one of the strongest champions and if you get her right items, make sure she survive long enough, she will solo carry the entire game. Also, Camille can be pretty useful with high damage in the earlier stage than late. Try to run Jinx, Graves, Lucian, Gangplank, Shen, and Camille during mid game.  

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2. Brawler Sorcerer Shapeshifter Key unit here is Vi. She is highly capable in this comp and Jayce will provide strong frontline alternative to Nidalee or Elise. You will have no problem scaling into the late game and you can even go Wild if you can get the right champions.   However, this comp heavily relies on stacking Shyvana and you will have to find Gnar somehow to make this comp work. By the time you reach late game, hopefully your team will consist of Shyvana, Jayce, Gnar, Warwick, Vi, Aurelion Sol, Ahri and Morgana.  

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3. Brawler Gunslinger With this comp, you'll be able to enjoy solid tanky frontline and powerful crowd control so you can protect Jinx who is the key champion for this comp. You must have Jinx for this comp to work. Place Jinx in the backline and you will build a strong wall of Brawlers to protect him. Have at least 4 Brawlers for this tanky frontline to work.   Ideally you want to run 4 Gun/4 Brawler with Vi, Jinx, Cho'Gath, Blitzcrank, Volibear, Graves, Jinx, Lucian, Tristana.

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