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Quick Tips for Absolute Noobs

Teamfight Tactics: General - Quick Tips for Absolute Noobs image 1

1. Make use of losing streaks till you have 30 to 50. Then start spending.   2. Never reroll in the early game. Wait till you have reliable source of income(interest)   3. If you come across a high tier, rare champion, get him! Don't be afraid to change your comp. Get rid of weaker units.   4. Buy off units that your opponents are trying to build.   5. Once you reach the mid game, check out top players' comps to see what you're up against.   6. Position ranged carries in the middle, put tanks next to them to defend from Assassins.   7. Don't be afraid of buying and especially selling. If you don't need'em, sell'em!   8. In Carousel, look for the component item you need first, then look for the champion that fits your team.   9. Item effects can stack. Two Guardian Angels will revive you twice.   10. When you lose, check out the team comp of top players.   11. If your comp includes lots of Assassin, put your frontline units at the back. Your enemy frontline will be pulled forward and your assassins can jump on their backline.

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