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The ultimate HEXTECH team comp 9.16 (August 14th)

The latest addition to TFT, the Hextech origin can be played on the PBE right now. Their unique ability to render enemy units items completely useless can be a very powerful weapon especially in the later stages of the game when everyone's finished combining items. The more dependent the enemy is on their items, the more effective the hextech synergy will be. However, the flip side of the coin may not be so attractive since your hextech comp will be rather helpless in the early stages of the game.   There are 4 Hextech units you can hire: Camille, Jayce, Jinx, and Vi. The Hextech origin synergy can be changed significantly before they go live in 9.16 on August 14th.   1) Early Game: This comp is very weak early on in the game since your opponents just don't have enough items on them for the Hextech synergy to be useful. So in the beginning, run Nobles or Blademasters.   You have 3 options depending on which units are available for you to choose. -Run Jayce, Vi, Lucian, Garen, Vaynce (Gunslinger) -Run Jayce, Vi, Fiora, Garen, Vayne (Transition to Blademaster) -or Run Camile, Vi, Fiora, Aatrox, Gangplank (Blademaste early)

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  2) Mid Game: Your opponents will start place items on their units and this is when your Hextech build will start gaining strength. And finally you'll be able to get Jinx which will give you 4 Hextech bonus and enemies won't be able to rely on their items for surprisingly long 15 seconds (about 50% of a round). When you consider Cursed Blade and Statikk Shiv in the meta, this 15 second bonus is absolutely enormous.   Your core units are Jayce, Vi, Camille, and Jinx and you can pick any Gunslinger for 2 Gunslinger bonus but Gunslinger is better since you'll add Draven and you can get Gunslinger and 3 Blademaster bonus.

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  3) Late Game: Sell Draven after your reach level 7. Go for 4 Gunslinger bonus instead. Continue leveling up and upgrading your units. Your Hextech buff is good for first 15 seconds of the round so you want to kill most enemy units within that time period.   At level 8, your team will include: Camille, Jayce, Vi, Jinx, Gangplank, Graves, Miss Fortune and Lucian. At level 9, add Tristana and complete 6 Gunslinger bonus. Your will finally get 4 Hextech, 6 Gunslinger, 3 Pirate Bonuses.

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  4) Ultimate Team: In case you get your hands on a Force of Nature and increase your team size to 10, try to add Yasuo. You'll get 1 Exile and 3 Blademaster bonuses.  

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