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How to Match Component Items to your Champions

B.F Sword ===> Darius

(+20 attack damage) This item is best suited to Darius since one of his best stats is attack damage. Combine it with a Needlessly Large Rod to make a Hextech Gunblade and heal 25% of the damage you deal.    

Recurve Bow ===> Ashe

(+20% attack speed) The bow goes on Ashe and you can start building around her attack speed. Watch out for a Tear of the Goddess and combine the two to make Statikk Shiv. Once the built is complete, her every 3rd attack will deal 100 splash magical damage.  

Chain Vest ===> Leona

(+20 armour) Build around Leona's strong armour stat. Find a Needlessly Large Rod to make her a Locket of the Iron Solari to shield units around her for 200 health.  

Negatron Cloak ===> Poppy

This item will further increase her magic resist which is already strong. Throw in a Chain Vest to make Thornmail and reflect 35% of the damage taken from attacks.  

Needlessly Large Rod ===> Swain

(+20% spell damage) This item is perfect for Swain since he already has a decent mana and ability power. Get a Giant's Belt and create Morellonomicon. He'll cast spells with burn damage and prevent healing.  

Tear of the Goddess ===> Varus

(+20 starting mana) Varus has decent ability power and mana base stats. Look for Needlessly Large Rod to create a Luden's Echo. Once you complete the build, you'll deal 200 splash damage.  

Giant's Belt ===> Volibear

(+200 health) his already solid health pool, Volibear is an ideal candidate for this belt. Combine it with Recurve Bow and create a Titanic Hydra. Volibear's maximum HP's 10% will be dealt as splash damage.  

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