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Which items STACK and which does NOT?

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+++STACK ITEMS 1. Cursed Blade: The more you have these bad boys, you'll have higher chance to shrink your target. You can even double shrink your enemy champion.   2. Dragon’s Claw: If you equip 2 Claws, you'll have more than 100% magic resist. However, just one is often enough.   3. Force of Nature: Each Force of Nature will give you 1 extra slot for an additional champion. The more you have, the larger your army will be.   4. Frozen Heart: They stack and they're great on Assassins   5. Guinsoo’s Rageblade: They stack. Equip Kassadin with 2 Guinsoo's Rageblade and he'll carry your game.   6. Hush: Each one adds 50% chance to silence   7. Rabadon's Deathcap: They stack. Huge ability power.   8. Rapid Firecannon: They can stack and will double the range.   9. Redemtpion: It does stack but not really worth the resources. Make something else.   10. Runaan's Hurricane: Stacking works with this item especially powerful on champions with high attack speed, like Ashe   11. Seraph's Embrace: Stack works well on mana hungry units with deadly ults like Karthus.   12. Statikk Shiv: Double or even triple stack on your main carry Rangers like Varus or Ashe.   13. Sword of the Divine: Similar to Hush and Sword breaker, each additional item will add a separate 5% chance to gain 100% critical strike each second.   14. Thornamil: They stack and they work great on Braum.   15. Titanic Hydra: It's not the most ideal item for stacking but works well on Tristana and Graves.   16. Warmog's Armor: They stack and will grant you very powerful HP regeneration.   17. Zephyr: They stack but doesn't always work as intended. Risk to stack.       +++NON STACK ITEMS 1. Blade of the Ruined King: Spatula based items do not stack except Ruunan's.   2. Darkin: Spatula based items do not stack.   3. Frozen Mallet: Spatula based items do not stack.   4. Ionic Spark: Does not stack   5. Knight’s Vow: Spatula based items do not stack.   6. Luden’s Echo: You can put these on different units and they still work but it doesn't stack.   7. Morellonomicon: Doesn't stack on the same unit.   8. Phantom Dancer: Since just one of these will give you a full 100% chance to dodge critical strikes, stacking wouldn't make sense.   9. Red Buff: Doesn't stack on the same unit.   10. Youmuu's Ghostblade: Spatula based items do not stack.   11. Yuumi: Spatula based items do not stack.

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    One thing about Rageblade stacking is that you'll often hit the max atk speed cap very quickly meaning that it's usually better to not stack rageblades.

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