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Jul 19, 2019, 12:43 AM 3,749 read

Announcing the Teamfight Tactics Simulator!

Good morning Teamfight Tacticians! We’re introducing a sweet tool to the Teamfight Tactics lounge today that we think you’ll really love. It’s the Teamfight Tactics Simulator!   The Simulator is a simple tool that will help you test out different team compositions. You select your roster of Champions and the Simulator shows you which synergies you do or don’t have. You can then browse a list of all Champions in the game, sorted by type.   We’ve also been sure to include all the necessary info you may forget, like Champion costs and what buffs the different combinations of Champions give.   Please, give the Simulator a try. You can access it at the top of the Teamfight Tactics lounge. We hope you can give us feedback on the Simulator, as we’re constantly experimenting with ways to improve your overall gaming experience.  


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