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the BEST Ninja Team Comp (PATCH 9.14)

Teamfight Tactics: General - the BEST Ninja Team Comp (PATCH 9.14) image 1

Ninja is a unique and interesting origin to play. You need to play smart with Ninjas and make sure you either have just 1 or 4 of them on the board at a time. You'll enjoy pretty powerful origin bonus that'll tear down your enemy units. With path 9.14, Ninjas make an excellent pairing with Elementalists. Glass synergy Golem will provide a solid tank.

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3 Assassins: +150% critical strike damage 4 Ninjas: Ninja gains +40% attack damage 3 Elementalist: At the start, summon a 2500HP Golem   POSITIONING: Equip Zed with Zeke's Herald and position your team in a line on the back row. Zeke's Herald gives additional attack speed to units to 2 spaces on the left and right. Place your best damage dealers accordingly. Equip Akali with Locket of the Iron Solari and position her so that you get the maximum shield out of her.   EARLY GAME: Look for B.F. Words and Giant's Belt to make Zeke's Herald. This items buff stacks up so get more than 1 on the smae unit to give left and right units a big buff in attack speed. Also look for component items to make Locket of the Iron Solari. This comp doesn't have many tanks so this item will provide with some extra buffer to absorb some of the damage. Put Zeke's on Zed, Lockets on Akali.   MID GAME: You wanna find Brand ASAP, it would be great if you can get him from the carousel. If you can get him, you'll have the Elementalist synergy from the mid game and that'll help carry you with sure victories while you are try to complete the rest of the built. Keep looking for Kenne, Brand, Akali.   LATE GAME: By this point, you should already have Brand and Akali on board and you should be in the process of getting them to 2 stars. Don't try to go higher than that. By now a Locket should be place on Akali for more survivability. Make sure your team is in a line at the bottom row and Zed and Akali according to items buffs.

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