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First of all, you gotta keep your range DPS units protected as much as possible. Place units like Guardians right next to your range units will help absorb large amount of the incoming damage.   However, it can be a challenge to protect your ranged carries in the early game. You can try Scarra's Y-FORMATION to better protect your ranger in the early game.   This formation requires 4 units. LEFT SIDE: ROW 1: Place 2 units (Tank on the Right & Melee DPS on the Left) ROW 2: Place your range carry right behind them ROW 3: Place another melee DPS to take care of assassins.   RIGHT SIDE: Exactly the same as the set up from LEFT SIDE only mirror image for the first row (Tank and DPS switch position)

Teamfight Tactics: General - How to POSITION your RANGERS image 2

Y formation will optimize your melee DPS output while preventing assassins from diving straight onto your range unit.   Optimal Positions Early Game: Adopting the Y position mentioned above will shut down many Assassins. If you’re experiencing more issues with the likes of Ahri and Graves then move to a more traditional setup with your range units on row three(Backline) and tanks on the first row.   End Game: There are multiple scenarios to bear in mind when calculating the best positions for your range units. Two general factors will be your build and enemy setups. If your primary source of damage is your range unit then you’ll want to box them in. Tanks at the front, guardians/melee DPS to the sides, however, if your damage is spread throughout the team then you may want to guard the range unit with just the one guardian or Melee DPS.   NOTE -You need to keep your range units safe and protected. nay position that leaves them open and vulnerable needs to be fixed.   -Make sure you remember that unlike other range carries, Tristana, Ashe, and Varus have a range of 4 grids so just remember to adjust accordingly.        

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